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Ldavis24 11:00 AM 03-01-2011

I am impressed that the target and pjs thread got so much volume so I was curious what everyone's toddlers wear during the summer.


Last summer it seems like DD was either naked (or just in a diaper) with her crocs on all summer unless we were going somewhere.


how much clothing do you require your LO to wear when it is nice outside? We stay in the shade a lot which isn't hard because the yard and big deck are shady so I could care less if DD wants to be naked all day when we are home?

What do you do? The only shoes DD wears during the summer are crocs too, or she is barefoot.

brennan's Avatar brennan 11:13 AM 03-01-2011
Dd will be in cotton dresses that I make. I like dresses because they keep her cool and it's one piece of clothing. I can never seem to keep pants on her so a dress fixes that. If we're playing in our yard with the sprinkler dd would probably just be nudey! If we go to the beach or are spending a day in the sun she'll wear a rashguard and swim shorts

Eta- dd's feet are too narrow for crocs so she wears water shoes from walmart or soft star sandals, although she does spend a fair bit of time in barefeet
Peony's Avatar Peony 02:05 PM 03-01-2011

My girls just always wore dresses and sandals when they were toddlers. Nothing was common at home. I'm seeing DS just running around in a shirt often this summer. Shoes I don't know about for him, he has to wear orthopedic inserts in his shoes so we are limited on shoe options that will fit with those. 

oregonianmama's Avatar oregonianmama 02:23 PM 03-01-2011

My little guy, 17 months now, will probably spend a lot of time in just a cloth diaper. It gets pretty hot and dry here in the summer so usually when we are inside we are stripped to the bare minimum. Outside probably pants (he is a climber and want to protect his knees) and a t-shirt! Don't know about shoes yet! I would love any recommendation for sandals for a one year old.

brennan's Avatar brennan 10:23 PM 03-01-2011

Originally Posted by oregonianmama View Post

My little guy, 17 months now, will probably spend a lot of time in just a cloth diaper. It gets pretty hot and dry here in the summer so usually when we are inside we are stripped to the bare minimum. Outside probably pants (he is a climber and want to protect his knees) and a t-shirt! Don't know about shoes yet! I would love any recommendation for sandals for a one year old.

Soft star shoes make the best shoes/sandals out there for los imho.  Super flexible and super cute!


ETA-and super tough, my dd was hard on her shoes.  We have dirt roads so a ton of mud and dirt and these look just as good as the day that we got them! (and she wore them heavily last summer!)

goinggreengirl 11:50 AM 03-02-2011
Inside, t-shirt and diaper (or just a diaper). Outside, some sort of soft soled shoe (he's just starting to walk now), shorts and t-shirt probably. really depends on where we are going. Since he's so young still, he doesn't really care what we put him in- no fights about that yet!
tabrizia's Avatar tabrizia 12:19 PM 03-02-2011

Inside both my toddler and infant will probably just be in a diaper, unless my toddler decides to dress herself in something.  Actually my preschooler will likely just be in undies inside as well.  Outside the toddler will be in a dress, since that is what she prefers, the preschooler will be in a t-shirt or polo shirt (he loves polo shirts) and shorts, and the infant will be in wool shorties and a t-shirt most likely.  As for shoes, infant won't be in any and the older two will be in sandals or sneakers depending on what they want to wear.


That being said, if the preschooler or toddler decides to dress themselves or chose their outfit, they can wear whatever they want out of the house, be it footie pjs with a tutu over it, to swim trunks and a t-shirt, I really don't care what they wear as long as appropriate bits are covered when we go out.

~cassie's Avatar ~cassie 04:57 PM 03-02-2011

Andrew will be 3 this summer and for the most part he will be dressed in shorts and tshirts.  He prefers to have clothes on so no going around in just a diaper/underwear.  Outside it will be swim shorts if playing in water or tshirts/shorts and his crocs.

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 05:25 PM 03-02-2011


We live in Southern California and have a lot of skin cancer in our family. So although I love the look of cutie summer clothes bubble dresses and whatnot with a cute cloth diaper peeking out our DS will look pretty modest the whole summer with shoulders covered daily, etc. She will always wear a sunhat. Her swimming costume will be SPF50 with full leg and arm coverage. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because although sun is fun, cancer is not. We use natural sunscreen but I like to minimize the amount we use.


