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My son has started refusing diapers, but gladly chooses underwear.  We've cloth diapered since he was born.  We just started potty training today.  It's gone pretty well.  Child of Mine Cloth Training underwear will work for nap times I think, but not while awake because I think there too much like cloth diapers (the thickness) and he pees right in them without a care in the world.  So we're doing regular underwear during the day.


He's a heavy wetter at night because he nurses several times during the night.  I'd like a cloth training underwear like option for night.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a brand that provides extra protection for night times?  I co-sleep with him, and he soaks his diapers at night so at this point I really don't want to deal with wetting the bed especially since he's only 20 months old.



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That is a hard one, well at least it was for me when I was looking for my daughter a couple years ago. She was a super heavy wetter - in fact we are just night training now and she just turned 5!

One Step Ahead has some, they are really bulky, I found they leaked here and there, not bad though. And the other was Snap-ez (hurry they are going out of business!) although those did not work well for us since the snap was on the side and dd kept complaining she could feel the snaps when she slept. If I remember they did not leak much.

Maybe they would have more suggestions in the diapering forum?


Hope you find what your looking for!


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I think daytime potty training and nitetime training are completely different.  At 20 months old, your son really isn't old enough to be night trained, so why not use a diaper?


I don't know if this would work for you, but I tell my DD that we use diapers for when she sleeps and when we go out.  She's 2 3/4.  We wear underwear in the house otherwise.  I use pocket diapers, because you can easily add more liners for nitetime.  I have always used BumGenius 3.0's but they were getting small for a kid that's 2+.  So I bought some Thirsties size 2 and have three inserts in them at night, and she stays dry. 

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My response is totally different. I ec and believe that babies are in fact totally ready to stay dry at night. Babies wake during the night when they need to pee. One of the first things they do when they wake is pee. When they wriggle during the night its because they have a full bladder or are hungary. 


I have three kids and my daughter was dry during the night before she was 1 month old. My son before before 1 and I have a little baby now that is begining to get the idea. 


Anyway it isn't an impossible thing you are wanting to do, but you may get more constructive suggestions on the elimination communication forum (sub forum under diapering). People who tell say you can't are very similar to those who tell you that cloth diapering is too difficult disposable is way easier. Or formula is much more convienient without having breastfed. I advise you to take advise from those who have achieved what you want and not from those who say it can't be done. 

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My 32-month DS is out of diapers completely and has been for a year. We got these for night time use, and made sure that his little potty was right to our bed, so that when he got wiggly or after he nursed, we could set him on it for a quick pee.

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Interesting. The two friends of mine who EC point out that their kids aren't potty trained for night time dryness. The parents are trained to read cues. I think that is a big difference.

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I really like the idea of Antsy pants. I didn't use them with DD because they came out after she was out of diapers, but I plan on giving them a try this time around. Here's the link http://getantsy.com/Antsy-Pants-At-Night.html

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Jillian's Drawers has a couple of well reviewed options for things that look more like underpants but perform like a diaper. I know there is someone on hyena cart that makes them today to raves. You'll have to search for reviews.


Personally, I'd probably persist with the diapering until he is reliably dry at night. If you are just starting then it helps to think oh, I am wearing underpants and go to the potty, but if he is nowhere dry at night and you aren't planning to EC, then why confuse matters? Also, a rush to the potty in the morning instead of a lesisurely "nurse n' pee" as DH calls it helps too.

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My 19 month old is in underwear all the time with rare accidents, but I just use a prefold at night. Even in the diaper, I tell her that she can stay dry all night and she does more than 50% of the time. She freaks out if we try to get her to pee on the potty in the night, so for now I'm fine with the situation.

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OP: These are the best! http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=536599&parentCategoryId=85180&categoryId=86184 THey look like underwear but are leakproof.

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Super Undies makes a night time trainer that is basically an AIO that is thick enough for night time use, but looks like underwear.  I just ordered some for my DD, so we'll see how well they work!

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