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My daughter seems to need less sleep than is universally recommended for children her age. She will be 3 next month. She sleeps 8-11 hours at night. If she takes a nap it is usually 2 hours and when she naps it means that she doesn't sleep more than 8-9 hours that night. So she seldom gets more than 11 hours and sometimes less. She doesn't seem to have signs of being sleep deprived. She isn't especially moody or irritable, she is able to concentrate and enjoys long stories. But I am pregnant and need more sleep than she does. My husband often stays up with her at night until she is ready to go to bed. I was wondering whether I should try an elimination diet for food intolerances - but again, I am not sure that she has other symptoms of intolerances. Any thoughts? Do some children really need this must less sleep than is recommended? Does anyone else have a happy, smart, well-adjusted child who just doesn't seem to need as much sleep? How do you deal with needing to sleep sometimes when your child doesn't seem tired?

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I think it's normal that not every child needs as much sleep as others. I wouldn't worry too much unless it was affecting behaviour or there were other signs pointing to an issue.


There are lots of things to try, a childproof room for her to play in while you snooze on the couch. Putting her to bed when you are ready to do and getting her to read books or play quietly until you are ready to get up. Having healthy and easy to reach snacks for her to grab while you are napping/snoozing/sleeping. Have a quiet time box or daily quiet time boxes so that she has something completely different to play/with do at "quiet" time instead of nap time. This allows you to get a nap or when the baby comes allows rest time without a nap at the same time that the baby has it's biggest nap and you can also get some quiet/rest time.

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Quick google search has 3yr olds needing 10-12hrs.

My 2.5 yr old sleeps about11hrs a day. 10pm-7am with a 1-2hr nap.

Maybe you can nap with your child

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