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My son has always had digestive problems.  That is why I exclusively BF him for 12 months.  Then when I started giving him foods, I decided only produce and meat.  I make all his food.  He is 18 months now and we went to the Dr for a checkup.  He has grown 1.5 inches and his head circumference grew.  But he only gained a half of a pound!  Also his butt is very flat - it looks like someone deflated it!  The doctor said that he may have a gluten intolerance.  But I doubt that because I can't figure where there would be any gluten in his diet (except maybe once a month I'll make something with soy sauce).  He said that it could also be an enzyme deficiency (which makes more sense to me because my daughter is constipated unless I give her an enzyme supplement).  So I'm going to give my son an enzyme before every meal now and see if he gains weight.  Has anyone else had any experience with this? I have been using Young Living enzymes - any other suggestions?

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my children are fructose intolerant. they do not have enough of the right enzyme to digest fructose. they do  not have a replacement for it. if they eat too much fructose they will not digest anything else. my now 5 yr old started seeing docs around 3.5. i was worried. she was meeting milestones and peeing and pooping well but she was very skinny and had no butt. eventually she started losing the fat in her temples and had dark circles under her eyes. 


i am not saying this is what your kid has. their are all different kinds of malabsorption problems. fructose, gluten, sucrose, etc. fructose is also found in most veggies and fructans are found in most veggies. once i put her on the right diet her butt rounded out and her temples filled out again. the circles went away etc. i did loads of research trying to get the docs to test for stuff. one thing i  learned is the signs of malnutrition. that is what happens when you eat stuff you are intolerant to and it interferes with absorption of nutrients. you can be skinny and not be malnourished. you are looking for round buttocks, round muscles in the arms and legs. fat pads in the temples and in the cheeks. mostly. there are other but you would have to google them. these are the ones that show up the best. my kid looked like skin and bone. there were no muscles. i dug out my pics when i was that age and i looked the same. i got tested and found out i have it as well. 


i had weaned my DD1 about a year before i started noticing the problems. turns out the solids i was feeding her did it. i fed her apple juice, apple sauce, yogurt with fruit, etc. all healthy stuff for other people. i loved the elimination diet we went on. everyone started looking, feeling, and acting so good. i hope you find out what is causing your childs issues. i just wanted to post about  my experience in case it can help someone who was having the same issues my children were. 

Me,DH,DS1'95, '98,DSD'03,DD1'07,DD2'09,DS2'12 Living with Fructose Malabsorption Syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3-Hypermobility.)o( and sometimes I get toif I am lucky.
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