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punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 10:44 PM 01-27-2005
Thanks for all the advice mamas. I haven't had any birthing dreams yet but have had some baby dreams. In my dreams the baby is always a beautiful boy. I had one where he was very big and another where he was a beautiful coffee with cream The dreams I am having lately though just aren't nice at all I think I must have some issues to work through that I am not quite aware of yet.

Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
punk~ in Ayurveda (are you familiar with it at all?) When you have a bad dream, it means that your doshas are out of wack. Usually means that there is too much fire/pitta in you at that time. I'd suggest cutting down on spicy foods and maybe eating more raw during the day. That's just the way I've learned about it, and it seems to jive with me.
I am not familiar with Ayurveda at all -- but i have been eating a lot of spicy foods the last few weeks. It won't hurt to cut back on those and up my raw veggies. What does "raw" include?

Leah, when is your anniv? Is it soon?

SaritaSmile, our Goodnight Moon doesn't have a pic of the illustrator, but does say it is copywrite 194- something or other 42? not sure but i wouldn't be surprised if the guy is holding a ciggerette taking that into account. (yes I am too lazy to get up and go check the date again)

eilionwy, your post makes me feel better. I never had a child molestor dream with Zoom though. I dont remember having these kind of bad dreams with her at all, though I did have great sex ones when pregnant with ehr and this time around too, earlier in this pregnancy I had multiple dreams involving Pacey and Dawson from Dawson's creek : As corney as those were, I'd love to have those back in place of the ones i've had lately.

abranger's Avatar abranger 02:07 AM 01-28-2005
i need some advice from you momma's

I have a couple of friends that pre-baby I went to disneyworld with every year. one of them is getting married and we have always talked about a bachelorette party there. we would go a thursday to a sunday. i talked about bringing dh and GA and they (friends) think it is a great idea. (one of the women is my sil) but dh doesn't want to go. He thinks ga is too young, would cost to much $$ he supports me going alone that if I want to. I have never been away from ga over night. lately i have been really jealous of friends who have taken nights away from their dc so i think i might be ready. 3 nights seems like a lot though and for a trip to disneyland it seems so fivalous. i really want to go though! in my perfect world they would come. anyway what would you do? and if i decide to go do i need to pump while i am there? ga nurses about 2-4 times per 24 hours these days? Will I even have fun or will i be missing her so much and racked with momma guilt?


tea olive's Avatar tea olive 03:28 AM 01-28-2005
i think the only way i could do a trip like that would be if dh was there with a separate itinerary with the child so i could have access for nights and touch base when i wanted. hard for dh though.

i''m going to be laughing for awhile imagining eminem folding laundry. that's priceless.

it's interesting how the vibe of the conversation turned.....after solsticemama posted. so glad you are still here.
saritasmile's Avatar saritasmile 03:50 AM 01-28-2005
punkprincess, i really hope my last post didn't seem insensitive to you having bad dreams. i kinda read the posts backwards and got all excited about telling that dream. anyway it's been bothering me all day and i'm sorry!!

abranger, wow, if i decided to do that to razi he would freak out so bad! of course, he is really really attached to mama (dada just won't do most of the time) razi also still nurses a ton. i think i remember that ga goes to daycare so she might be a little more used to spending time away. i don't know how any of this is advise but i can't imagine being able to do anything like that for at least another long time.

speaking of books, tonight we read 'In Gods Name' for bed. when i got the book as a gift i was like "what the ....?" but it is actually a really awesome book and i really like the illustrations too.
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 04:48 AM 01-28-2005
hey there's a kid's book my friend has that i've been meaning to recommend, it's called black is brown is tan. reads like a poem and is very cool.

my partner does most of the reading - it turned out to be a preferred activity for all of them. ruby wants to read.....horse books of course.
abranger's Avatar abranger 09:38 AM 01-28-2005
GA does go to daycare 4 days a week and she is very attached to her dad...he is a teacher so he is home with her all summer. also he does the bedtime routine around here and i just go up to nurse. although from august to dec last year when we didn't have daycare and i worked at night she went to sleep with him everynight without nursing, i really want them to come but id does more than double the price argh!!!! i am so torn she does nurse the second she comes home from daycare before she will consider doing anything else.
Sandrine's Avatar Sandrine 01:14 PM 01-28-2005
Hi! Everyone, We are still here but everyone is sick. Dh started last wk and then DD1 started last wk too. I started this past monday and now DD2 is sick. She started last night. I can't wait to feel better. I hate being sick. It's dd2 first cold too. She not hungry but very clingy. Dd1 is doing a good job at taking the cold. She fighting hard. We went twice to see a dr for her and each time it's lets see how she does with it. Well, it's not getting better but not getting too worse.

