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Tattooed Hand's Avatar Tattooed Hand 06:29 PM 12-22-2010

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I'm driving myself crazy reading sleep books that tell me that DD should be sleeping alot more than she is. I have spend whole months doing nothing but having my life revolve around trying to get her to sleep more. She is often tired before naps and the last couple hours of the day. But she will not sleep more than 12 hours a day total (11 hours a night and 1 hour mid-day). Is this bad? I don't think she slept more than 13 hours a day from when she was like 3 months old...


How much do your LOs sleep at around 12 months?

RaeDyCo's Avatar RaeDyCo 09:33 PM 12-22-2010

DS2 sleeps about 13 hours.  Sometimes it's 14 hours but that is rare.  Usually it is 11 hours at night.  One 45 min nap and one 1 1/2 hour nap.


I found with DS1 that his sleep actually got longer from about 14 months on.  He slept almost 12 hours / night and then had a 2 hour nap.

elisheva's Avatar elisheva 09:52 PM 12-22-2010

Kids sleep when they are tired. I used to keep close track in my head how much ds1 slept and made certain he was getting his 14 hrs...then I had dd. She sleeps far less than my boys ever did. I would say she sleeps 11 hrs at night on most nights and rarely naps more than an hour a day (usually in two 30 min chunks).


As long as your LO is happy and healthy and you pay attention to his cues when he's tired, he'll sleep as much (or as little) as his body needs. 

Tattooed Hand's Avatar Tattooed Hand 07:46 AM 12-23-2010

The hard thing is that I am pretty sure she'd be less tired and cranky if she slept more but teething really limits her sleep. She sleeps just enough to get by. oh well. I guess I've done everything I can.

Tattooed Hand's Avatar Tattooed Hand 07:48 AM 12-23-2010

I don't know that this baby sleeps when she is tired. Last summer, before we kept a strict bedtime routine and bedtime, she would stay up sometimes until 11pm, wakeup at 6am and be tired and cranky and prone to meltdowns all day long. It was awful. She also won't eat or nap just anywhere. I guess some high needs babies are like this...

RiverandJulie's Avatar RiverandJulie 09:13 AM 12-23-2010

I have read a few of your posts before, and you and I must have the same baby  (his bday is 12/07/09).  Every time I read your posts, I think...yep-thats mine too.

I agree, mine sleeps from 7-6:30/7 (but it is in chunks,as he still wakes up several times to eat), and sleeps 2 45 minute naps a day.   And yes, he is tired a lot! 

Yesterday we were driving home from somewhere and he napped the entire 2 hr+  ride.  I feel like this is telling me that he needs longer naps but just cant stay awake for them.


So, I am really just commiserating, Let me know if you find any solutions to high-needs babies that turn into-no sleep baby/toddlers!