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MamaFern's Avatar MamaFern 02:42 PM 11-26-2004
yeah, its pretty exciting. at least now i can spend some extra on nice christmas and birthday presents..if i want to. samaya looks like she is getting sooo big. i sure miss you and your girls. elwynn was loooking at the pictures of samaya and haeven that you sent your mom and saying "cousin..maya..haeven"

we looked into the train and its CRAZY expensive..even the bus is pretty costly, so maybe we will have to wait on the trip to the "D's" we'll see..

DecemberSun's Avatar DecemberSun 01:42 AM 11-27-2004
Hi everyone. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We ate lots of good food and had a nice time with the family.

Glad MDC is up again. What a PITA. I'm kinda dpressed because I'm pretty sure I got ripped off on the TP. Very nice diapers, too. I really believe in karma, so it's all good. (Or at least it will be...)

Zachary has been doing so-so sleeping in his own bed. For the first two weeks he did really well, no crying or anything. But now he likes to get up a few times and kick and scream and fight us. He wakes up about 4:30 and I let him in bed with us, but I think that's confusing him because it's still dark, YK? He doesn't get why he has to go back to his bed at midnight, but he can come to our bed at 4... But, all in all it is going well. He is sleeping SO much better for naps, when he used to wake up halfway through to be nursed back to sleep, and 80% of the time we'd have to hold him for the rest of the nap because he didn't want us to put him down. Now he'll sleep for 2 solid hours, and get out of bed himself. Cutie patooty.

He is talking a bunch too. Starting to tell "stories" recalling events and explaining things. It's weird to have a real conversation with him. All of a sudden he is in love with his 4 yr. old cousin. He keeps talking about him because we went to his birthday party last week, and Zachary just thinks he is SO cool. We got some cute pictures of him all dressed up on Thanksgiving, so I'll post them soon. Gonna go to bed, I worked a 12 hour shift today...
Brayg's Avatar Brayg 01:50 AM 11-27-2004 happened with your diapers on the TP?
DecemberSun's Avatar DecemberSun 02:34 AM 11-27-2004
A wonderful mama just gave me info about the person who ripped me off. Apparently, she has stolen diapers from a lot of people on a bunch of different sites. I was supposed to trade my RB shell set, with 4 extra contours and 12 doublers for her 6 Fuzzi Bunz. I will post about it on the diapering forum, because I want people to be warned about scams...
Brayg's Avatar Brayg 03:03 AM 11-27-2004
(((leah))) I'll head over to the diapering boards
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 11:40 AM 11-28-2004
I was wondering-- are most of the kids on this thread in their own beds these days? I don't think that BeanBean would be willing or able to sleep without company; in fact, I know he wouldn't. At my mom's house the other night, I put him down with his cousin to sleep and he was fine until he woke up and I wasn't right there. He went downstairs looking for me, and when he couldn't find me he started bawling for "mamma!!" I called him as I headed down after him, and when he saw me he said "there's the mamma!!" and the look of relief through all those tears was just incredible.

The next night, the same thing happened only instead of being upstairs I was downstairs, dealing with his sister who was unhappy. He went into the upstairs room first and cried when he couldn't find me. The next night when I took BooBah to the ER, BeanBean woke up and screamed "I want my mother, I need my mother!" loudly enough that I could hear him when I opened the door to get out of the car. I have a feeling that if he had his own bed, that if he didn't expect to "snuggle on mamma" every night to go to sleep, it'd be ten times worse.

Fun story about my toddler-to-be: I woke up last night to the sound of someone calling "mamma, mamma!" in a slightly distressed voice. Expecting to find BeanBean looking for nursies, I opened my eyes. BeanBean was sound asleep with Daddy; BooBah was reaching for me! "Mamma, nurzhie, mamma!" I pulled out my boob and she latched on like a vacuum pump. :LOL It was just a real jolt, to realize that my "brand new" baby girl is fully five months old and getting to be a whole person, you know? It happens in the blink of an eye!
Bethkm's Avatar Bethkm 12:01 PM 11-28-2004
Tyson is not anywhere near his own bed either. I don't anticipate him leaving until there is a sib for him to sleep with. I'm not even pg yet so I'm talking years. He does sleep for 1-3 hours in our bed alone until we come to bed without a problem and naps alone, but that is the extent of it.