Well, got to take care of dd2, she needs lots of cuddles.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 03:09 PM 01-28-2005
I think I would con my husband into coming with me. :LOL Actually, it wouldn't be too difficult. He has just as hard a time sleeping without the kids as I do. I think that despite his hatred of all things Disney, he'd be thrilled to take BeanBean around the park. I'd have to wear BooBah, of course. Yeah, I think I'd talk Mike into coming with me. Of course, BeanBean has never been in day care and the longest he's been away from either of us was when I was in the hospital with BooBah. He visited us during the day, but Mike spent two nights with me (because I had a c-section, he had to stay for me to keep BooBah in the room). BeanBean was not happy with me then, he kept giving me angry looks. He loved BooBah right from the start, but he didn't see why that meant Mamma and Dadda couldn't stay with him.

Originally Posted by casina
i''m going to be laughing for awhile imagining eminem folding laundry. that's priceless.
I'm still laughing, and it's been nearly three years. :LOL I think it'll be funny for the rest of my life. :LOL
Bethkm's Avatar Bethkm 03:56 PM 01-28-2005
I would go on the trip if ds had ever spent the night without me and without nursing (like you said you used to work at night...) It seems like ga would do fine with dh. I've been thinking a lot lately about leaving ds overnight but he still nurses 2-4 times during the night. There is a nice inn about 100 yards from my backdoor and sometimes I dream of going there alone and spending the whole night sleeping!

WE've been reading Happy Birth Day which T loves! It has some great pics of nursing and the whole family snuggling into bed together. It does talk about the doctor catching and cutting the cord but overall is a great read. Tyson thinks about it a lot and has been saying "remember when I was a baby and I was born? Remember you pushed me out?" I've asked him several times what he remembers about being born but so far nothing. Ive heard some nice stories about what toddlers say about there birth.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We'll be doing the Baby Dance! It's our second cycle of ttc!
abranger's Avatar abranger 04:35 PM 01-28-2005
I decided not to go. It is just too many nights away. Instead I am going to meet a friend who lives in Sweden in NYC for just 2 days. ( I am in Boston so thisis a much shorter trip that FL) I NEED to recharge. I think those 4 months of being without daycare and still trying to work really took it's tole. She still nurses at 4 am and I have been thinking about getting rid of that so now I will make it a point to get rid of it before I go away. Should make the night easier on her and Andrew.

Most of the kids in our playgroup are getting siblings. GA is obsessed with people having babies in their bellies and the babies when they come out. I told her she was in my belly and her eyes got HUGE! ANdrew suggested we show her all of our belly pics which she loved. Then he said we should show her the birth pics. I don't think she really got it. I did ask her to tell me about coming out of my belly but she didn't really understand. I would love to hear what she has to say about it! She generally talks in complete sentences and sometimes paragraphs so when/if she does start talking about it will be a mouthful

ETA:sending conception vibes your way
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 05:59 PM 01-28-2005
rynna, i was thinking about your eminem "sex" dream all night last night :LOL Olive Garden sounds soooo good to me and someone else folding laundry sounds delicious too :LOL I don't really know Eminems music / anything about him though, so I've been wondering, if I were to have that dream, who would take his place....

anyhow, Sarita, i didn't find your post insensitive at all I worry about those things too, It's hard to keep up with this thread sometimes, and often I mean to say something to someone but forget. Which reminds me, Amy, I meant to thank you for sharing the pics of ya'll snowed in. It is so hard for me to imagine that kind of weather, so it was nice to see pictures of it. Is it any better for y'all yet?

Beth : some for you

Brayg, how are you doing these days?

Sandrine, hope you are all feeling better soon.

I saw my midwife today and we talked for almost two hours!! It was so wonderfully comfortable, dh and I and my midwife and a friend of hers (doula) all talking while the kids were running around playing (there were seven kids between all of us) we would all get up and attend to the children as needed and nurse them and it was just so nice. We talked a lot about the birth and I just feel soooo good about this.