I am not sure what we will do for shoes. I think crocs are a safety hazard for little people; our preschool doesn’t allow them and are ped specifically warned against them the other day when I asked. They see a lot of injuries. I am hoping to find flexible soled sandals in her size but I dread the sunscreen application. DH doesn’t want to see evidence of ANY sun exposure on either kid.

NicaG's Avatar NicaG 09:37 AM 03-03-2011

My dd hates dresses of any kind, so no sundresses.  She'll be wearing knit shorts and t-shirts most of the time and water shoes in the backyard or rubber-soled shoes at the playground.  I think sandals are cute but not great for active play.

Xavismom's Avatar Xavismom 07:29 PM 03-03-2011

In the house, a diaper, or naked. Same as last summer =)


I also plan on knitting a few of these out of a cotton/linen blend yarn. I like one piece outfits that dont bunch up because I wear DS so much. I will probably make at least one that length, and a few shorter ones.


I'll also be getting him a good hat, and a pair of sandals DH and I like at REI that look really comfy and supportive.

sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 08:48 PM 03-03-2011

Probably dresses and sandals all summer. I'll probably cut the toes open on her current shoes to make her sandals don't look that great, but fit well, stay on, are free, and not a problem to get muddy.



Probably a sun hat.


For the park I'll insist on shorts and/or undies.


Judging by her favorite games this winter, there'll be lots of days of her dressing as a fairy firefighter doctor ballerina.

Honey693's Avatar Honey693 09:19 PM 03-03-2011

At home both girls will probably just be in diapers.  If last summer is any indication DD1 will go out in a swimsuit or shorts and atank top and layers of sunscreen.

chel's Avatar chel 08:04 AM 03-04-2011

inside will probably be shirt and diaper

outside play will be sunhat and some outfit with shoulders covered

pool time will be some sort of rash guard.


need to look into shoes.  got some target softsoled shoes for outside play, but will wait for water shoes as summer weather doesnt start till june around here

mythik's Avatar mythik 10:54 AM 03-04-2011

DS is in his CDs most of the summer when we are home or his knit shorties.  I plan on knitting him a few board shorties for this spring/summer and also have a few regular shorts around.  We do the same in the fall/winter.  He wore regular pants and his wool knit pants then lots of different tops.

skybluepink02's Avatar skybluepink02 11:12 AM 03-04-2011
I am making DS some rimless and DD some sundresses. That will be our summer uniform.
colsxjack's Avatar colsxjack 06:53 PM 03-04-2011

our DD will probably wear sundresses and sandals or shoes.

At the playground she will wear shorts under the dress as she loves the sand pit and the mud pit and I do not love the sand that gets into the diaper.

Our local park is fantastic and almost completely shaded all day long by dozens of large old trees. So we do not need tons of sunscreen to play at that park.

waiting2bemommy's Avatar waiting2bemommy 07:26 PM 03-04-2011

ds will be in shorts, t shirts or polo shirts if going somewhere ice like out to eat or something, and flip flops or sneakers. dd will be in shorts and tank tops/t shirts or sun dresses. We will be potty training so probably a lot of dresses. If we are at the point where she is leaving the house in panties then I will throw shorts or leggings o for modesty. For the park either flip flop type sandals or sneakers, for nicer occasions dressier shoes with the cute lace edge socks. :) I'm lucky that dd likes to get dressed up and admire herself in the mirror, because dressing her up (complete with extensive hairdos and sunglasses) is one of my guilty pleasures. I dread the day when she develops her own style, lol.

IngaAnne's Avatar IngaAnne 08:33 PM 03-04-2011

My son has indoor and outdoor allergies plus eczema, so he has to be covered up year round to keep the scratching to a minimum. Just like last summer, he'll be in lightweight long pants and a short sleeve shirt plus shoes and socks both indoor and out. It would be nice to be able to let him be less covered, but this way we don't have to deal with endless skin infections and anti-biotic creams.

marinak1977's Avatar marinak1977 08:39 PM 03-04-2011
in PNW summers are pretty cool so DS most likely will be wearing lightweight pants and a t-shirt, and stride rite sandals. DS will be 18 months then.
november's Avatar november 10:39 PM 03-04-2011

DD was just in her diaper for most of the summer when we were at home.


I plan on buying mostly dresses this summer. So much easier for diaper changes.

earthworm's Avatar earthworm 08:49 AM 03-05-2011

Shorts or lightweight pants and t-shirts. Both kids were mostly naked last year when inside, but who knows what it'll be like this year. It gets so hot here so I imagine there won't be much worn unless necessary.