We've had a little interest in the potty the last few days. He has been sitting on it off and on for a few months now but yesterday twice he told me he needed to poop so I offered his potty and he took me up on it. Unfortunately, he didn't poop in there, but rather in his diaper after he got up out of boredom. I guess it's a step in teh right direction anyway. He's never indicated awareness of his peeps/poos before.

We've had such a nice, long weekend together. DH worked for a few hours on Fri but otherwise has been home with us. Tomorrow will be a big reality check. I'm DREADING IT!
DecemberSun's Avatar DecemberSun 03:57 PM 11-28-2004
I just started putting Zach in his own bed because it go to the point that neither of us were sleeping. Zachary just wanted to nurse ALL night, and he has this very forceful toddler sucking, not nice and soft like a "baby". And he'd toss and turn with the boob in his mouth, and he was trying to stretch me in directions I'm not supposed to go. :LOL And he'd want to switch sides every five minutes or so, so I'd have to roll over and it was just getting very uncomfortable. For the first few nights I felt like I didn't get to spend as much time with him, it was weird to not have him in bed with me at night... But OTOH it was nice to sleep for long blocks at a time... He's signing bed and saying "nigh-night" so I guess he's ready for a nap right now.
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 07:32 PM 11-28-2004
I think I posted about this before.... Zoom is mostly in her own bed these days, and it's a rather recent change. We nurse to sleep in the big bed and then when Dh comes to bed he puts her in her toddler bed which is on the floor right next to our bed (which is also on the floor :LOL) We just weren't getting any sleep, due to frequent night nursing and her frequently waking and crying when I rolled over or got up to pee. It got to the point I wasn't feeling very nice at night, kwim? Then I got pregnant adn I was like this just isnt going to work for me! I need need need my sleep adn even more when I'm pregnant. Anyhow, this is working out really nicely, she sleeps so much better and sleeps through EVERYTHING! It's amazing. I really really missed her at first, and still long for a family bed, but this way we are sleeping. If it were feasible dh and I both would love to have a literal bed room, a room that was all bed so we could all sleep together but still have plenty of room, kwim?

wow, im rambling today....
majazama's Avatar majazama 11:05 PM 11-28-2004
right now me and my grrls all sleep together in a double (futon) bed. Sometimes I have to move haeven over, because shes a heat-seeking little body, but otherwise, I love it. If haeven had her own bed, I would have it right next to mine, but I don't really have the $$ to buy a new one.

Her night nursing is annoying me these days, cause she's so big now, and I'm already nursing Samaya all night long. H will wake up and come to whatever side of my body there is a "free boob" and pull my covers off (again and again)..., And say meemeee... I'm trying to not nurse her at all during the night, till the sun comes up, but she keeps waking up again and again...

O.K. that's my rant.
abranger's Avatar abranger 11:54 PM 11-28-2004
the holidays have started in full force here. we had thnkasgiving and 2 hanakuh parties this weekend with dh's extended family b/c his parents are leaving for florida next week. GA got so many things we would never have bought but she loves a princess tea party set YUCK she did get the fisher price little people zoo set which we wanted her to have but on principle did not want to buy so we are happy about that. so much stuff already though and we still have actual hanakuh next week, then christmas, then her birthday!

GA said the cutest thing tonight. she calls nursing schnicky. i was nnnursing her before bed and she looked up at me and said "mmmmm good schnicky mommy!" dh and I just cracked up laughing it was so cute.

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving if you celebrate and a nice long weekend if you don't

saritasmile's Avatar saritasmile 02:35 AM 11-29-2004
hey, have any of you mama's seen *real* fake boobs before? Well i got to for thanksgiving. We went to some friends house and his family was there and his 22 yr old sister (who has a 15 mo old i might add) recently got a boob job. She seemed nice but i'm not really sure because i was just focused on NOT staring at them! well let's just say i had an interesting holiday

razi has been doing so many funny things lately. he's finally getting some more hair too. he loves when i polmade it into a mohawk. hell just stare at himself in the mirror. he also has been wanting to look at himself in the mirror when he's upset (not real upset just a little). pretty funny....
DecemberSun's Avatar DecemberSun 05:59 PM 11-29-2004
Sarita, my husband's cousin has fake boobs and they look horrible, IMO. They are HUGE, and she's a perky blonde Barbie-esque type with an attitude to match. I'm sorry, I hate saying bad things about her because she used to be nice, but lately I just can't relate to her. To me, big sexy boobs should be associated with being full of milk. Instead they're mostly associated with boob jobs and NOT nursing. I don't like it.

