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organicmom3's Avatar organicmom3 11:31 AM 11-12-2011

Do you think it's too early?
My ds is 19 months old.  All I've done at this point is obviously demonstrate what Mommy (and Daddy did like maybe once or twice) does on the potty.  And I have him sit on it about 1 to sometimes 3 times a day. He has NO problem sitting there....he seems to like it. We read books or sing songs.  Of course, nothing has happened yet.  My DD is 16 and my other son is almost 13....I forget what I did to train them!  I remember m&m's......that's about it other than I do recall DD was trained by the time she was 2....so I don't think he's too young.....what ages have you started and with what success?  Do  you think I'm off to a good start?  It's just been so long.....

lifeguard's Avatar lifeguard 12:04 PM 11-12-2011

Well, I "started" at about 15 months. Ds was often dry after naps so I started putting him on the toilet after naps & first thing in the morning - he would frequently pee on the potty & I figured we were saving a diaper. We did that for a long time & we were even able to drop the nap diaper & let him go naked for that time.


At 22 months something just struck me saying he was ready. We were away at camp & I knew that when we got home we were starting in earnest. He was fully out of diapers (including at night which shocked me) the next week. The first week we did a lot of running & had lots of accidents but he pretty much had it solidly by the end of that week.


We did do a sticker "chart". I put a big piece of paper on the bathroom door & he got to put a sticker on each time which he loved. We did briefly try smarties but he would just carry the smartie around & it would make a mess - not really something he was into at the time.

P.J.'s Avatar P.J. 02:09 PM 11-14-2011

I think as long as you're not stressing or putting any pressure on at all then it's never too early to start building potty awareness. I'm a first time mama and my son is now almost 18 months, so I am just speaking based on all I've read here and elsewhere....but supposedly most kids will let you know when they're ready. Of course you can create opportunities for them to signal, like by talking about it, putting them on the toilet, etc.....but at this age I would do it very nonchalantly.


When it was still summer and DS was around 15 mo he got a yeast rash, so I had him running around diaperless a lot. I decided to use that opportunity to try and build some potty awareness. He has a Baby Björn Little Potty and I just had that out all the time. He loved sitting on it and would say "pee pee", but he never peed on it. He always waited til I put a dipe back on him, or just did it on the floor while saying "pee pee". Oh well!


We still keep the potty out and he says "pee pee" sometimes and will sit on it, but the times I try to ask if he has to pee and put him on it he protests so I don't push it. I also always go to the toilet with the door open and he always notices and goes "Mama pee pee". I suppose I could get an insert and see if he wants to sit on that on the real toilet, but so far haven't done that.


We also just got a play house and it has a toilet so we always put the dolls on there and make them go "pee pee".


To me this is enough (remember he's just 18 months), and I try to just keep it in the conversation, play and awareness. I trust that he will come to it in his own time and as we all know kids love to imitate adults so I figure sooner or later he'll get it and I don;t expect toilet training to be a nightmare as some people report ~call me naive, and I may be eating my words in a couple years, but... I also have no timetable and if it takes til hes 3 or 4 then so be it. All I know is it can cause lifelong damage if the parents put pressure on a child to get potty trained before they're ready, and can become the arena for major power struggles. So I would say just relax, don't push it and be very nonchalant but keep offering opportunities and talk about it and keep the awareness going, and sooner or later your LO will want to do it.

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 05:15 PM 11-14-2011

Start now! It is so much easier now and wonderfully empowering. I really like "Diaper Free Before 3"

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 10:52 PM 11-14-2011

My son was showing interest in trying to use our toilet at 18 months. I had planned on starting him closer to three years of age. Regardless, my husband suggested I purchase a potty and see what happens. My son was very excited and urinated and defecated several times the first day, and the second day. Then he was over it. The novelty had faded. He had absolutely no interest in utlizing it.


When we tried to revive his enthusiasm, it was clear he felt as if he was being pushed beyond his readiness. Fastforward, now he decides every so often out of the clear blue that he'd like to go #1 or #2 on the potty, and he does! It's his own will, and it just goes along with wanting to imitate what mom and dad do, whether it is cooking, cleaning or anything else.


We just will keep it around and when he is ready he'll use it. Seems to going well so far. Two things I believe happen easily when a child is ready.... weaning and potty training.orngbiggrin.gif

organicmom3's Avatar organicmom3 08:54 AM 11-15-2011

Thanks for the input.  He still likes to sit on it but nothing has happened really.....other than lots of books read wink1.gif

But last night I finally 'caught' him in the middle of a BM....so I got him on it to try and see if he would finish....well....he didn't....but some got into the potty by chance during the transistion so we gave him a little piece of chocolate and clapped a lot.  He just looked at us like we were nuts but happily ate the little candy.  I don't think he gets what its about.   Oh, well. We'll keep trying without expectations.  You never know...

Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama 09:43 AM 11-15-2011
I keep DD diaper free a lot and she likes to go sit on the potty. She has gone in it a few times, but for the most part she just pees somewhere else and then tells me about it. We have hardwood floors, so its not such a big deal. I think she likes the idea of the potty, and she likes telling me she peed, but she doesnt quite get that she has to go before she starts going.
greenemami's Avatar greenemami 08:21 AM 11-26-2011

Not too early! We have been putting ds (and dd, when she was that age) on the potty since he was less than 1 year old. Now he is almost 21 months old and mostly potty-trained for pee, even at night. We still have to be VERY aware of when he needs to go, because he will not run in there himself yet, but he does make a pretty clear movement that tells us when. We are thisclose to being trained for poops too. Dd was fully potty-trained at about 19 months old too. I think as long as you are not pressuring him, it is never too young to start :)

goldenwillow's Avatar goldenwillow 03:08 PM 11-26-2011

Originally Posted by greenemami View Post

Not too early!

