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dimitroff03's Avatar dimitroff03 05:08 PM 12-21-2011

My 21 month old has always had very wide chubby feet that are impossible to find shoes for.  He wore soft shoes (like Robeez) until he outgrew the largest size.  Once he needed a "real" pair of shoes we had to try about 17+ pairs to find one that fit right.  We landed with the Stride Rite Trent shoe which has been awesome!  Very wide, very soft and flexible, and very easy to put on/take off.  Well...5 months later it's time to buy a new shoe again.  Unfortunately J is already in the largest size that most toddler shoes come in (size 8) which means we can't just buy his current shoe in a bigger size.  Drat. 


I've already scanned all of the Stride Rite, Pediped, and See Kai Run options.  Any other ideas of a soft, super wide, easy to use toddler shoe that comes in a size 9 or bigger? 



ThankfulMama's Avatar ThankfulMama 05:32 PM 12-21-2011

Livie and Luca are really quite wide (and cute).  HTH!

AKislandgirl's Avatar AKislandgirl 05:37 PM 12-21-2011

Soft Star shoes! They are awesome. They come in wide or can be custom made to fit your childs feet. Super flexible sole, handmade, and super quality.  Can't say enough good things about them!!

redvlagrl's Avatar redvlagrl 11:01 AM 12-26-2011

I was going to say See Kai Run, but I see you've seen them. We have also used Converse - the sole is flexible enough for me. Other than that, we seem to have maxed out the really soft options for outdoor shoes now that DD is in a toddler size 9. 


I bought some totally soft soles from Etsy (exactly like Robeez) for indoor/slipper wear. I am not sure what we'll do once the snow breaks.


For the winter we did Stonz 2 years ago but they walk too much outside and needed more insulation through the sole, so now we go with horrible hard soled snow boots. The Sorel ones are the ones we get and they are wide and fairly ergonomic. Bogs are also wide but I am not too keen on the lack of grip (I slip in mine) for kiddoes.

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