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DS is 28 months old and has learned a new phrase that he LOVES....F***ing Jesus.


Now to be perfectly honest we are not perfect  with our language but I am trying hard. His dad is from Ireland and the "F" word is kinda build in to their vocabularly so he says it with out even noticing but is also trying.

I don't know where he got to 2nd word from????


I tried the first few times to tell him thats not nice to say but now he is saying it 20x a day, usually for attention.

Now I just totally ignore it and pretend that he is not talking at all


Sometimes he will just sit and say it over and over and over to him self but then he will use it in the "right" situation, like when he pooed in his pants yesterday when we were rushing out the door.... I was cleaning him (it was awful) and he says "F***ing jesus (while shaking his head and seeming exasurbated). It was exactly what I was thinking.


Anyways if your child has picked up a bad phrase how have you dealt with it? Ignore it or keep reminding them its not nice???

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Hahaha! Been there. In our case DS made up his own word: "hellafucker." lol.gif

Playful Parenting has an excellent suggestion for this. It works so well.

Make up a nonsense word to be your new forbidden curse word. Our nonsense word is Bebonk.

Then anytime he starts up, do NOT react strongly. Tell him, "Oh, you can say "f***king Jesus" all you want, doesn't bother me, that's fine. But don't you DARE ever say Bebonk!"

Then when of course he next says "Bebonk, Benonk, Bebonk!" you react HUGELY. "DS! NOoooo!!! Don't you say that WORD! I don't EVER want to hear you say that word! Noooooo!" not yelling/real angry but like playful theatrics. Just go over-the-top dramatic with your reaction *every* time he says Bebonk.

It's great fun. It does get annoying at times because he says Bebonk just to get the reaction and sometimes I'll be preoccupied with something else, and he'll have to tell me, "Mama! Did you hear me? I just said Bebonk!" and I'll be like, "Oh, right" and have to manufacture a dramatic reaction to make him giggle.

But let me tell you, he hasn't said hellafucker in many months. When we started this game it worked instantly and is still working.

Now it even has spin-off games. Like sometimes now he'll say it, DH and I will do the huge reaction, and DS will say, "NO--I said *Peebonk,* not Bebonk!" and then we're all like, "Oh Noooo! He found a loophole! DS!!!" and he giggles.

Or he'll whisper it under his breath to see if I'll hear or not, and when I hear it I'll say "DS, did I just hear you say that word?! You'd better NOT!" and he'll say, "I didn't!" and I'll say "You DID! I heard you!" and he'll giggle. Then a minute later another whispered "bebonk." He never gets tired of getting the reactions from us.

He is almost 3.


Just be goofy and take all the power away from the real curse words. They are just words after all. And, get your DH on board so he can get huge reactions from both of you.
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I tell my kids those are grown up words.  Somethings in our house are just grown up and that's the end of it.  Pop, alcohol, the f word and usually coffee.  I didn't think it would work b/c DD1 is incredibly stubborn, but after a few reminders she stopped saying it.

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We don't have quite the full-blown problem, but DS (26mo) has said a few swear words. I was driving the other day and someone cut me off or something dangerous and I said "Oh My God!!". Then from the back seat comes this "fuck shit!". I had to laugh. I did not swear in that particular instance, but he had obviously heard me swear while driving and responded thus. I know it's probably not the best response, but it is just so funny and I laugh every time he's done it, which isn't much. But I don't make a big deal and just move on, and he drops it.


If it ever becomes a problem though I will remember the Playful Parenting game and try that. That's a great book!

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