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amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 10:25 PM 07-04-2011

Zay ate too much cheese the other day and now she is horribly constipated. She has been trying to poop all day but all that comes out is a little bit of liquid every once in a while. I can see the poop when I wipe her but it hurts her so she does not try very hard to push it out. She is miserable. She is crying and shaking every once in a while when she seems to feel like she has to go. I finally broke down tonight and gave her a glycerin suppository but only about half went in. I don't think I am doing it right. I have been giving her lots of fluids all day and juice tonight. I don't want to call the Dr. but I am getting pretty close. Honestly though if they tell me to take her to the ER I am not sure I would go since it is like a war zone with fireworks over here and not to mention all of the possible drunk drivers out there right now. The Childrens hospital is 35 minuets away.


Anyway, any advice or tips would be so greatly appreciated!





MsFortune 10:43 PM 07-04-2011

I have a solution, but it's kind of gross.  Get a rectal thermometer.  Put her on her stomach with her butt in the air and have someone hold her. Put the thermometer in.  That alone might be enough to get her going.  If not, I don't know how else to describer this, but push down the skin around her anus like you are popping a zit and try to squeeze it out.  


We did this recently when my DD went over a week without pooping.  If you can see it, and it's right there, it will hopefully pop out fairly easily.  

Katie T's Avatar Katie T 10:56 PM 07-04-2011

put some vaseline on your finger and massage her rectum can also help. A warm bath, juice (like you are doing). The above advice is good as well. I hope she is able to go soon. My first had lots of issues with that and it is no fun for anyone. : (

babygirlie's Avatar babygirlie 11:05 PM 07-04-2011

Can children take miralax? It does take a day or two but it's a miracle. You really don't want her to push. If it's hurting it means it could be tearing and those tears don't heal easily. Nor do you want a hemmeroid. The glycerin should have melted the poo asap but it is painful.

MsFortune 11:08 PM 07-04-2011

Another thought - it was gross when we did this and DD screamed her bloody head off - but the second it was out she was a happy baby.  Right away.  

Good luck!

amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 11:34 PM 07-04-2011

Thanks Mama's :) She actually pooped right after I posted this! I think there is still more to come but it was a big, hard, and dry piece that came out so hopefully that was the worst of it. She is already acting more like herself. I am going to keep up with the juice. I usually give her about 1/4 juice to 3/4 water but I think I will do half and half for a few days to make sure it call comes out. I am going to hold off on the cheese for a few days too. She loves cheese but I know that is what caused this. I never want her to go through this again!!


Thanks again!!



jennybear's Avatar jennybear 12:26 AM 07-05-2011

Aw, glad she pooped! We have used Miralax before with good results. Keep up the hydration and plenty of fruits/veggies.



AprilM's Avatar AprilM 04:28 PM 07-08-2011

Would Sodium Ascorbate (vitamin C) to bowel tolerance be safe?

indigosky's Avatar indigosky 12:55 PM 07-09-2011
After 5 days with no poop, we also had great luck with good old-fashioned prunes! Even better, DD liked them! She didn't like prune juice, but 3 prunes on a little dish, a few times a day -- worked like magic.
lineuponline's Avatar lineuponline 12:57 PM 07-10-2011

So glad she went! I just want to second the prunes! My son loves them, he thinks they are candy winky.gif We diluted prune juice - 1/2 water then the other half was 3/4 apple and 1/4 prune juice. It and liquid bigeyes.gif