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I want to hear stories of a typical or some typical days that you have with your 2 yr old. Like wake up- do this, do that, etcetera.I am curious to see how varied everyone's lives are or if we are all spending our days with our 2 yr olds somewhat similarly. Anyone want to describe a typical day with your 2 yr old?

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I'll play :-) Great thread idea.

We have two types of days so I'll describe both. Days when DH works a day shift, leaving home at 7am and days when he is off or on an evening shift, leaving home at midday.

Evening shift day/day off:

0530-0630: DH and LO wake up and get up together. Mama stays in bed. They have breakfast play together inside for 1-2hrs then go out to one of a couple of local playgrounds.

1000-1100: DH and LO come home and we all lie down together while I feed LO to sleep. Sometimes DH and I sleep too or we get up and spend some time together. LO sleeps for about an hour.

1200: lunch

Afternoon: if DH has the day off he will usually take LO out to a playground again. If not she and I do various things. Play at home/housework, visit my parents, go to the park, go shopping etc. Play at home includes painting, sandpit, trampoline, playing with toys and reading books, helpIng with household tasks. Sometimes if I have something non-child friendly to do she will spend a couple of hours with my parents.

5pm: start getting dinner ready and winding down
6pm: eat dinner together
6:30: bath then all lie down together while I feed her to sleep.
7-8pm: asleep for the night

DH on day shift:

Up and breakfast as above. DH wakes me at 6:30 when he has to get in the shower.
7am: wave daddy off to work. Spend some time pottering at the end of the driveway talking to the dog walkers and waving to the neighbors going to work.

7:30ish: inside again, I have breakfast and tidy kitchen. LO usually in her learning tower helping or eating or both. Then play/housework at home. Fridays we go to circus class.

10-11: lie down and feed to sleep.

1200: afternoons as above

1745: DH home from work. He and LO play while I finish getting dinner ready. Then we eat together and he baths LO and we all lie down while I feed her to sleep.

Think that's about it. The times are approximate based on LOs sleeping and waking times or any commitments we have.

Looking forward to reading about other people's days

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I have a 2 year old, but also a 3 yr old and a 3 month old, so my days are a little more hectic.  


The 2 yr old is usually first to wake up. This is usually around 5:30am. I nurse him forever, and whenever the 3 yr old wakes up, we have breakfast.  


When I am feeling overwhelmed, we might have one cartoon in the morning, so I can have my coffee.  On good days, we have no screen time. 


We play inside until around 8am.  This is lego or train table time, or just random rolling around the carpet time :). I can't function this early. 


Around 8am, they go outside, and ride their little bikes, or play in their make shift sandbox, or just toddle around.  On good days, I go outside with the baby and watch them.  The baby also wakes up around this time.  She is my sleeper!


9am is usually snack. They might help me make it.  


If I am not out of the house after snack time, I never make it out. We might do the park, walk around the mall, errands, etc...


11am-ish is lunch.  Lately I have been packing their lunch and they eat it when we are out and about.  


Right after is nap! Nap is generally a solid 3 hours, for all three kids.  Even our cats sleep during this time. I LOVE NAP TIME.  3 year old goes to sleep by himself in his bed, I nurse the two little ones at the same time, in my 2 year olds bed.  


Wake up time is around 2-3pm.  Nurse toddler and baby upon waking.  Another snack follows.  We cuddle, or color, or finish up a chore.  They *might* help me with dinner.  Generally they just play all around the house.  On hard days, I put on PBS or Netflix.


Dada is home by 4pm if he doesn't go to the gym, 6:30pm if he does go to the gym.  Gym days are easier for me because I can pick up after I make dinner.  Again, this is all random play time, all over the house.  If I am on top of it, bath time is after dinner.  Possibly one more snack, but its mostly for my oldest. 


This is the time my dh plays or wrestles with them.  Sometime he takes them to his moms or something.  


8pm sharp is bedtime.  Dh takes care of ds1, I get ds2 and dd ready.  (Tandem) nurse them both to sleep.  





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Typical day with my 29mth old (and I have a 9 year old)


I wake up around 6am. Me time. Look after the pets, put in a load of laundry. Make some french press coffee. Drink two perfect cups while reading my emails, facebook, blogs.

Kids start to wake up around 8am.

Dress 2 year old and the she plays in the bedrooms (w/ a farm in her room or she investigates my sons room) while I shower / dress / get ready upstairs. We are all kind of mingling and doing our own thing together.


Breakfast for the kids. She eats while I prepare lunch for my son & tidy up kitchen.

She requests a tv show, but doesn't watch it.


Playtime - Right now she loves colouring (asking me to colour for her), blocks, and I just brought down (from the attic) barn w/ animals, boat with animals & doll house w/ just a few people and a couple pieces of furniture. She is enjoying these "new" kinds of toys.

She may eat a snack, but often enough she is tired again and ready for nap around 11:30am. We go for a walk and eventually I put her in the stroller and she falls asleep.


after nap / Afternoon.


