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NEastMomma's Avatar NEastMomma 01:52 PM 12-21-2011

Oh gosh - the dreaded toddler biting.


My DS has been bit a few times in his little life and while it is awful for your child to be hurt, lemme tell you, it is feeling WAY WORSE for me now that he has been the biter. 


DS is now 28mos old and has bit another child 3 times  in as many weeks.  All 3 times where when another child was trying to take a toy away from him/push him out of the way on the playground.  After the first time I have been vigilant about shadowing him when he's around other kids so I can prevent any incidents but also so he can "borrow" my calm and he can see a model for how to handle situations.  And of course I have removed DS, talked to him about it and he has offered on his own to apologize to all his victims - cold comfort, I know. 


I am at a loss as to what else to do.  We are by all accounts attachment parents and work very hard to give DS words to express himself with.  I'd just seen some progress in that department too, with DS proclaiming, "I'm mad!" instead of hitting us or banging his head.  And now this!  We also have an 8 week old baby and I am certain that despite my best efforts to have uninterrupted connecting time w/ DS and giving him a wide berth as to adjustment, he is just feeling the effects of having to share mommy and daddy. 


Has anyone Been There, Done That?  Any advice?  I have asked a few friends and only one had a biter.  She told me DS will just grow out of it eventually.


This is just not fun.





NEast Momma


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