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mommy68 11-30-2012 12:45 AM

My 3 yr old will use the potty at daycare with very few accidents per week :( but at home refuses to use the toilet. They have the small tiny toilets at daycare just for her size. She doesn't like plastic potties either. It's so embarrassing. I keep a diaper on her in the car on the way to daycare but put her undies over the diaper for them to remove it once she is there. I tell them I do it since she is in the car but it's really cause she isn't pottying at home yet. :( very frustrating!! I went through this with my 10 yr old at this age too.

Quinalla 11-30-2012 07:11 AM

My DD was refusing to use the potty at home too (she'd try, but not go), but doing great at daycare. I finally decided it was time for a small bribe to see if that kicked into gear. I explained a couple nights ago that every time she peed or pooped on the potty at home she could have one smartie, well she sat down and after 20s was peeing! Since then she hasn't gotten a pull-up wet, even at night which I'm not even worried about yet, and only got poop in one once but was able to finish pooping on the potty. And the last two times she used the potty, she didn't even ask for the smartie. Still have to get the poop thing going better, but for peeing she seems set now. Not sure if you are cool with a small bribe, but it definitely worked for DD!

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