I'm almost done Christmas shopping. I have my mom and dad and a friend of mine to shop for, and then I'm done! I also need to buy the Little People school bus for Zachary- so far he only has three wooden puzzles. We got Julianna a little trunk of dress-up stuff and string beads- she LOVES picking up stuff around the house and layering it all on, LOL. Crystal is getting some books, a backpack, and a La La (Teletubbies) doll. I know I am getting new pots and pans, and a new knife set. DH is getting a work station for his computer so he can record his songs and put them to background music, and burn them onto CDs. (He's a guitar player.)

We are having a little BBQ here on Friday night for Zachary's birthday. All he can talk about his eating "cate" (cake) and playing with his cousin "Mamien" (Damien). He already got a toddler bed shaped like a train from his Grammy, and I'm sure other people will bring gifts. We recently went through all the toy boxes and gave all the "old" toys to Goodwill, so we're ready now for birthdays and Christmas, LOL. Time sure flies, doesn't it? I can vividly remember being pregnant this time two years ago, waiting and wondering when I would become a mother...

Where are casina and *solsticemama*?
mamamoo's Avatar mamamoo 06:29 PM 11-29-2004
My little guy is 2 today!! I am so emotional. I remember walking from room to room at this time stopping and hanging onto the walls breathing through contractions. He will have been born in about 6 hours. And here I am about to give birth again. LOL I am due in just over a week. We aren't doing much for his b-day today, but plan on having a family party this weekend. He is getting some big crayons, and lots of coloring books. He loves coloring!!
<sigh> I can't believe he is two!
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 07:19 PM 11-29-2004
i have no idea what beanbean & boobah are getting for channukah or xmas; probably nothing for channukah and a few small things from the ils for xmas. actually, i know that his grandmother bought him one of those steering wheel panels you sit on your lap that makes a lot of noise. the noise is pretty obnoxious, but if it'll keep him from wanting to mess with the real steering wheel in the car i certainly won't object. :LOL

i made applesauce yesterday. it came out really good, and i've canned four or five quarts of it. yum! mike wanted it to be boobah's first food but 1)it's got skins in it 2)it's really sweet, even though i added very little sugar and 3)it's got cinnamon in it, and i'd rather her first food was 'plain'. to say nothing of the fact that she's not sitting up quite as well as i'd like her to be before she starts eating, she kind of tilts after a little while. :LOL

i got a phone call this afternoon from someone interested in the secular homeschooling group i'm starting-- yay! i think i had this secret fear that i'd be the only one there, but now i know at least one other person is coming. i'm very excited.

and i'm still sick, now i'm coughing up thick, sticky mucous in the shape of my bronchi (casts). it's super gross, and white with a vaguely yellow tint. i've probably got pneumonia, and that's no surprise to anyone who knows me; i've never in my life had a cold that didn't progress at least into bronchitis, and often pneumonia. it totally sucks, because i'm short of breath all the time, i feel like i did the week i was wheezing and didn't realize it until i fainted. so irritating! i'm not going for a breathing treatment until my nails turn blue, though, unless my doctor says something abotu it tomorrow at my (regular) appointment.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 08:14 PM 11-29-2004
i'm having some problems dealing with beanbean of late. i'm depressed and angry, and i find i have a very short temper with him. it's not his fault; he's two. still, i just get so frustrated! i almost told mike to come home from work and take him off my hands, i was worried i was going to strangle him. sometimes i wonder what on earth made me think i could handle more than one child. i'm glad that i had boobah when i did (that she was concieved while beanbean was still easy) because i don't think i'd get pregnant right now for all the tea in china, and i didn't want my kids to be so far apart. i need help to relax, some time all to myself. i'm going to have to take boobah with me when i go out tonight (most likely) and that's depressing. i need time to myself!!! i'm losing it.

