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CaliforniaMommy's Avatar CaliforniaMommy 01:17 AM 04-25-2011

I have heard from many friends it is a good idea to have your toddler receive a gift from the newborn baby to ease the transition for the toddler. I'm expecting #2 this July, and our DD will be 3y4mo when the baby is born.

Do you have any suggestions on what is a good gift for my DD from her little brother/sister when he/she is born?


I initially thought of a baby doll, but she already has a Waldorf baby doll that she adores, so I'm not sure giving her another baby doll would be the best right now. I'd love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

galincognito's Avatar galincognito 07:24 AM 04-25-2011

what a sling or stroller for her doll?  maybe along with a sticker book or something like that that she can play with while your nursing/otherwise occupied with baby.