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Originally Posted by justKate View Post

Thanks for the suggestions.  I've been giving her a TON of juice--1 part plum, 1 part prune, and 1 part water--but she refuses to drink just water by itself.  The max I'm letting her go is 3 days now, because that's how long it takes her to get really grumpy.  I've been giving her a baby senna laxative (oral) and then another dose about 12 hrs. later, and that seems to make her go. I can't do the glycerin suppositories anymore (although I prefer them) because if I get anywhere near her rectum, even with cream, she becomes hysterical.  My poor baby.


Talked to the doc, who basically said to keep doing what I'm doing for a few months, and if it doesn't improve on its own, she'd suggest Miralax.  Which I'm not doing.  Fortunately we'll be moving soon and getting a new doc.


So do you all think this is a reasonable approach?  I'm just at a loss for what more I could possibly do....


Why won't you do Miralax?  I would honestly choose Miralax over senna any day because senna stimulates the colon and one can easily become dependent on it.  So senna is a very bad long term solution IMO.  Miralax is just a stool softener so it comes out easier and without pain.


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My DD has been constipated since she started solids as 6mo.  Shes now 2 1/2.  We have tried EVERYTHING.  Juice, tummy massage, yoga, flax, fish oil, fiber, no fiber, increase in hydration, no dairy, no gluten, probiotics, prunes, pears, raisins, suppositories, liquid glycerin, little tummies, NOTHING worked.  We had a REALLY bad bout that caused vomiting, required xrays, bloodwork, MRI, etc etc and caused weight loss, really painful clinging-to-me BMs, and loss of appetite.  THE ONLY thing that has worked has been Miralax.  


I was EXTREMELY hesitant to start it, and did so only as a last resort.  But after EVERYTHING else, I would MUCH rather have her on Miralax and pooping normally, regularly and most importantly NON PAINFULLY than to endure any of the other stuff.  And as PP said...Miralax is non-stimulant, non-habit forming.  Hopefully someday she'll outgrow it, but for right now, we HEART our Miralax!

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hello, i feel u i have the same problem with the 3 year old. she doesnt go for days i have to force her to sit on toilet n spend so long tryin to make her go but she totally refusing. i have tried everything as well milk of mag, karo sycrub, pedilax pills and supposotriy yes the supp. works but she is soooooo much in pain i wanna cry. n i totally feel when u say how we feel so bad but wanna get mad coz they r holding it on purpose. my little one will just cry cry n keep sayin i cant go poop i cant go poop. just need lots n lots of patience.

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I tried many many treatments for this with my almost 3 year old. The dr. recommended miralax to which he previously had a very distressing adverse reaction. I browsed the stomach remedies aisle in search of something I was comfortable with and came away with chewable probiotics. Not only does DS LOVE the tablets, he has gone from chronically constipated for 2+ years to completely regular (every other day) in a matter of two weeks. It's like a miracle! Such a relief! I wish that every doctor would suggest this natural, safe, and healthy treatment for this issue. On a side note, his twin has the opposite problem--frequent and often runny stools from a wheat intolerance, and the probiotics helped him even out as well.

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I haven't read through all of the responses so forgive me if this is a repeat. I have heard of apple cider vinegar being a good natural remedy for toddler constipation. Just a small amount (maybe research for a good dosage) added to some water or a smoothie. Breastmilk is also great for constipation.

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I have been battling this chronic constipation with my daughter since she was 2 months old and she will be 4yrs old next month.  She received her 1st dose of apple juice at this point and a piece of pedi supportory.  I have been battleing this non-stop since then.  She would receive apple, prune and pear juice almost weekly.  By the time she was 18months and chronic vomiting from undigested food and milk that had been in her stomach for 10hrs would come out thru the middle of the night.  This went on for about 6 months until I finally got a referral to a pedi GI specialist.  That was interesting to say the least, oh she has reflux and have her take this $100.00 month medication and I will check back in on you guys via phone.  Well, let's just say it didn't help so I took her off milk and put her on soy milk.  The vomiting quit, yet the constipation did not.  At that point, she was placed on Meralax on a daily basis. 


