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Mamas, I'm just here to sing the blues a bit. Week before last, when we were supposed to start a new daycare, 17 mo DD came down with what turned out to be RSV/pneumonia (a parting gift from old daycare). So that was awful, what with doctor visits and fevers and a trip to the ER for various tests (although we  didn't have to stay in hospital - very fortunate). So we got a nebulizer from our ped, and antibiotics, etc, and she was cleared to start her new school this past week, which she did on Weds.


Went well, went back Thurs. Then Thursday night, lo! Vomiting like crazy from about 10pm - 3am. I cannot quite describe to you my feelings when she lurched out of a sound sleep and spewed lentil soup all over me. Since then she's thrown up about once a night, and in the midst of yesterday's nap - I think when she  gets too full from nursing in her sleep. Pretty chipper during the day.


I'm considering asking our ped to just  move in - I talk to her on the phone more than anyone else right now. Oh, and the kind folks at her new school, who are looking forward to getting to know her...someday.


I also WOH, theoretically. I think I've worked maybe 4 full days since New Years.


Anyone else gone through crazy bad illnesses one after the other (silly question, right?)? Survival tactics? Poor little DD. And me, well, who needs sleep, I ask you??

Lea, mama to DD Rowan, 8/6/09
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Yeah, it is hard when they are little. I totally feel your pain. 


(imagine what the flu is like at our house-- with 4 kids!)


All you can do is talk to the day care and make sure they are not allowing sick kids, sending kids home when sick and washing hands like crazy. 


And it happens to all kids-- whether now when they're at day care or when they go to school. 


You might want to look into giving your lo (and for you too) sambucus-- it is an elderberry extract. I am very skeptical of homeopathic medicine, but this stuff is natural and works. I give it to my kids daily during flu season. 

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i'll share your pain. we had a really bad cold with some weezy breathing that i was watching for brochiolitis, then a couple clear days followed but 3 days of constant vomiting. not only was she sick but also lethargic which is unusual for her so i ended up basically couch-bound with a toddler lying on top of me the whole time. i almost went nutso.....3 cheers for the existence of television for keeping me from losing it completely. first meal we kept down on day 4 we headed straight out of the house and back to civilization.

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Ok, I am having the same symptoms at our house (3 boys) this week is the 5th bout of it since Christmas. That is when we started with walking pneumonia, and then the GI bug, and on and on with cycling symptoms until now. They include sore throats, very light colored stool, anxiety, throwing up, stomach pain, constant nose and throat mucus, dehydration, bloody nose, exhaustion, no eating and then being voracious, conjunctivitis ... Am I forgetting any - goodness I am exhausted!
Does anyone know what kind of monstrous illness this is and how to defeat it? When I Googled pneumonia and GI bug I got this forum and a British forum from 2009 - so I take it that the bug was across the pond few years ago ... I take it that it wreks the gut flora and moves from nose to gut , and it does not respond to antibiotics ( so virus? )

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UUUUUGGH, we're also in the thick of sicky season around here.  It's been an unusually difficult winter I feel like, but we've had it all, with no rest in between.  I'm also 34 weeks PG, so anything 18 month old DD brings home, I get about 4 days later.  We had a round of whooping cough, the puking bug (I had it so bad I went into preterm labor) and we're now on week 3 of this weird croupy cold that keeps her up crying all night.  Not to mention coupled with teething, FUN FUN FUN!  


Spring is almost here, and hopefully the fresh air will clear everything up.  Hang in there!

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OMG.  My kids are never sick.  Nobody around here gets sick.  Until about the last month.  It was about 5 weeks ago my baby Zayd (16.5 months) got RSV.  Then he *just* got over that and back to eating and all when he caught a horrible stomach bug.  Which proceeded to infect everyone in the house EXCEPT my 7 year old ds, including all 3 adults on the same day!  (my mom lives with us.)  The only ones who got the RSV were baby and 3 yr old ds.  Fortunately, baby did not end up going to the hospital.  (He was born with imperforate anus, has a colostomy, and had complications last fall that resulted in a 4 week hospital stay followed by a readmission 2 weeks later for surgery and another 2 week stay.)  The RSV and tummy bug caused his next surgery for the imperforate anus to be postponed till May.  When we will hopefully spend only 3-4 days in the hospital.

lovin DH since 1/04, best mom for my 3 boys 10/04, 11/08, 11/10 one girlie (1/07), one 13 wk (10/13) and 5/15 just your average multigenerational living family!!
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