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Gilligans mom's Avatar Gilligans mom 12:46 PM 01-01-2012

I hope it's not too late but don't buy the TreeHaus one.  Our toddler son got one for Christmas.  We liked the price and that it was wood but this is very poorly manufactured.  Holes don't line up correctly.  A handle has already cracked.  Spend more money and buy one worthwhile. 

Our son also go the food and plates sets.  The food has velcro on it so they slices stick together, good idea.  However, already several of the velcro has already come off the food.  :(  So far nothing negative about the pots, pans, and plates but we'll see.

SunRise's Avatar SunRise 02:04 PM 01-01-2012

We got the ikea kitchen at christmas. I know of two height options...the silver legs at the bottom can be attached one of two ways, which allow for the kitchen to be taller or shorter by a few inches. not sure about the third option. We bought the base (sink. cupboard, oven) which is almost 22" tall (set on the shorter leg). This is tall enough for my 22mth old. The top portion (shelf, cup holder) of the kitchen is a separate piece. We were debating getting this right away, as she wouldnt be able to reach the shelf. It was out of stock, so that settled that, for the time being.

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I am loving these suggestions. For those of you with the Ikea kitchen. Can you tell me about the three heights? Or even just how tall the tallest setting is? I can't find it anywhere. TIA!


Faither's Avatar Faither 07:11 PM 01-02-2012

DD got the Plan Toys kitchen from my mom and it is so far a HUGE hit. She loves playing with all the parts. Other relatives got her various wooden play food (some melissa & doug and some from Bed Bath & Beyond). Wonderful Christmas gift. We set it up in our kitchen and she happily plays with it while I make dinner.

mamazee's Avatar mamazee 03:03 PM 01-04-2012

Here's an example of a homemade play kitchen which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

terifinn's Avatar terifinn 10:16 AM 01-27-2012

I think all of the handmade ones are awesome but realistically, I will never do a project like that. I got the Kitchen Corner from Melissa and Doug.

And we have a lot of melissa and doug wooden food toys.  She's not yet old enough for me to see its durablity but I love it. Its not bulky and I think its really cute and appropriate.

osker's Avatar osker 12:26 PM 01-29-2012

We just got the Kidkraft Retro kitchen in white for E for Christmas. She LOVES it! I'll say it was annoying to put together, but it's very sturdy, not too big, cute, and she can open the doors herself.  We have a lot of experience with the IKEA one as well. Also a good kitchen if you like the look better, but doesn't have a fridge! Also, those doors are very hard to open, E couldn't do them and would get frustrated.

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