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MamaPhD's Avatar MamaPhD 07:06 AM 06-05-2011

DD is a very sweet happy child and she sure sounds like it.  All day long, she talks to herself, to her dolls, to me, to her little bro.  She sings off key (she knows the lyrics, tho), squeals in delight over smallest things, makes weird noises with her lips, etc, etc.  ALL. DAY. LONG!  Luckily for me, her little bro (3 months old) does not mind noise at all, but me, sometimes it gets to be too much!  Right now I don't do anything about it because I'm sure it's just a phase and I don't know what if at all I can do about it.  Really she is NOT trying to be annoying, I know, but it sometimes does get to me.  Do you guys have any tricks up your sleeves?  Oh she plays by herself quite a bit so it's not like she follows me around all day.  But I can hear her across our not so small house.  Also it's not like top of the lung screaming, which I do tell her to stop.  She knows indoor/outdoor voice.  Maybe I just need more sleep, eh?

maryeb's Avatar maryeb 12:52 PM 06-05-2011

:)  Maybe turn on some music for you so you can have something else to listen to.  Or have a good book handy for those moments when you need a breather.  My very talkative one is older so I tend to take some deep breaths in the bathroom now.  :)  Or move him outside or to his room.  When he was that age I tried to get him outdoors as much as possible to help with the "being inside and listening to him go on and on all day" feeling of frustration and he had a babysitter a couple times a week.  And yes, ha, I'm sure more sleep would be helpful!  :)  I definitely do better when that happens.  Good luck mama-hang in there!    Mary

MommaBirdie's Avatar MommaBirdie 04:13 PM 06-05-2011

That sounds like a wonderful problem to have, a joyful child.
I too would suggest maybe some music to neutralize the situation.

Good Luck