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Curious to poll people and learn when your child stopped napping.


And what were the signs that led you to realize it was ending?


My boy has been waking almost 2 hours earlier than usual each morning.  He's sleeping about 9.5 hours a night and taking a 2 hour nap each afternoon.  Could the early waking this week mean he's going to drop the nap?  He's almost 2 years old.  Should I encourage dropping the nap?  Evenings are HARD around here, as he's not very happy in the couple of hours before  bed time.


Curious about others' experiences

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My daughter is a little over 2 years old, and she is still napping with no sign of giving it up soon. She goes to sleep about 8 pm, and wakes up between 7 and 8am, then goes down for about a 1.5 hour nap starting around 12:30.


If he seems overly tired around bedtime I would keep the nap if I were you, just maybe push it back a little while. Or you could try putting him to bed slightly later, or making other adjustments to his sleep schedule to preserve his nighttime sleep - shorter nap, or something like that. It really depends on the kid, but as far as I know lots of kids will nap up until around 3 years old. 

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My son is 2.5 years old with no signs of dropping his nap. He takes a two hour nap around 12:30, goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes for the day around 6am. He's perfectly cheery until bedtime, but I imagine might not be without that nap. If your evenings are already tough, I'm not sure I would cut out the nap. Can you shorten it first to see if that makes a difference?
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3 and a 1/2 year old napping every day- napping right now! His nap is my saving grace. I worked very hard right from birth on creating good sleeping habits and a pretty steady schedule- one of my best moves as a parent I think as it is a pretty good settled routine. I will hold on to that nap as long as I can!! As a result he doesn't go to bed super early but it feels worth it to me.

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I think getting rid of the nap would make evenings much worse. My DD is almost 2.5 and still napping 1.5-2 hrs a day. One idea is to try moving his bedtime earlier by a bit (I'd try half an hour to an hour or so) if you can, I seem to recall from Elizabeth Pantley's "No Cry Sleep Solution" that going to bed earlier can actually sometimes help them sleep longer.

For me, I hope DD keeps napping for a while yet. I need that break in the afternoon, either to get dinner started or catch a nap myself. orngtongue.gif

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I agree with pp. My son showed signs of getting ready to drop his nap by not napping, lol! He couldn't fall asleep in the afternoons anymore....but evenings were a bear. For several weeks/months he's been napping every other day or so. I trid getting him to drop them completely. But his coping mechanisms are non existant, which tells me he needs more sleep. So we have reintroduced daily naps for the time being and he is doing much better, even though he's up pretty late now....I would gague readiness by his pushing back nap time or beadtime rather than an early wakeup. My DS is 33 months.

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FWIW, I think around the age of 2 or a little before, anecdotally at least, kids might just experience some shifts in sleep patterns that are not necessarily permanent. Around that age my DD started skipping her nap a couple times a week, and then started napping again after a few weeks but going to bed much later (she would lie in bed and talk/sing for almost two hours sometimes!). Now at almost 28 months, she is back to a regular 1.5-3 hour nap in the afternoons (SCORE!). Her bedtime has pushed later to around 8:30 or 9, but she still sleeps reliably until 7:30 a.m. or so.

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So interesting to hear all of your experiences.  My thought on the fact that evenings are already hard was this... I imagined that without a nap, I'd be putting him to bed much earlier (ie,  maybe 6:30pm instead of 7:30 or 8:00) and that evenings would therefore be a little easier because they'd just be shorter for all of us.  But I can definitely understand the logic in why losing the nap might actually make them harder if he's overtired.


Sleep seems to be a moving target; as soon as I think I've got it figured out or that I've solved some sleep issue, everything shifts! 


thank you for sharing your thoughts

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Just so you know, my son (now 5) is still napping now and then. He started to give up naps around 2 1/2, but only for a couple of months and then he went back to napping in the afternoons and has napped every day (with a handful of exceptions) up until now. Now he is adjusting to being in Kindergarten all day, but sometimes still needs a nap after school. 


Our two year old still naps, sometimes an hour, sometimes three, depending on timing and how active the morning was.


But neither kid seems to sleep more when they go to bed earlier (they just stay awake in bed longer) and neither sleeps later if they go to bed later than normal.

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My son dropped his naps at 2 years 4 months, the day I learned I was pregnant with #2 actually!  I know it's much earlier than most kids but for him it worked.  He sleeps 11.5-12.5 hours at night and that seems to be all he needs.  He doesn't have trouble in the evenings or getting through the day. It was definitely an adjustment for me to lose that time during the day but just like anything else, you get used to it.  We did and still do have a "quiet time" each day for about 30 min where he plays in his room.  I wanted to make sure this was firmly in place before #2 came along : )

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