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icy02's Avatar icy02 07:10 PM 05-05-2012
My 3 1/2 yo has been potty trained since 22 months, but hasnt been night trained. I tried this time last year and it was a disaster! He is so soaken wet when he wakes up in the morning I had to start buying him the goodnights for 4-5yo's. They are soon expensive, and being that we are a cloth diaper home I really hate spending the $$ on diapers. We have a new LO coming in October, as well as DS2 who is almost 2. I really don't want 3 in diapers! Does anyone have any solid advice on how to wean my DS1 off nighttime diapers? He sleeps really hard and even if I limit his water before bed he still ends up waking up soaken wet.. TIA

chel's Avatar chel 09:05 PM 05-05-2012
My oldest is a super deep sleeper, besides the norm to limit fluids right before bed and to make sure they go to the bathroom right before bed, not much you can do.

My youngest has been dry at night from around 6m. Absolutely Nothing I did.
octobermom's Avatar octobermom 01:21 AM 05-06-2012

he'll stay dry when his body matures enough to do so. I was a late night "trainer" because of medical reasons though I was day trained by 18 months.. Trust me when I say my parents tried EVERYTHING from the weird to the cruel.. (diffrent times) and nothing worked except time. Personally I to this day have nightmares over the water restrictions and HAVE to have water right beside me every night and my kids are always allowed small cups of water with them at bedtime.. I found with my oldest when her body was ready to stay dry all night it simpily did.

Bokonon's Avatar Bokonon 02:25 AM 05-06-2012
Originally Posted by octobermom View Post

he'll stay dry when his body matures enough to do so.


I completely agree with this.


There is nothing you can do to speed this process along.  It might happen tomorrow and it might not happen until 2 years from now - but your son's body can't mature faster because of the price of diapers or how many children you have.  It would be great if it could!  But this is a developmental milestone that all kids reach at different ages.

Super~Single~Mama 07:48 AM 05-06-2012
I agree with pp's. I think I even read somewhere that it is a hormonal thing? Whatever it is, it's out of his control, so you should look for ways to find the diapers a big cheaper.
Just1More's Avatar Just1More 07:11 PM 05-06-2012

They do have cloth pullups.  TBH, though I cloth diaper, I don't use them.


My oldest was okay all night around 4yo.  Ds (almost 5), and dd2 (newly 3) are totally not ready. 


I also really think it's just a body maturation thing.  *shrug*

icy02's Avatar icy02 08:37 PM 05-06-2012
Thanks for all your reassurance mommas! Deep down I knew this, but some of my friends make me feel like I'm a failure for still having my son in diapers at night...

The only thing I feel like we could improve on is the fact that he will pee a ton in his diaper right when he wakes up in the morning. He will wake up slowly, and while laying in bed completely empty his bladder. Any tips on getting him out of bed and to the potty?
Casha'sMommy's Avatar Casha'sMommy 10:06 PM 05-06-2012

Thought I'd pop in here and mention that dd had similar issues until we started adding  a bit of epsom salt to her tub each night. The magnesium can help.


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