last week, after thanksgiving dinner, beanbean pooped in his pullup. now, i put him in the pullup because we had a long drive, and i knew he probably would't be able to wait so long to go, but he was so upset when he went! he pooped and told me 'mommy, i pooped! i pooped in the pullup!" and started crying. i said 'it's okay, honey, that's what it's for," and his tears started coming fast and furious. i asked what's wrong and he said "i'm potty trained, poopies go in the potty, i'm potty trained!!" poor kid! he just kept crying, saying it over and over again "i'm potty trained, i'm potty trained!" i'm not sure who did that to him, but since i don't refer to it as potty training (the whole training kids concept really bothers me) it didn't come from me. he was really upset about it, though, it took a full half hour after he was clean to calm him down.
abranger's Avatar abranger 08:37 PM 11-29-2004
eilonwy i have so much respect for all of you with 2. ga is such a handful right now. the WHINING is killing me. thursday am before we left for family's house she basically wined for 4 hours straight. dh was out at a football game and i really though i was going to kill her. i resorted to tv and even that only mildly helped.

how do you guys react/ deal with the wining?

Mona's Avatar Mona 11:23 PM 11-29-2004
wow- lots to read and catch up on.
fyi- i think solsticemama is moving this week, or last week. Casina- are you hiding?

my computer has been all funky lately, so i haven't been spending much time on line, and it has been wonderful.
but i do miss the addiction at times.

time for a few comments---
dd still sleeps in the bed, and i imagine will for a very long time.

she is really changing developmentally- thus going thru some sleep changes and emotional changes that are driving me pretty much batty. i try to remind myself that she goes thru certain things every time a big change comes along, and that it will pass. IT WILL PASS!!!
at the same time, watching her grow is astounding. she is getting OLD. but still small enough to cuddle into my arms when we nurse.

ok- gotta go, but wanted to give big hugs to eilowny. Hang in there mama. and
saritasmile's Avatar saritasmile 02:32 AM 11-30-2004
razi has been driving me crazy too!!! at least we aren't alone, yk? i've never spanked him but today he and i were 'fighting' about something and i kept thinking 'i want to spank him, i want to spank him' and then i just took a deep breath and tried to stay calm, then it would happen all over again. i felt so bad for feeling that way but i was just so frustrated. the mornings have been especially bad lately w/ razi not even chilling out just so i can make breakfast. he also always always cries if he wakes up at any point and i'm not there. i would love for him to wake up from a nap and come out and find me sewing or whatever and crawl in my lap for wake up 'dee'. but it's always mmmmAAAAAAAAAMMMMMaaaaaa!!!!!!! i don't know what i would do if i had another child right now. to all of you that do and to all of you who have a 2 yr old.

eilonwy, if we lived close i'd watch your kids for you so you could get a break!

i have no idea how to handle the whining.
*solsticemama*'s Avatar *solsticemama* 02:39 PM 11-30-2004
We're in the middle of packing...sort of. Move in date is tomorrow and we have about 7 boxes packed :...: But in reality we don't have to be out of here till we're ready so I'm only feeling a little pressured about it. I don't know what our internet connection will be at the new place so I may be posting sporadically for awhile.

: to all the november toddlers

As for the whining, what came to me while I was reading thru the posts was that it's also been 2 years for us mommas so we're not as fresh to the job as we were say, a year ago. Ds's moods are often a reflection of my own inner state. I think I'm alot more of a whiner than he is hehehe.

Ok do any of your dhs feel you're not spending enough time on them?
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 10:24 PM 11-30-2004
Originally Posted by *solsticemama*
Ok do any of your dhs feel you're not spending enough time on them?
Mine feels unappreciated, because he does way more work towards family sanity than the average man and I kind of expect it of him. He says I'm not liberated, just lazy. :LOL Maybe I am lazy, but I still bust my butt all day. *sigh* Of course, I work harder than the average parent. I don't like listening to my kids cry, and will put soothing them above things like doing laundry and cooking dinner.

