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Amanda1's Avatar Amanda1 01:48 AM 05-19-2012

DS in 2 in a week and has been out of diapers during the day for over a month and a half.

Some days he does great and has no accidents, some days he needs changed 1-2 times, but we are still having days where he wets himself 5+ times. He is pretty good now about not pooing in his underpants but that still happens 1-2 times a week.

I guess I am just wondering if we started too early or this is normal?

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 02:16 AM 05-19-2012

My son potty trained a couple months before his second birthday as well.  I don't think it's too early, but I do think that your expectations about accidents should probably be different than for a kid who's say, 3 1/2 and just potty trained.  Ds will be 3 this summer, so we're coming up on a year of being "potty trained".  He does still occasionally have accidents during the day.  Most of them are just leaks, not full out pees.  He wears the little Gerber brand non-waterproof training pants as underwear.  They are really just slightly padded underwear, but it's enough that sometimes I don't have to change his jeans when he has a little accident.  The accidents seem to come in little spurts, where he gets lazy/too distracted or whatever to take himself potty when he needs to.  After a few accidents, he gets more vigilant about taking himself on time.  When we first potty trained him, he was much more amenable to me just watching the clock and taking him when I thought it was time.  Now that he's older he's all about being independent and really resists me suggesting that he go potty.  I do insist he go potty sometimes, like before we get in the car to run errands and first thing in the morning when he's still kind of groggy and I know he's liable to have accidents.  Other than that I try to respect his wishes for taking care of it himself. 

I think it's normal for kids who start early to have a longer transition period, and that's okay.  I'd still rather wash some soiled underpants a couple times a week than do full out diaper laundry for another year!  5 in a day is a lot though, I'd probably try to take more of the responsibility of making sure he's sitting on the potty regularly if I were you, though if he's already at that strong-willed independent stage that might be difficult. 

chel's Avatar chel 12:48 PM 05-19-2012
My dd took a solid month, but she was 26m. It went quick at the end.

We went on a major week long trip (air, rail, bus, and subway) at 27m and not a single accident, much to my surprise
LeaPea's Avatar LeaPea 10:22 PM 05-19-2012

I have been wondering the same thing. My daughter decided she was going to potty learn at 22 months by refusing to wear a diaper. We did the three-day method as a start, but it didn’t completely work for us (She’s 23 months now). Some days are perfect, and she will go by herself or let me know, then the next day it is like she completely forgot. She also just hit the stage of “I do” or “I try” and is very insistent on doing things herself. I think two-year molars and definitely some language development are also complicating things. Anyways, I have no advice, but it does get frustrating and confusing. I do think it is better than changing diapers though!

springbabes's Avatar springbabes 11:54 PM 05-19-2012

Two of my kids started wearing underwear at 24 months but continued to have accidents for 3 months.  My other two kids that trained at 30 and 33 months only had a week's worth of accidents.  It's a trade-off but, I do feel like mopping up pee once or twice a day is worth it to having a kid completely trained at a young age so I wouldn't stop at this point.  I think a lot of accidents are normal for a young toddler and it's ok.  I bet he's almost there.

ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 12:17 AM 05-20-2012
My ds was spotty trained at 22 months, but then he and I moved at 23 months(his dad and I divorced, and we moved from Louisiana to Texas), and he started daycare at 2, and I wanna say it was 4-6 month before he stopped having accidents there...add in he was palate talker, and it made it difficult, to say the least. He was pretty good at home though, from that point on. Hes 4.5 now, and still has naptime and bedtime accidents sometimes, but extended bedwetting runs in my family