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Hi all,


I think this is a bit of a long shot and I'm not sure if I am being overly dramatic but has anyone come across toddlers with a mild sugar intolerance? My dd who is almost 3 is a different person to a year ago (I know that sounds weird) but she was always very energetic and happy with no health problems. The last 12 months she has gone steadily down hill suffering from frequent bouts of mild constipation (3 days with moderate straining) every time and now in the last 3 months or so she has had 3 very bad cases last 10 days with her now starting to with hold. All of these 3 times were after birthday parties/ easter celebrations. The only thing we are doing different was at 2 we allowed her baking, a very small amount of chocolate/ice cream (ie once a fortnight at the most) and some lollies at a birthday party - shes been to 2.  She has baking 2 - 3 times a week, like a cookie or cupcake

She has a strict lacto ovo veg diet which is high in fibre and eats way less sugar than any of her friends but none of them seem to have the same problems. I don't think its wheat/gluten/dairy as she had that from 12 months with no probs and she had no problems with fruit that year either. 

I prob wouldn't be too worried but the pain of her with holding is breaking my heart to watch. Is it possible to tolerate fruit and still have a sugar problem or should I look for something else? She doesn't drink nearly enough liquid but their is plenty of water in her food as recommended by her gp. I really don't want to put her through an extreme elimination diet if it's not a possibility.


Any thoughts would be welcome! btw although I wouldn't describe myself as an allergic person :-) I am allergic to penicillan and small boned fish, just in case theres a relationship I'm not aware of.

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Well in my experience, the thing with elimination diets is that they are pretty 'easy' compared to other tests and possibilities out there. If you notice a connection, try eliminating and see if the constipation goes away. I say 'easy', because I do know how hard eliminating IS, but it's certainly a much less invasive option than many other tests. If you see no change, go back to the status quo. 

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Thanks - I haven't had to do an elimination diet before (my allergies were pretty obvious)  I guess I'm just confused as to how far I have to go ie: cut out only refined sugar, all sugar (in breads fruits etc) and so on - she's just about 3 with a million bday parties coming up and although she doesn't eat much when we're there I'd hate to spoil her fun unnecessarily. oh and she also has a hell diaper rash which came up real quick - she never gets this

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Definitely consider an elimination period for wheat - it causes DS to get stopped up for a week even if he just has a little, and I have three friends who had toddlers chronic constipation issues that disappeared when they removed wheat. With fiber in general, there is a bit of a sweet spot - you want enough to keep things moving, but too much will cause stools that are too bulky and hard to pass, and irritate the gut, especially if she has loads of fiber and not enough fluid. In my experience, wheat and dairy are two big time constipation culprits. I know you don't want to do elimination diet, but it's the easiest way to see what's really going on.

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I second the wheat/dairy.  DD can't do dairy (or oats but that's another issue) but is ok with wheat - DH should be GF (probably CF too but I've yet to get him off dairy fully) bc wheat causes severe blood sugar issues for him and mimics a diabetic crash.  Food intolerances are pretty specific to the individual as well. Dairy doesn't wreak havoc on my digestive system in normal amounts, but my skin would beg to differ.  DD get skin and digestive issues.  Elimination is easy for things like wheat and dairy since they are required in food lables.

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Thanks for the suggestions re wheat/dairy. Come to think of it dd never had any dairy (she hated it) to the point where my dr referred us to a nutritionist to make sure she was ok (whole nother story!) but recently she has started asking for milk here and there as well as eating a little cheese. I will wait until the b day parties are finished (3 more weeks) then start her on an elimination diet.


Currently she is taking a probiotic daily and a stool softener (from the dr - metamucil wasn't doing it) which is keeping everything going much better. The rash responded well to udder cream - although wondering if it is yeast related - never seen anything like it. put her to bed with normal bum, next morning skin missing in big patches - eek. However it was only on her backside not her vaginal area so at a complete loss.


Sassyfirechick - interesting about what you say "mimics a dc" dd has always had what we would call low blood sugar in terms of she goes psycho if she doesn't eat small frequent meals (just like her dad). The day after these parties she cried ALL day, just miserable and really hard to please.


Luckiest - you are right about too much fibre - I had to stop with the wholemeal pasta and rice because she just couldn't digest it - now she has a sensible amount of fibre.

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