[RANT]My sister gave me a load of crap today for "not watching my kid" because I didn't follow BeanBean the entire time I was there. She yells at him for doing normal things, threatens him and calls him names and she has no idea that she's coming closer and closer to pushing me over the edge. If she ever raises a hand to my son.... I'm so sick of the namecalling and whining, though. She does the same thing to my nieces, and then calls me a bad parent because I don't threaten them or try to terrify them into doing my will. She is not a believer in TCS; in fact, she doesn't take anyone seriously except for herself, and that's sad because she's a complete joke. What the heck does she think she's going to accomplish by calling my two year old son a spoiled brat or a pain in the a$$, or telling him that his mother is a lazy b!tch? What a ! [/RANT]
Bethkm's Avatar Bethkm 12:30 AM 12-01-2004
Well, we had a craptacular day around here. We started off by going to Tyson's 2 year well baby visit. I talked with his doctor about the penny still being in his stomach and the risks involved with just leaving it there until it decides to move. So, by the end of the conversation, she has decided to refer us to a pediatric gastroenterologist about 50 miles away. This guy decides he wants an updated abdominal x-ray before we see him so we head off to our hospital for that. The x-ray showed it's still in the same spot. So then this doctor decides we need to do a barium study before we go see him. So, Thurs morning we are scheduled for that. How in the world are we going to convince our 2 year old to drink the gross stuff for the barium study!? I'm so dreading it! Then they'll do a series of x-rays once he has drank the stuff. The poor kid is so sensitive and so leary of strangers and new situations and now all this! I will say though, he handled the x-ray beautifully today. He seems to get it that it's not gonna hurt or anything now that he's had 3. I just have horrible visions of him not drinking the stuff and spitting it out and all that. HOpefully he won't have to drink too much. DH will go with us so that usually helps.

I'm feeling good about getting the referral, I want someone to evaluate him who is a specialist in both peds and the GI system. I just hate the trauma he may have to endure.

I hope all you sick mamas feel better one told me how hard it is to parent when there are no sick days! Hang in there!
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 01:03 AM 12-01-2004
Originally Posted by Bethkm
no one told me how hard it is to parent when there are no sick days! Hang in there!
No Kidding!! i was soooo sick fri nite and sat morning, puking puking puking. ugh. dh had to work saturday and you know what I just barely tried to keep it together. I felt so weak and just *sick* that i actually turned on teh t.v. and left it on until dh got home. I got out the package of disposables my mom bought months and months and months ago and I used them! I stayed in bed and dd brought books and blocks and cars etc. into the bed and we played there. I was so grateful.

Anyhow.... eilonwy i just don't even know what to say about your sister, except is there anyway NOT to be around her as much? I know you are really involved with your niece.... but your sister is just too much and i can't believe she thinks she can say that kind of stuff around you, to your kids, etc. and not think you might be tempted to kick her in the @$$.

as for the whining, we have it full tilt here and there are moments I really have to step away take a deep breath and remind myself that this is a stage and will not last forever (someone please tell me it won't last forever!) Mostly I try to model for her the way I would like her to speak to me. We are definetley going through some developmental milestone kinda things here and I'm just trying to weather the storm. I definetley can relate to what you said, solsticemama about not being so fresh two years into the parenting.

As for dh, he's feeling much better these days since Zoomba is going to sleep earlier and sleeping so much better. He had never said anything before, but latley there have been lots of comments about how nice it is to have some uninterrupted time together in the evenings.

Good Luck with your move Rose

Bethkm, Good luck with all the doctor stuff. I'll definetley be thinking about you guys this week. My dd sounds a lot like your son temperment wise. We had to have some x-rays and medical work done when she was ten months old and it was awful for all the reasons you said - new people, doing weird things. The xrays were teh worst, you can't reason with a ten month old to hold still..... anyhow, best of luck to you and your son. I hope it isn't too bad for him. (or you!)

Where's Casina?