More play time.  Outside play in the back yard (1-3 hrs) (the hose, little pool, pebble box, shovel & pail, a ball, teepee). I garden / weed while they are playing.

Back inside and a tv show and snack / drink. Play with toys in baskets (instruments in one and another basket filled with random toys (from my sons day)



Evening - we may go to the public swim pool for a swim or the park or we go to dinner.


Watch a movie together & then bedtime around 9 - 10. (summer time). I often crash too.


On the weekend, add in errands and one early morning where we all go outside for a walk around the pond, a bike ride, a trip to the farmers market or canoeing, hiking - something outside for a few hours.


This is typical summer time stuff - I left out errands,  9 year old stuff, and work out of the house, which she comes with me 2 days a week and the other three she goes to a babysitters, We hit the library in the morning once a week as well. Also pops is overseas right now, for the summer so its kind of easy for me but kind of tiring too.

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dh wakes up about 5 am (!) and leaves for work at 6:15 am.  Ds (aged 2) usually wakes up soon after ds and they play/eat/change clothes downstairs while I sleep till 6:!5.

We say g'bye to dh and I make coffee and feed ds breakfast if dh hasn't.

We stay home till 7:30 or so then usually go out either pushing ds on his bike for a walk first or just out in  the car to town.

We go for some sort of stroller walk and then spend the morning playing either at a park. library, going to the grocery store, to activities, to visit dh at work, etcetera.

some times we find other kids and have fun, sometimes we just hang out the two of us (me and ds) and have fun, sometimes we struggle to find activities- usually we do okay but I am always looking for more kids and more people to be at the park.  Where we live it is not very crowded of an area and it can sometimes be hard to find other kids and activities.

Many morning ds and I just kind of hang out- go to the store, the park the library- but we dont play with other kids  every day as sometimes they are not around. I worrry a little that it is not enough socialization for ds but I do my best with what is available. once in a while we wil have a playdate tho I am trying to find more kids for this too.


ds naps starting around 11:30  or 12:00 for about 3 hours, sometimes more or less.

I get my free time then (but must stay home obviously).


When he wakes up I usually feed him and then we play till dh comes home. DH gets home around 4:30. Then usually dh takes him out to the pool or the park or somewhere to play and gives me some time alone.  sometimes dh ds and I go out together or sometimes we all chill out at home.


We sometimes do various evening activities- depending on how busy our daywas and what is going on.

Ds goes to sleep around 8:30pm (dh puts him to bed most of the time). We would like bed time earlier but given his good nap we can't complain.

Today we happened to have encounters with lots of kids at the park and the library so ds was satisfied and went to sleep easily. somemornings are slow! and a ittle dull so those days are harder.


On the days dh is home dh takes him a lot- usually out in the morning a bit and we do a three of us outing too. the above is a typical week day when dh is working.

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I was just thinking about this question myself...wondering why I can't get the laundry done every day with just one 2-year-old around. 


Daddy gets up and leaves for work just before 6. 


6-ish, DD wakes up.  I snatch another half-hour while she does her thing in the bedroom, and we get up at 6:30.  She has a little snack, we play a bit, usually read, color, and I make my coffee.  Things really don't pick up much until then :)


7:30 breakfast, then I clean up the dishes while DD "helps."  Then there's this looooong period of "getting stuff done."  Getting us both dressed, hair brushed, ready to go out....somehow this takes until, like, 9.  I know.  That's why I'm so curious to read about other people's days! 


9 ish we finally get outside to hang the laundry, then either stay outside to play or head out for an errand or playdate or the park.  Snack around 10.


11:30 or so I start making lunch.  After we eat, DD watches a show while I clean up, do some other little chores, and try to catch a few minutes of rest.  After DD's show we have a bit more quiet time, then we usually have to get some chores done around the house.  She "helps."  It takes a while. 


2:30 or so we're ready to go out again.  Often just outside to play, but sometimes we'll do the library or a visit or something instead.  Without a nap, DD goes into kind of a downward spiral in the afternoons.  We're having this crisis with dinner because she's always so tired by 5 (her dinnertime) that she's having fits about her water not being cold enough and having the wrong fork and doesn't end up eating anything.  So I think I'm going to have to somehow give her dinner at 4.....Not sure how I will get dinner made by 4 and still have any sort of afternoon. 


4 or 4:30  I struggle to make dinner while DD cries about various things.  Or, on good days, plays by herself!  Or, on in-between days, hangs out and talks my ear off in the kitchen. 


Dinner is at 5, then we start bedtime routine right away.  Brush teeth, get in PJ's, read a book, bottle to sleep, and I leave the room at 6:15.  DP is sometimes home by this point, but often not until 7 or so.  I clean up the house, take in the laundry, prep as much food as possible for the next day, do at least one more chore, veg a bit, and am in bed by 10:30 most nights. 



Frustrated lately that life seems to move sooooooo slowly that it seems like DD never gets time to play (because she's only wants to be with me, and I have chores to do, and they take so long with her around and I'm so ready for a break by the time we're done that I just take her out), AND I still never really get anything done.  And, man, do I want that nap back. 

