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Casha'sMommy's Avatar Casha'sMommy 10:25 PM 04-28-2012

Seriously, wth. DS is 2.25yo and has been using sentences and phrases of up 10 and 12 words fo rmonths. His language usage usually surprises people. If he had a problem or were crying he'd calm down and tell me what he needed.

All of a sudden this week he just isn't talking. He'll scream as if he needs something but won't tell me what it is. DH travels for work and he left before dawn Wednesday and ds has been almost inconsolable every since. He'll lay on the floor crying and won't let me pick him up. greensad.gif He's laying in his bed right now screaming and screaming but he won't let me pick him up. He just screams and cries. It's almost as if my little guy is depressed and it's really freaking me out.

Any words of wisdom would be most appreciated.


Mamita2N's Avatar Mamita2N 11:26 PM 04-28-2012

So sorry to hear that.  It's hard to console them when LO's don't want to be held otherwise I would suggest doing high touch/extra attachment for a while. Maybe just talk to him about what's going on with his dad gone. He may be experiencing feelings that he doesn't know how to express and since he's so verbal this might be extremely frustrating for him.  I tend to talk till I'm blue to DD when she's in this type of mood. Asking her if she's frustrated, sad, mad...  and going on about different reasons why she might be; eventually I might get it right and then we can work to help her express herself better. It's a tough age; most days they seem so mature and grownup that it's easy to forget they still have so much to learn and need a lot of guidance to understand their world.

Are there any other comfort measures he enjoys? Back rubs, music, a favorite book? I've been known to read Dr. Sues over and over until DD tired out from her hysterical crying in her play tent.  Rotate thru anything you can think of and try some he's not used to as well; I'm sure you'll find something to calm him down enough.  Usually after my DD is calm she acts more like herself and wants to be held.  

Good luck and stay strong.hug2.gif

LynnS6's Avatar LynnS6 11:48 PM 04-28-2012

Any chance he's sick?


I'd try just sitting near him, with a good book and letting him come to you. If he falls asleep, take his temp. If it continues, take him to the doctor just for a check up.

Casha'sMommy's Avatar Casha'sMommy 09:50 AM 04-29-2012

I don't think he's sick, he has the strongest immune system of all of us combined. He just got over a cold and I thought about a possible ear infection because of the cold. His temp has been fine everyday this week although I didn't check it last night.


DH left before dawn Wednesday morning and ds has been acting this way since. He's been crying for dh all day everyday. He doesn't want to eat so I thought maybe that's because of a tooth coming in but he'll just sit in his seat as if he's ready to eat and out of nowhere he'll just break down crying for his Daddy and won't eat. It's as if ds went from being his usual self to this new person who isn't very easy to be around.

DS has been using full sentences for months and now all he'll do is point and grunt or point and cry. It's not just the crying for his Daddy that's got me concerned. I'm concerned about his lack of language all of a sudden. What's that all about??


I should add that ds is my 5th child and I've run the gamut with them all but this is like nothing I've ever seen before and it's alarming.



brambleberry's Avatar brambleberry 12:47 PM 04-29-2012

Has he been able to talk to your DH on the phone since he left?  Has he been gone for extended periods before, and were there any events surrounding that time?  Has he overheard discussions of other fathers who have left and not returned?  Separation anxiety can come and go unexpectedly at this age.  An upset in daily routine could also be a factor - is there anything you can do to make your routine as normal as possible without DH there? 


In terms of ideas to comfort when DC won't let you touch, I've found singing to be helpful. 


Good luck.  My heart goes out to you and your DS.

Casha'sMommy's Avatar Casha'sMommy 01:04 PM 04-29-2012

Brambleberry- We talk to dh every evening unless he's traveling during the evening hours. DH's job has always involved travel so this is our norm although dh took his current job and moved us 6 hours because he now travels half as often and for shorter periods of time when he is gone.

I don't think ds has heard of any father leaving and not returning but you never know, y/k.

Our routine is the same every day/week, dh's travel is our norm so this is just what we do. It's usually more of an upset to our routine when dh is off during the holidays. lol


How I wish singing worked, he just gets more angry. It's almost as if he wants to be alone but when I try that he gets upset about that too. Nothing really pleases him. I have lovingly referred to ds as the world's most disgruntled baby because of his intense feelings but this week has gone to a whole new level.



Casha'sMommy's Avatar Casha'sMommy 03:34 PM 04-29-2012

DH came home today and I'm pleased to report that ds is back talking again. This is good news but has me concerned about next week.

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