From that point to  know, she has been on a constant dose of Meralax, which has been increased from 1 capfull to 3 a day and a dose of milk of mag in the AM.  She still cannot get "cleaned out" and in the end of Sept her colon was signifantly enlarged and continues to remain this way, with the GI specialist shrugging us off. I have asked for her to be allergy tested and a colonscopy be completed with being told there is nothing wrong to perform this procedure.  She constantly eats grapes and a variety of other fruits and veggies all day long. 


We have completed so many x-rays to this point that I have the check made out to pay them when we leave.  We have also tried probiotics with no success and fiber gummies (which also have pedi-lax in them) still with no success.  She is constantly trying to move her bowels with no success and it leaves her crying more because she can't go and her tummy hurts her.  Any ideas to try to help would be greatly appreciated

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My nephew (good friend's son) just turned 11 - he poops once every 1-2 weeks, and has his entire life.  They are so large he cries and clogs the toilet every time he goes.  His mother is nurse, and while we are friends I do NOT at all agree to how she does just about every aspect of parenting.  None of her 4 children eat fruit or veggies, this particular one doesn't eat dairy either - just meat and laxatives.  Super healthy, right?! Anyways, I've spent years listening  her and her kids issues (they all have multiple) and not once will she listen to my advice, but here is what I would do were it my child:  skip the western medicine and traditional doctors and xrays and colonoscopies and head right to a Naturopathic doctor.  We just had DD tested by our ND and it confirmed my suspicions for food sensitivity - dairy and oats.  Now what threw even the ND off was she is NOT sensitive to any glutens, it is exclusively a severe oat sensitivity (but thankfully not an allergy).  The regular pedi has dismissed me everytime I mention food issues insisting that DD was fine.  Worse was when she had a full body rash after eating oats, and I called the 24hr nurse since it was afterhours and the nurse said to me 'it's a non-specific viral rash, she's probably getting a cold'.  Not pooping regularly is a stomach problem and the only way to figure out that probelm is to first identify and eliminate the thigns causing the inflamation and stressing the body.  THEN you can wrk on healing the gut with probiotics, herbal tincutures, and homeopathic remedies.  And then things will start to become regular.  DD has only had a few bouts of constipation when starting solids that were cleared with either prunes, bananas or pumpkin.  But if it was become a regular occurence I would imediately seek out my ND for the most natural fix possible.

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I'm just going to toss in this suggestion since it's probably not one often considered, but I read in What's Eating Your Child? by Kelly Dorfman about the possibility of low muscle tone in the intestine preventing strong enough contractions (peristalsis) to move the waste through. In the book, she shares a case where she was able to help relieve constipation in a young child using L-carnitine. I recommend checking it for that and for the information about constipation and laxatives. GNC sells capsules which lists only the L-carnitine and gelatin for the capsule as ingredients (that's what we use).


Another option could be trying the intro diet for either the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) or the GAPS Diet and see how they go. The foods included in these diets are supposed to be some of the easier foods to digest because they don't need to be broken down as much. DH suffered from horrible constipation since he was a baby, and after being on the GAPS Diet for a year (we're still on it), he's finally regular. In theory, a child may recover quicker than an adult because they are young and growing still, opposed to an adult who has lived 30+ years with this condition and has finished growing. I should probably give a heads up that these diets can have a massive impact on aspects of every day life because you can't really stray from them and still expect good results. I was listening to a fascinating podcast by Beverly Meyer (Primal Diet Modern Health) about the SCD, and she described a client she was helping who was doing better but still wasn't completely "moving" the way he should, and it turned out there was a teeny amount of a disaccharide in a medication of his. They took out the medication and the diet was able to help him heal fully. Personally, as taxing as the diet can be, it has been absolutely worth it for all of us on it.


I found the intro to SCD to be more kid-friendly than GAPS, so I'd probably lean toward that if you're interested in taking this approach. Here is a good link to get you started:


Best to you and your daughter!

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I'm glad I found this forum :) my daughter is 5 and has suffered from constipation her whole life! We have had to take her to the emergency room for it before as she was impacted. So when I say she has suffered I mean severely :( We have worked with her doctor for years. Had her on fiber supplements, enemas, laxatives, watched her sugar, cheese, dairy intake. You name it we've tried it. Nothing has worked and if we didn't get it under control soon I was afraid of the long term effects. Luckily we have finely found smoothies that work! yes just green smoothies with flax seed oil, acidophilus, and aloe juice. I wrote a blog with recipes and suggestions. If your child is suffering please subscribe to my blog. My daughter used to potty once a week and now we are up to 2 to 3 times a week with less strain and pain :) I really want to help other struggling moms, I hope this helps.

