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hi everyone!

I'm new to these forums- just stumbled across in a google search. I'm madilyn and I have a 13
Month old son. He was born 5 weeks prematurely so he is 12 months adjusted.

So, lately I've been pretty concerned about his receptive language, or lack there of.
I've been reading up on things and it seems by his age he should be performing simple
Commands like "give me the ball" or "come to mommy" he doesn't do anything like this.
I have been working on it with him and still nothing. I know he understands some words like
The dogs name, baba, fan, balloon, water, no (sometimes), look. Could be more and I haven't noticed. He has recently started to point to things he wants, but I'm still really worried about the receptive area.

Has anyone dealt with this at this age? I feel like I'm the only one whose child is like this and it's really frightening. I'm a first time mom and it's been a truly stressful time not knowing if everything is ok or not.

Thanks for reading and for any input you have!!
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My son STILL doesn't respond to those kind of commands, but his language skills are fantastic for his age. I think he's just stubborn and kind of messing with me. I know that he has good comprehension, though--the other day, I was talking with a friend about seeing a movie, and DS interrupted with, "Watch puppy! Puppy baby. Puppy scared." He had just seen about the first 20 minutes of Lady and the Tramp, wherein the family has a baby and Lady freaks out when a pet store owner muzzles her. He does this sort of thing all the time--understanding a conversation and trying to contribute in a sensible way. But if I say, "Can you give me the yellow block?" Only if he feels like it. If he still is not responding at least *sometimes* by the time he's 2, I'd have him evaluated. It might also be helpful to try creating tests that don't feel as much like a command (in case it's a problem of "I don't feel like doing what you are asking me, because you are asking me."). When my son was about 15 months old, he was totally hooked on "I Spy" books. I started out by asking myself where something was, then slooooowly dragging my finger around the page, commenting on what I was seeing, and then finding whatever the sought object was. Once he understood the game, he started jumping in and pointing before I got to the things. It made it more of a game and set my mind at ease, because I was also kind of concerned about receptive language at that point.

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Welcome to mothering, Madliyn!


My son was born 10 days past his due date, and was a robust baby. He is 13.5 months now and still doesn't respond to commands like that. I think he understands them a little, I do. But I think for my son, he just doesn't want to comply. Not out of malice, but the world is just so! incredibly! interesting! 


For example, if I hold out my hand and ask for the object he's holding he looks at my hand and the object in his hands- I know he knows what I mean, but he won't hand it over. Why? Because why would he? It's totally awesome and no way is he letting go of it.


And if it makes you feel any better, he will not come when I call him at all. He sometimes turns around when I say his name, but that's it. He's got exploring to do, despite what mama says. :) And he has never pointed to anything. That's actually been a milestone I've fretted over, b/c as I say, he's never done it. So you're one over on us in that way for sure. I think your LO sounds pretty normal to me.

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YOur baby sounds quite normal for his age. Those are somethings SOME babies can do at that age, they should develop more in the next 6 months. My son was a late bloomer, didn't walk until 17 months, had few verbal words, but we also did  baby sign language and he had several signs. He blossomed a lot more between 18-24 months. So don't get too preoccupied, he will go at his own pace. If you have concerns, bring them up at the well child checks. If you ever see any regression, definately be concerned about that. You and your child are probably doing just fine!

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I thought of this thread yesterday while reading Dr. Sears' Discipline Book.  He goes through stages of toddler development, and the ability to follow a one step command is characterized as a 15-month-old (or so) skill.  On that basis, your LO isn't behind at all.

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