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So I'm just looking for some possible advice or BTDT type responses.  20 month old DD, who has slept 12 hrs through the night since she was 9 months old, has suddenly decided in the last two weeks that she's done doing that. She IS teething, lower incisors, so I've been giving her IB profin at night assuming this was the main problem, but now two weeks later I'm not so sure.


Essentially it seems like she's forgotten how put herself to sleep.  It will either take her 2 plus hrs to fall asleep (we have always given her a bottle in the rocker, cuddled for a bit, but she goes into her crib awake and has always put herself to sleep) and requires us to go back in to offer more milk, give more cuddles, or eventually i cave and rock her to sleep.  But now, she's also waking in the middle of the night, not crying or screaming or anything, just waking up and not being able to put herself back to sleep.\


Last night was the worst so far, she woke up at 11:00, after a 7:00 bedtime where she did put herself to sleep.  by 12:30 I went in, changed her diaper, gave her another bottle, gave her more ib profin, and lots of rocking.  at 3:00 a.m. after she had been just tossing and turning, up and down, rolling all around, talking to herself, heavy eye rubbing, I finally went in and rocked her to sleep. 15 minutes later, she's out.  But....she also woke up at her usual time 7:30 a.m. so now she's 4 hrs behind just from last night and exhausted.  Why would she suddenly just be waking up and be unable to get back to sleep?  watching her on the monitor is like seeing someone with insomnia...she just rolls around for hrs, her eyes will flutter, you'll think she's going out, then ten minutes later she's standing and singing to herself.


I should also mention, that I'm due today actually with baby number 2, and she has been VERY mommy attached lately.  Do you think 20 months is old enough to really get what's going on?  could this be a reaction to the new baby coming, or a need to be close to me?!  I just don't think it's physical at this point, but am at a loss for how to get her back on track.  She's EXHAUSTED and impossible to be around at this point.  Every time I put her down, i think, this is it, she's going to do a long stretch and catch up, but it never happens.


Should daddy take over bedtime completely for the next week and see if that solves the problem?  On the days that she's exhausted should I be giving her 2 naps (which then makes bedtime late) or push her through to her usual nap time (noon)?


Any advice would be much appreciated, and if anyone out there has dealt with similar issues for this age, or thinks maybe there's a connection to the upcoming baby, I'd love to hear feedback.  thanks.

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Well, my 26 month old has always been a poor sleeper, but she DOES do something very similar to yours lately.  In addition to her "normal" array of night-wakings, she'll also wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. and be awake for 2 hours.  She doesn't demand too much attention from me during this time, which is particularly weird for her.  She just tosses and turns, closes her eyes, rolls over and tries again, talks to herself for a bit...she just can't fall back asleep.  I've wondered if maybe she's hungry, or thirsty, but giving a snack and drink just seems to wake her up more.  At this point I think it may just be a developmental "thing," that I just have to wait out. 


I DO think, though, that your daughter at 20 months could definitely be having some anxiety about the upcoming changes.  Would she welcome you spending a bit more night-time with her (if you are willing)?  Does is soothe her if you sing to her?  Sometimes singing is the only thing that will get my daughter back to sleep during these episodes. 


And as for the naps...I think I would shoot for an earlier nap and an earlier bedtime for a little while.  In our experience, longer sleep stretches almost never result when I wait on naps/bedtime.  Maybe with an early nap she'd sleep a bit longer and start to make up for her lost sleep.


Good luck with this, and the new baby!

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yeah, I'm starting to think more and more that a big part of this is the upcoming baby.  I guess I don't give her enough credit, before they can really talk it's so hard to know exactly how much they understand.  I had daddy do bedtime tonight, and he'll be the one going in if she wakes in the middle of the night to see if maybe this will nip it in the bud.   I think she's gotten overly dependent on me coming in to comfort her.  The problem is for right now, I am SO big and SO uncomfortable, that I physically cannot rock her to sleep anymore.  It's not as if I can sit in the rocking chair, I have to stand and sway her in my arms from left to right for 15-20 minutes.  It kills my back, arms, you name it.  I feel so bad, because I know she's in a hard core mommy phase, she cried hard when she realized I wasn't putting her to bed tonight, but unfortunately I just can't do it.


I'm a SAHM though, so she's with me ALL day, and I do the naps -which don't seem to be a problem oddly enough.  I agree with earlier is better and we've been doing that.  tonight bedtime was 6 o'clock.  I surely hope this resolves itself soon, I have to admit I'm a bit nervous with the next one coming, but what are you gonna do?  thanks for the input!

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