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My daughter will be 4 in July, she has been below the 10th percentile in height and weight since she was 1 years old. She has stopped gaining weight since she was 2. her height has increased a tiny bit, but that is all. She hardly ever eats, just a bite or two, even with sweets. My family has always been very tall and and husky.

Since she was born she has had trouble with constipation. They performed an u/s when she was 4 months old to make sure she was swallowing and everything was heading to the stomach. They told me to start fruits and Caro in her bottles. Since then she has been on a high fiber diet she drinks tons of diluted juice (apple, cranberry, grape and prune). She is allowed milk once a day and cheese once a day. Her pedi had her on a 1/4 cap full of Miralax a day, no change, so he increased to 1/2 a cap full. No progress so I started adding fiber gummies to the mix, because the dr kept pushing more fiber. She was on a 1/2 cap full of Miralax and 3 child fiber gummies. It helped push out some, but it was always very hard. She would cry and cry. He referred us to a Pedi GI, he said it's most likely functional constipation, so he increased Miralax to 1 cap full a day and a "clean out" (3-4 cap fulls in one day) and, of course, more fiber. Sigh. This was 6 months ago. It helped some she had some movement, but again it was hard. She has bowel movements every 5-6 days, I know it's coming because she will start to have smears in her diaper (yes, she is still in a diaper for her erratic stools, but peeing potty trained fully), the smears were the consistency of peanut butter and only a tiny bit several times a day. The GI was fine with it as long as it was coming out and was softer.

Two weeks ago she began the smears 3 days in to no bm. I started to try cleaning her out with more miralax, sometimes giving her 4 fiber gummies. After day 5 of no bm she threw up after eating dinner (very uncommon). The next morning was Sat so her GI's office was closed, so I brought her to her pedi' after hour clinic. The dr there said her stomach was distended, but did not feel any blockages and the rectal exam he was unable to feel any stool. He said maybe she isn't eating enough since she only takes a bite or two. Then told me to come back in a few days if still no bm. I took his word for it and tried to get her to eat more, her favorite foods she eats all day everyday is oranges, apples, blueberries and strawberries. Three days in I noticed she hasn't passed any gas and the smears had stopped completely. The fourth day I did a clean out of 4 doses of Miralax. Still nothing. Called the GI on the fifth day, Friday, but he was out of the office, so I returned to the pedi clinc. A different dr saw her and said (which I could definitely see) her stomach is very distended. She did a rectal and there was, again, no stool. She then sent us to Xrays and called our GI. The xrays showed that the stool was compacted very high up and had reached her stomach. The dr told us the GI's instructions were to give her an enema, 3 doses of Miralax and chocolate exlax consecutively and call back within 2-3 hours. After completing the instructions only a small nugget came out and the liquid from the enema. The GI sent us to the hospital where she received a NG tube. That is when she began throwing up fecal matter. After the nausea had settled they began the Golytely meds through the NG tube. She was there for 2 nights. On the 2nd night she stopped making progress and they had to do an adult enema to continue the treatment. We saw the GI two days ago to follow up. He told us he is going to test her for Hirschsprung Disease. We start with the barium enema, if that shows the signs, then a colon biopsy, if that confirms we will begin a colon resection.

My question is (sorry for the lengthy back story) is it normal for GI's to jump to testing for something so rare like hirschsprung's or is this something normal they test for in all children? Does he believe she is showing signs for this particular disease?

Also, if it is not Hirschsprung's what could cause major constipation since birth, no weight gain and growth delay?? The only time she has gained weight was the past two weeks when she had 2lbs of stool. Now she's back to her original weight. She does not have Crohn's or allergies or anything like that.

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a probiotic is always good whether your child is constipated or not.

You could try macerated prunes, or oatmeal as they are both high in fibre.

Juice is safe at this age if it is natural and you only give 4 ounces per day, otherwise too much sugar albeit natural.

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