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Life with a Toddler > How do you keep your LO hydrated? what do they drink?
SomethingAnonymous's Avatar SomethingAnonymous 04:15 AM 05-20-2011

My son is 21 months and he just nurses on demand whenever he is thirsty mostly.  When I'm drinking water he often wants a drink as well.  I'd say he's getting a lot more breast milk than water though.  He occasionally has a sip of juice, MAYBE once a month. 

superlove's Avatar superlove 09:41 PM 05-29-2011


My 11 month old son is getting ready to cut his 6th tooth.   He's biting a lot during nursing so he's down to only nursing 2-3 times per day:-((. Also, he rarely takes a bottle or a sippy cup with water, mama's milk or diluted juice..  His stool is pretty hard, he seems constipated...  I'm just worried that he's not getting enough fluids... Also i'm wondering, will he EVER take a sippy or straw cup?

Lillitu's Avatar Lillitu 10:31 PM 05-29-2011

We always have a sippy of water available, and he avails himself of that. We offer juice 3-4 times a week. He gets cow milk sometimes.


I like the idea of herbal teas or melons. I am gonna try that this summer! Thanks, mamas!

AKA_PI's Avatar AKA_PI 07:41 AM 06-01-2011

My son does only milk and water at daycare. At home I give him milk with dinner but he does get watered down juice during the evening. I learned that giving him water is all about packaging. He loves to drink out of the water bottles I have so I bought him his own little jug and fill it with water each day. He carries it around the house and sips on it throughout the day. I found this to be pretty helpful in getting water into him. I also give him kid-safe herbal tea from I don't add any sugar and it has tons of antioxidants that are good and safe for kids. 


in the middle of the night, I give him watered down juice or water. It depends if he will drink it or not.

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