Just reread your earlier post eilonwy, and I wish I had some good advice for you. All I can say is that I can relate (and I only have one right now!) There have been times I've been tempted to call my dh home too. Time alone is always nice, but I don't know how you do it when you have a babe BooBah's age. Do you have any friends nearby? Sometimes just having a mama friend over helps so much, even with all the kids in the mix. And honestly, and I hope that I'm not offending you cause I know family is family, but honestly, Id try to stay away from your mom and sis for a little while until you are feeling better. eek. i always feel funny about giving personal advice like this. Anyhow, if there is anything at all that I can do to help, please lmk.

okay, i've said enough. Good Night Mamas.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 03:23 AM 12-01-2004
The sister giving me all the grief is not my nieces' mother-- that one is busy trying to lead a normal life. She wants to lose forty pounds and join the Air Force, leaving her children with me & mom. It may sound a little strange, but this would actually be a wonderful thing for her and for the kids. They get along so much better when they don't have to see each other all the time! Sister A has the kids and sister E is just a whiny little hellion. E is living at my mom's house because she did something stupid and was kicked out of the place she was staying before as a result. She's not paying my mom rent (I did when I lived there, and A does now); in fact, she took mom's ATM card last month and spent a whole bunch of money she didn't have, so my mom hasn't had a telephone for the past two weeks. That's right-- E spent the money mom was going to pay the phone bill with, but I'm the irresponsible one. A works 40+ hours a week at an assisted living facility, at night; E sits on her butt watching television. If it was me, mom would be all over me telling me to get a job and give her some money, but that's an old story in my family-- I'm supposed to be responsible for everyone else, all the time, no matter what. I really let mom have it today, I told her flat out that if I had been doing the crap that E is doing now, she'd have kicked my butt out on the street and I didn't want to hear her whining at all about not having a telephone or anything else that E does, because she's a self-righteous little brat and mom doesn't want to do anything about her anyway (except complain to me, like I should fix it, and then admonish me if I actually attempt to).

I have to see them fairly regularly, because there are no doctors around here who take my insurance or the kids', and getting that changed is a real pain in the neck. So, in order to take the kids to the dr (and by kids, I generally mean BooBah; BeanBean is very healthy) I have to go to my mom's house and drop BeanBean off for a few hours. Every time I do it, my sister E has a canary about it-- you'd think I was abandoning my child forever the way she talks. Just today, she tried to ream me out for "ditching" him. As if! I was gone for an hour and a half!

Hm. I could go on and on about this, I'm really pissed off, but I probably shouldn't. It can't be healthy, you know?

Tonight, I made sweet potatos. I cooked them with pineapple and marshmallows. I offered a marshmallow to my niece, who took it happily. BeanBean asked for one, so I gave him one too. ChibiChibi made appreciative noises and said "Mmmmm, I love marshmallows!" BeanBean made a funny face and said, "oooooh, I hate marshmallows!" It was hilarious, he kept sucking on it and licking it, but he had this horrified look on his face and he couldn't stand it. He kept eating it because his cousin was, but once she finished hers he snuck into the kitchen and put his in the trash. : What a funny little man my Bean is! :LOL
Brayg's Avatar Brayg 10:50 AM 12-01-2004
Well, yesterday sucked, mamas. I have an ectopic pregnancy. I had a d & c done at the hospital yesterday and then a shot of methotrexate that will hopefully dissolve the pregnancy so I don't have to have surgery.

It's been very emotionally draining. :*(
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 12:00 PM 12-01-2004
Oh Rachel

words fail me....

please take care of yourself and know that im here for you anytime.

*solsticemama*'s Avatar *solsticemama* 12:55 PM 12-01-2004
Rachel, s to you, mama. Be gentle with yourself for the next little while.

Bethkm, it sounds so distressing, what you're describing having to go thru with your ds. May it all go smoothly and harmoniously.

Today is garbage day. One round of trucks has already gone by and ds didn't wake up but there's still another round to go so I could find myself outside, pre-dawn, gazing at the garbage trucks with a very enthusiastic toddler in my arms. :LOL

Punk, sending you feel good vibes
Brayg's Avatar Brayg 12:57 PM 12-01-2004
thanks mamas!
Bethkm's Avatar Bethkm 01:03 PM 12-01-2004
Rachel. So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.
abranger's Avatar abranger 01:52 PM 12-01-2004
Hi moms! just wanted to post this in case some of you haven't seen it yet

Read this thread, and help our MDC sisters in need!
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