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8:00 DD wakes up.  She usually wants to nurse and cuddle for the first 15 minutes that she's awake, and then we'll read or play for a little while.  


I make breakfast and we eat around 9.  Then I clean the kitchen while she gets under my feet:)  On a good day, she'll go out in the backyard and ride her tricycle or collect snails long enough for me to get things cleaned up.  


9:30 DH wakes up (he is a total night owl, and seems completely incapable of changing to an earlier schedule - it has been a major point of contention over the last couple of years) and pretty much goes straight to his computer to start working.  DD and I go upstairs, I try to grab a quick shower while she plays, then I get her dressed and washed up.  If I don't make a concerted effort to keep things moving at this point, the whole morning will be gone.  


10:15-10:30 we finally make it out of the house (usually).  Now that it's summer, we usually go to the playground, the beach, or the splash park.  Sometimes I arrange to meet up with friends, but we live in a pretty small town, so often we run into people we know anyhow.  If it's raining, we go to the library.  Every 3-4 days we spend the morning getting groceries or running errands instead of doing a fun activity.  Snack is at about 11:00.


12:00 we get home and I start making lunch.  If DD seems grumpy, I try to set her up with a simple activity like a basin of soapy water and some cups.  Sometimes she will help make lunch and set the table.  We eat at about 12:30.  


1:00 we do something quiet like drawing or reading to try to wind down for nap time.  Then she nurses and is usually asleep at around 1:30.  While she's sleeping I clean up the kitchen, throw in the laundry, and do some other cleaning or gardening.  Or, if I'm feeling really tired I'll read and nap.  


3:00 DD wakes up and we usually spend the rest of the afternoon close to home.  We'll play in the back yard, go for a little walk around the neighbourhood, or do some chores together.  If it's really hot we walk to the wading pool.  


5:00 I start making dinner.  This is the worst time of the day for me - DD wants my full attention and is difficult to distract.  I don't always have the energy to include DD in all of the dinner prep, and she is most likely to have tantrums or hurt herself at this time of day (today she somehow squished her finger under the leg of her step stool:(  


6:00 DH arrives home and we sit down to eat.  After dinner, I clean up while DH plays with DD.  Then we all spend some time together (play outside, go for a walk) until 8:00.  


8:00-9:00 I do her bath, PJs, snack, teeth, books, nursing, and hopefully she's asleep by 9:30.  

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My son wakes around 7am. We hang out a bit and eat breakfast. Around around 8 or 9 we exercise (go for a run or go to the gym). Snack time. Then we go do a toddler activity around 10. Its usually physically active. We do things like: play group, park, children's museum, library story time, ride scooter/bike, go swimming, jump on trampolines, etc. lunch around noon. Then it's naptime. That's where we struggle. Sometimes it takes an hour or more to get him to nap. Other times it's perfect and he just naps great. If he doesn't wake up on his own by 4 then I wake him by turning on the lights in his room and being noisy. Snack time and home play (inside house or backyard) while I make dinner. We eat around 6 or 7 and then around 7:30 it's bath time. Bedtime is 8.
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we dont really have a typical day around here lol.  dd will usually wake up around 10 am.  if im home she usually asks to nurse or she might cuddle daddy.  she basically eats when she's hungry (we dont really do meals here, it's kind of a free for all and we all eat when we want), pees on the potty when she needs to pee, plays all day, sometimes watches netflix, usually she doesnt get dressed unless we are going somewhere.   sometimes she takes a nap, she will hop in the shower with whoever is taking one.  she goes to bed around midnight

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My 23 month old is up typically around 5AM  (this AM it was 4:30)  he has been STTN lately so he needs to nurse for a while when he wakes up.  - DH gets up at about 5 - 5:30 so we usually all get up together, sometimes i can get an extra 15 min. in bed while DH watches DS.   Typically we drive DH to the bus stop - at about 6AM - then home for breakfast, more nursing, playing with cars trucks and buses!  i usually do leave the TV on at this time - often its just the news, sometimes something with dinosaurs.... If im not too bleary eyed i can get a lot done around the house at his time of the AM.   if the weather isnt tooooo hot we will go for a AM walk - maybe to the park, maybe just around the block - this morning it took us 55 minutes to make it around the block!   We dont have a yard so we always to 'go somewhere' 

DS naps early - usually around 10 - noon then our day can really begin after that - we do errands, go to the park, splash park, library, or all of the above....DH is home early in the summer so we often go to the bus stop  around 3:45 and see him roll in (DS LOVES buses!!!)  i usually feed DS around 5 or so, i often prep dinner during nap time so it isnt so much to do.  DS and DH play, maybe have a walk, bath time is usually 6ish - followed by naked time, books and nursing to sleep somewhere around 7 (tonight it may be 6 pm!)  then DH and i have dinner.  During the school year my DH is gone until 8:30 4 nights a week and i have a surly 17 yr old and grumpy 14 yr old that i am often driving somewhere!

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