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JordanKX's Avatar JordanKX 12:11 AM 07-04-2012

My son is almost 3. He goes to daycare full-time. I'm SURE there are momma's there, that are pregnant. I mean, of course.


I have said some off-sides things to him about when he was a baby in my belly, but nothing big; nothing consistent. Nothing that would Ever equate his brain with mommy+belly=baby. Ever. I'm a single mom. There are no babies happening in my belly.


But this week... HE IS obsessed.

All his animals, he wants to put in my shirt.

"mommy baby"


His babies... he loves his babies that he sleeps with or goes "shopping" with or puts to bed (we do have a lot of dolls), never have they been mommy's babies and certainly never in my clothes.


Now, there are times that HE wants to be in my clothes.

He'll still do it in public that he wants to crawl in my shirt. But never that he wants to be in my belly. Just more that he's stretching out my shirt in the back. But never that he is in my shirt as a Baby in my belly.


This whole week has been pushing stuffed animals down my shirt and saying... "mommy's baby".

And will.not.relent.

He gets forceful. Mommy has a baby in her shirt.


What am I missing? Gotta be a pregnant momma he saw, right? Someone else said something about a baby in a belly? I'm presuming at daycare.

mamapenguin's Avatar mamapenguin 04:36 PM 07-04-2012

My daughter is 29 months and is obsessed with babies.  She regularly pretends she is a little baby (she will lie on her back and kick her feet and say "wah, wah, I'm a little baby"), and her favourite after-dinner game is to crawl inside her papa's shirt and pretend to be a little baby getting ready to be born.  She'll wiggle around for a little bit, and then say "I'm ready!" and pop out of his shirt.  This has been going on for about two months now, since we went to visit a friend who is pregnant.  It is kind of funny, but kind of strange too... maybe it's just the pregnant papa part:)  She also puts stuffed animals in her shirt and in mine, and when they are born, she'll nurse them, or insist that I do it.