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macrandall's Avatar macrandall 01:24 PM 06-05-2014
My twins are 14 months old and have always slept with me. They nursed to sleep for the first 6 months, but we had to wean early, so they switched to falling asleep at the bottle at 6 months. Recently, they've stopped falling asleep to the bottle and are showing less interest in bottles so I'm hoping we can start bottle weaning. But I have no idea how to get them to sleep!

They started a new day care yesterday and did great, but won't nap. They scream when placed in cribs or pack and plays and so we've never used them and don't even own cribs. The day care is a small in-home care (attachment parenting-friendly with just one other child, an infant).

I feel totally powerless. The evenings have been awful. They fall asleep around 10 or 11pm each with a parent on a floor mattress in a separate room. But they are obviously tired around 8pm, and we just can't get them to sleep. I feel bad for their new caretaker. She's not really sure how to get them to sleep, either. She's using nap mats currently, but can do pack and plays. (We have one we're not using we could send and she offered to get another one.)

Thoughts? If your cosleeping toddler goes to day care, do they nap in cribs? What tools do I have other than bottles? (I so wish we could have practiced extended breastfeeding. That's a whole issue in and of itself. )

edensmama's Avatar edensmama 07:04 AM 06-09-2014
I am in a similar boat with my 18 month old. He still nurses but does not want to sleep away from me. I am totally fine with him bed sharing but he wants to play not sleep. I am exhausted and so is dh. Not sure what to do and I really don't like CIO.