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I'm looking for suggestions and btdt ideas. My DS is 29 months old. Currently, he watches TV for 45-60 minutes in the morning on weekdays and most weekends when we are home (and not visiting family). My husband and I use this time to eat breakfast and shower. I don't mind him watching tv occasionally, but the everyday routine of it is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. We are moving in a few weeks and I would like to try to break this habit. Maybe associate our mornings in our new house with something else that can keep him entertained while we get ready? Does anyone have any suggestions or have any experience with this? We don't keep our tv on at any other time during his waking hours and any other tv watching my husband and i do is after he is in bed. Thank you!
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Can you all eat breakfast as a family? Or does one of you eat while the other is showering? If so then maybe the eating parent has DS? Is he a slow eater? My DD can string a meal out for long enough that DH and I could both eat sequentially.

Or could DS play in the shower with you? I've done this many times too when I was home alone.

All the best with it. We have fallen into the TV habit several times as well and have had to break it again.

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I can avoid tv but FIL, who watches our DD, is freaking obsessed.  They don't have cable so I think it doesn't help that he can watch all kinds of shows at our house (Bonanza and Gunsmoke anyone?!) but the second he walks in our door tv goes on, ugh.  Anywho, she's 25mos and loves to color, do puzzles, play with blocks.  I have everything in various bins so she picks a bin and plays with that type of toy generally.  She can help with breakfast as well - so maybe something to do with your LO?  DH is gone by the time we get up in the morning so quite often DD showers with me.  Weekends she does get some cartoon time in our bed while we catch a few extra zzz's ;)

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We are in a very similar routine with our 2 year old. And I go back and forth about it. Right now, I'm of the mindset that it is fine because it is working for us and not causing any problems. It makes our mornings nice and peaceful and she really enjoys it. I figure as long as it is educational and that's all the TV she watches, I'm ok with it. I guess I'm just rationalizing to do what is easy, but no one's perfect, right?
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Thank you so much for your responses! I really appreciate it. He has never been much of a breakfast eater. He eats it, but it's a more of an affair that's drawn out over a couple hours. He picks but doesn't really dig in if you kwim. I don't see him sitting and eating then, even though he does for other meals. I guess he's not starving when he wakes up (like I am!). I think the showering idea is an interesting one that may be worth trying. He would probably get a kick out of it. I bet helping with breakfast would be a good try too. He loves cooking with me, but I'm not really a morning person and patience isn't really my thing until I've had coffee....:/. But, now I'm kind of wondering if I should let it go as I'm pregnant and due in April and that tv time might be a much needed respite. Hmmm... Anyway, thanks for your ideas. I've got some good ones now! It's always helpful to have others to bounce things off of when I'm not feeling particularly creative.
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I'm currently getting out of a similar rut but in the afternoons when I use a little TV time to make dinner and take care of our dogs after DD's nap. I think if you stop TV time it will be easy enough to bring it back in when the little one arrives if you need/choose. I find breaking the TV habit is the hard part, going back into it is easy (we've gone through this a few times before, unfortunately).

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I also go back and forth on this matter. Just yesterday I decided we need to curb the TV watching. My 2yo likes a show that we stream from Netflix, so at least we don't have commercials. For a while I was fine with it because it worked, and she gets plenty of stimulating play time the rest of the day. The show is only 10 min long and there are two per episode. However, it is really easy to keep playing them episode after episode.


What worked for me is to be explicit to myself about why it was bothering me. That way I could determine if there was really a problem or just a general sense that I am doing something wrong. I decided that I do want to limit screen time, usually. Then I decided how much I thought was OK and how much I thought was too much. For me, I am OK with one or two episodes a day. That is a total of 20-40 min a day.  A friend of mine limits TV to only on the weekends. My SIL doesn't limit it at all. You have to decide what is right for you.


Lastly, your pregnant! Congrats! I would go easy on yourself. As long as you little one does other things, plays creatively, helps around the house, explores outside, I don't see anything wrong with some TV in the morning!

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