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sere234's Avatar sere234 07:00 PM 11-29-2011

My head is aching from a long day of DS's bored whining. What a day. greensad.gif I'm feeling like a slacker mom who can't come up with anything fun for him to do now that he's stuck in the house with all the rain and cold. 


Back story: my 15 mo DS is very active and curious, he'd rather explore the house rather than play with pretty much any toy. Generally I'm perfectly fine with this and most of our house is very baby-proofed and open to him, especially the kitchen. HOWEVER, he's played with all his toys and our everyday kitchen/office/bedroom items soooooo much that he's very tired of them. Now he's all about climbing on the counters, desks, and tables and getting in to the higher cabinets! Yes, he's a very dedicated climber, grabber, and puller-down-of-things.... orngtongue.gif This is part of my headache today! wink1.gif


What are some activities or games your toddler enjoys? I'm struggling to find new things for him to do either with me or on his own. As I'm sure all you parents well know, there are some times I would LOVE for him to play by himself! Or at least sit on the kitchen floor delighted with some awesome thing while I cook nearby. 


What is your kiddo's favorite activity, game, or toy? Anyone have a good website or blog to share about this? 

Blessed1's Avatar Blessed1 10:45 PM 11-29-2011

We were in the same boat a few months ago but now we are slowly getting out of our rut. lol


Here our some websites/blogs that I get my activities from: they send you a new activity every day. some are to boring but some are fun.  super cool ideas.  awesome!!!

Ginger Bean's Avatar Ginger Bean 04:44 AM 11-30-2011
grethel's Avatar grethel 02:49 PM 11-30-2011

When dd seems to need some active time and is stuck inside, we take all the cushions off the couch, pile them up and let her climb all over them. We put on music and dance, or make music with her rhythm instruments. We also make forts with the cushions and the table, play active games like the Hokey Pokey or Simon Says, or get out her beanbags and let her toss them into laundry baskets or over rope lines on the floor. She also spends a fair amount of time jumping on her bed (a mattress on the floor), though I understand if that's not something you want to encourage. :)


For quiet play or to keep her busy when I'm working, we use a lot of these ideas for toddler busy bags:


My Delicious Ambiguity: The Idea Box: Toddler Busy Bag Resource


We do a lot of art and sensory play too, which is kind of in-between quiet and active. It's nice because it lets her make a mess and feel like she's getting "into" things, but still contained. A sink full of bubbles, playdough, beans/rice and scoops, shaving cream, finger paint (food-colored yogurt is a hit here) etc.


A few more sites I've found useful:

Playopedia | Childhood 101

The Crafty Crow

Homemade Toys You Can Find In Your Kitchen & Homemade Playdough Recipe

No Time For Flash Cards

Summersquash's Avatar Summersquash 02:53 PM 11-30-2011

That is a very tough age for play!  We did a lot of water play - just filling up small containers with 1/2 inch of water, getting out sponges and letting her pour/mix/sponge as she wanted.  (put old rags down on the floor first)


My little DD was starting to get interested in basketball around that age, so we bought a small hoop (like the kind used in swimming pools) and let her "dunk" small balls in it.



How about drawing with markers or crayons?  Play Doh?  (Around this age my DD was afraid to touch Play Doh but got really into it about 18 months or so)




sere234's Avatar sere234 03:18 PM 12-01-2011

Thanks for the ideas everyone! Yes, 14 months is a kinda tough playing age: he's not advanced enough for most toddlers games and too old for baby stuff! We'll get there though ;) He grows super fast!


BTW, my headache wasn't caused by him, I have a gnarly sinus infection. Poor DS got blamed for it in the beginning!

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