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I posted this in the EC section and didn't get any responses, so thought I would try here.  Not sure where you are supposed to put non-EC related potty learning threads, LOL.



I didn't do EC with my DD in the sense of starting with learning signs and cues ect when she was an infant.  We bought some IKEA potties when she was 18 months old and started talking about the potty, ect.  When she was about 20 months we started doing potty time right after waking, when she was about 22 months she really started to get a hang of the potty, we would let her run around bare bottoms at home and she would take herself.  I started taking her out in underwear.  Then just before she turned 2 we went on a trip to visit my cousin, we were staying in a hotel and visiting my cousin that has wall to wall carpeting.  I brought along the potty and she did great in the airport, ect.  I had her in pull ups though just in case.  I think the combination of pulls up's, time change and most importantly me asking her if she needed to go potty/encouraging her to go potty lead to a total rebellion.  She went a couple other times on the potty during our trip but for the most part was just peeing and pooping in the pull ups.


So when we got home I went back to nakey buns at home, underwear while out and she was just having tons of accidents.  I realized I was pushing it too hard and decided to just not say anything about the potty.  Sure enough she went back to using it.  


Okay, sorry for the novel but that is our PL history.  So now the place we are at is that if she is naked she will be 100% on the potty, taking herself.  I have long since learned I absolutely cannot ask her if she needs to go or encourage her to go- it just leads to frustration for us both and more accidents.  But if she is wearing underwear, pants (even very loose ones) or anything touching her below the waist she will pee or poop right in it, without even really thinking it seems.  She will usually tell me afterwards but not always.  


So I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to encourage a transition from being PL when naked to being PL when clothed.  And I am really looking for suggestions on how to do that, not suggestions on how to keep her naked more often, there are just times in life when you need to wear clothes, you know? 

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We're right where you are, hope you get some good responses.

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My DD2 was like this. She was 100% reliable by about 18 months, when naked. But with clothes, she wasn't completely reliable until she was about 2 1/2. Take it easy on yourself-- if you're going to be in a situation where an accident would be a big problem, then use the diapers as insurance. When you get irritable about accidents, and starting asking a lot and/or pressuring the child, it always seems to backfire. I wound up letting her potty at home, and not worrying too much about it when we were out, and she did it when she was ready.

In my experience, the transition to pottying in clothing happens all on its own, but it can be slow. It takes time. And God's own patience, too. thumb.gif

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I'm kind of there with you.  DS2 is 2.5yo and used the potty for the first time about a week ago.  He never even attempted to use it before.  Anyway, he was 100% accident free from that moment on both day and night.  banana.gif


But...  he takes all his clothes off to use the potty.  He won't use a little potty, he has to crawl up on the big potty.  I cannot get him to put his clothes back on.  When I finally get him to agree to getting dressed again, he will go potty withing 5 minutes and be naked again. 


I'm beginning to think that this is just a stage we need to be patient and work through.  I'm going with the just keep trying and eventually he will get it attitude.


Now that I think back on it, DS1 was fine with pee but he pooped in his underwear for months.  He was over 3yo before he figured out that the potty worked for poop too.

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If your floors allow it, maybe get her fully clothed and let her discover what happens when she potties in them, she should get a hang of things pretty soon. I would also use just regular diapers instead of pull-ups when you need to use them. I think pull-ups can be very confusing to children because they are kind of like underwear but you can eliminate into them without "concequenses". I mean there are no spills and no wetness, so it makes children harder to distinguish when they can pee and poo in their pants and when they can't.


With DD, I was under cultural pressure to have her potty trained by 18m. Only things I have been doing with her was that I took her to bathroom with me and she was very interested in what was happening. She had her own potty in there too, so she would pretend to use it sometimes. Also she was CD for most part and her diapers were checked very often and changed right away if she was wet from day one, even sposies. So I think she made a conection between wetness and her bodily functions early on. She rarely had true naked time because we have three dogs who go in and out of the house all the time and floors are not stiril, however I would take her diaper off and just put a pair of pants on her and let her play. If she had an accident we would just clean it up without saying a word. So it reinforsed what she learned earlier

One day when she was 18m old I put her on potty and she went and we made a big deal about it and started offering it often. Since then she rarelly had accidents and her diapers stayed clean most of the time. We also discovered that when she was at her grandparents if she had a diaper on she would use it, when it was just underwear she would ask to potty, so we started to take her diaper off as soon as we got there and let her wear her pig girl underpants.

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Could you switch to just underwear in the house? Then you can tell right away if she's had an accident & bring her to the potty. It's not so much laundry even if she has 12 accidents in a day (heaven forbid) & they're fairly easy for her to pull up/down on her own. Then once the underwear are going ok you can add an actual pair of pants.

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Thanks for the responses.


Regarding just wearing underwear and hoping she will build the connection after so many accidents, we have already done that.  We did that from May-September, she just pees and poops right in them.  I finally did put her back in diapers just because it seemed like having her wear underwear wasn't getting through and it was just making more messes and laundry for me.  Pee wasn't so bad but cleaning up soft toddler poop out of underwear?  Ugh.  


And yes, I have always taken her to the bathroom with me and always changed her diapers right away since she was a baby.  


Sounds like maybe she just needs more time, which is fine.  I was just wondering if there was some special key to the transition I had missed.

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How does she do in just a shirt or dress?

Also, is she currently taking herself to the potty or does she ask for help? Because dd always asks for help and she also wants me to help her take off all her clothes. So I was thinking that if your dd goes independently, and wants her clothes off to potty, then the clothes might be troubling her.

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Right there at the same stage.  DD is 19 months and totally PLed in the house when naked.  I haven't ever tried taking her out clothed without a diaper yet.

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We put the potty chair in the living room.  This is making the transition from naked to clothed quite nice.  She is doing awesome about pulling her own pants down and going.  She is even asking for us to unsnap jeans.  You have to watch play dresses/long shirts from getting pee'd on but for the most part she is totally independent!

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