Totally agree.  I also agree you are on good start.  I think early potty training provides much more independence for a LO to move onto other learning. 


We started DS on baby bjorn, the sink, the big potty, outside... you name it, starting around 5 weeks.  We just seemed to know when he may need to go and it worked.  We started early because, it made sense and he was the kind of LO that would cry with even a trickle of pee in his diaper = horrible car rides (clothed diaper babe)!  He ran naked as soon as he started walking around 9-10 months with pottys in every room of the house.  I can attest there were a few misses close to his potty, no doubt. 


He is 28 months now, completely diaper free in the day and on long car rides and just yesterday was able to hold it until we could pull over to a rest room, fantastic joy.gif.  Usually take the little potty with on road trip or a cup!  Night time has been successful a handful of times but not quite ready and we do not push it. 


SOOOO happy not washing diapers every other day!!!  Now once a week or so!

motherhendoula's Avatar motherhendoula 04:09 PM 11-26-2011

oh im grateful for this thread - OP - we have kids the exact same ages!  My older two were in day care however, when they were 2 ish - i know they just lined up the kids and took them to to the potty every 2 hours -  My youngest is 38 lbs (15 months old)  and even size 6 disposables leave marks around his legs - i have made many many many cloth diapers that also still leave welts on his thighs and waist.   Does anyone have a  potty recommendation?  I was hoping just to get a seat that fits on top of the toilet - to get him used to it - but that doesnt seem like it work with such a young kid.    Glad to know I am not the only one out there who has to rush this!

goldenwillow's Avatar goldenwillow 09:32 AM 11-27-2011

Originally Posted by motherhendoula View Post

 Does anyone have a  potty recommendation?  I was hoping just to get a seat that fits on top of the toilet - to get him used to it - but that doesnt seem like it work with such a young kid.    Glad to know I am not the only one out there who has to rush this!

We use these around the house.  Have one of those on the top of the potty thingies...  he usually just hovers over it without the little seat. 


MayasMama88's Avatar MayasMama88 10:29 PM 12-08-2011

We actually started when DD was about 18 months old. But it wasn't really "official." It was summer, and I decided that I was going to let her be naked as much as possible. No more diapers (except when sleeping or going out). I feel like this gave her the chance to really feel and become familiar with when she had to go to the bathroom, and since she was naked she got to experience her urine coming out. She got to see it, and feel it if it happened to get on her legs when she was outside (although it rarely ever did!). After a couple of weeks, I tried putting her down for naps without a diaper on - I just put towels under her in case she did pee. Amazingly, she hardly ever had an accident. A month or so after doing that, I let her go to bed at night without a diaper. I think within a matter of two or three weeks she had maybe three accidents, but I just made sure to bring her potty chair up into our bedroom so that whenever she woke up to nurse, I'd have her sit down and try to pee. It worked beautifully, and she's been 100% diaper-free since right before her 2nd birthday!


I think you just have to do what feels right for your and your LO. :)

AnnaBees Mama's Avatar AnnaBees Mama 10:40 PM 12-08-2011

Thanks for this :) We're getting DD a potty after Christmas and "starting" unofficially :)

Amanda1's Avatar Amanda1 02:11 AM 12-11-2011

We've had a potty since before ds was 1, just had it around the house and put him on it once in awhile (even caught a few pees). He is now 18 months and loves it SOMETIMES. We dont tend to be at home a lot ( I cant stand staying home) but when we are I try to remember to have diaper free time and stick him on it....he will usualy pee on it at least once a day, I never seem to catch the #2's.

One day a few weeks ago I came into the room and he was sitting on it all by him self peeing!!!!! I have NEVER imagined being so proud of someone peeing :)

We just get super crazy excited when he uses it and he loves it...as soon as he pees he tells me "DADDY...yaaayyyyy!!!!" meaning "call daddy and tell him what I did so he can get excited too".

on a related note....I now get cheers from him every time I pee :)


He also has started to tell me when hes peeing or pooing (even with a diaper on) both with words and signing potty, so I've taken that as another sign hes closer to being ready.

My mom said we were all out of diapers before we were 2, that would be great!!!!

organicmom3's Avatar organicmom3 04:47 PM 12-12-2011

Not having any success stories yet, but he does remained interested....sits on it and likes to have stories read to him while he's there.

kinkajoujou's Avatar kinkajoujou 05:33 PM 12-12-2011

I have also started my 18mo daughter on the potty since she was about 15mo, we've gotten to the point where she poos on the potty every time and she usually tells me when she has to go, but I haven't worked enough on the peeing yet, so she will pee in the potty when she wakes up in the morning and after a nap, but when she's awake and playing around the house I don't take her there that often. I still have to work on that. Ideally, I would like her to be out of diapers before or around two, it takes a little work and patience but it can definitely be done in younger toddlers. So hang in there OP!

AndreaOlson's Avatar AndreaOlson 03:00 AM 12-13-2011

My best friend is a potty trainer in Rhode Island and she takes clients as young as 17 months. I teach EC and start at 0-20 months, but refer those with 17 month babies + to Jamie.


It's definitely not too early to start! And know that it should only take 2-3 weeks, tops.


My friend's program is called Oh Crap Potty Training. You can Google it.


We are PTing our friend's 20 month old in two weeks based on her non-coercive, gentle, yet get-it-done in 3-14 days no bs approach. I'm excited, as my son is approaching 16 months and is pretty much done with Elimination Communication, and our friend's daughter is totally ready (has been for 3 months but everyone told her mama not to do it yet!)....and is taking a liking to using the potty now that she sees my LO doing it. :)


Go for it!!!! :)


xx andrea