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Our ped just suggested to me that DS (2.5 years) might have reflux because he is excessively drooling and constantly putting his hands in his mouth, though he is not teething.  In addition, he is a beyond picky eater and very small for his age.  (He has about 5 accepted foods he will eat in small quantities.)  I had never considered reflux as the cause of this because he was never a big spitter upper, and even still has only thrown up a few times when he had a definite bug.  Anyway, I am generally anti-medicines unless absolutely necessary, but if my boy is suffering, I want to find him some relief.  I understand the test to establish conclusively whether he has reflux or not is fairly invasive, so I am considering a several week trial of zantac just to see if it works.  I'm curious if others have tried that and have any experience with it, pro or con. 

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Have you tried papaya enzymes? You can get them at the health food store or on amazon. I've had clients who took one with each meal to help with their digestion.

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Thanks!  We will try it!

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I second the papaya.  Also, apple cider vinegar has worked for me. 

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Our DS had fairly severe reflux (didn't sleep for more than 45 min for 11 months, could NEVER be laid down, vomiting blood, etc) and we certainly ended up medicating since it was the only thing that helped him stop crying.


Zantac actually gave our little one headaches but did seem to help his reflux.  I would try some mild remedies first for sure, since all antacids have varying levels of side effects.  But if you are worried about his eating, I don't think it would hurt to do a week trial on zantac and see.  We ended up on pepcid at a super high dose which I regret doing for so long now that I read about the negative long-term impact on gut bacteria and vitamin absorption, but relatively short bursts on zantac doesn't have any of those issues.


I would add that mouthing, drooling, and picky eating can be signs of sensory issues which are a whole different ball of wax :).

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