Mariah has seen pics of me pregnant with her and of her birth, plus we have been watching videos with her of mamas birthing their babes, but she has yet to say anything about what she remembers of her birth. I would love to hear her point of view when she is ready.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 06:19 PM 01-28-2005
Originally Posted by punkprincessmama
Mariah has seen pics of me pregnant with her and of her birth, plus we have been watching videos with her of mamas birthing their babes, but she has yet to say anything about what she remembers of her birth. I would love to hear her point of view when she is ready.
I don't think that BeanBean remembers anything now, but when he was tiny he used to have nightmares and wake up screaming, and the only thing we could think was that he remembered the whole horrific ordeal.

I know I wish I could forget it all. I'm sure Mike does, too. :
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 06:31 PM 01-28-2005
i'm so sorry rynna
majazama's Avatar majazama 08:00 PM 01-28-2005
Sarita~ I ordered some soft star boots too, and sent them back. The leather was way too thin, IMO. And I don't think they are suited for winter *at all*. They sure look cute, though.

And I wanted to give you a link, punk, about Ayurveda. http://www.bluelotusayurveda.com/doshas.html

I noticed the vibe-change too, Casina. It's strange that we can all feel these things over the net, but I guess it's the next step in "global communitites". I've heard that some day we will not even need computers and all we will need to communicate will be quartz crystals.
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 11:37 PM 01-28-2005
thanks for the link Jasanna.
saritasmile's Avatar saritasmile 03:58 AM 01-29-2005
this morning razi decided that his dad was hungry for breakfast, even tho dada was still sleeping. so he proceeded to shove scrambled eggs into tav's mouth! i actually find this hilarious (since it wasn't me) heehee.

razi has all of his molars now. he still drools like crazy. anyone else's dc drool a ton?
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 04:03 AM 01-30-2005
some kids drool alot, and some just don't at all. i think of it as a relaxed state to honor.
my two r's had the stomach flu yesterday. i had flashbacks of being in taiwan a year ago and how awful and strengthening it was for me. i ended up having a great day even with vomit, and felt honored that i live with the technology of my washer and dryer. there's nothing like the stomach flu to learn to let go of things. i mean there's no way you could make them take medicine nomatter how much you wanted.
i have had to learn to see illness as immune building.
saritasmile's Avatar saritasmile 05:11 PM 01-30-2005
mamas, my 4 month old niece has just been diagnosed with trisomy 18. they originally thought she had down's but turns out not. anyway, feeling pretty bummed out today. i'm going to do some online research. so far all i know is that 90% of babies w/ trisomy die w/ in the first year.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 05:58 PM 01-30-2005
Originally Posted by saritasmile
mamas, my 4 month old niece has just been diagnosed with trisomy 18. they originally thought she had down's but turns out not. anyway, feeling pretty bummed out today. i'm going to do some online research. so far all i know is that 90% of babies w/ trisomy die w/ in the first year.
I'm so sorry to hear this. I've never heard anything good about trisomy 18.

There are many different "trisomy" syndromes, though. Downs Syndrome is, technically speaking, a trisomy; in fact, I think it may be the most common.

I found a support group online here. I wish your family all the best in dealing with this.
MamaFern's Avatar MamaFern 10:26 PM 01-30-2005
i was researchin the MMR vaccine today and found out that the blood disease that i had and almost died from when i was young (ITP) is connected with the MMR vaccine. 2 out of every 3 cases are caused by the vaccine.. so that answers a lot of questions that i have had about me getting sick and also makes me feel very relieved that i havnt vaccinated elwynn, because a reaction in the mother makes it more likely that the child will also have it. scary!

saritasmile: im so sorry about your neice..

my older brother has downs syndrome, but although he was unwell as a baby and had open heart surgery, he is healthy now. i dont know about trisomy 18, but i know that it is hard no matter what you child is sick with. they are lucky to have your love and support. and we are here for you.
mum5's Avatar mum5 12:00 AM 01-31-2005
Sarita, sorry to hear about your neice.

xxx, Jasmine
majazama's Avatar majazama 12:06 AM 01-31-2005
Rynna~ I just looked at your pics. It's good to see a dad babywearing And looks like you had some snow! that must have been nice.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 01:40 PM 01-31-2005
Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
Rynna~ I just looked at your pics. It's good to see a dad babywearing And looks like you had some snow! that must have been nice.
Thanks! Mike was irritated that I took those pictures because he hadn't shaved and he felt scruffy; i just think they're cute because he's wearing BooBah.
majazama's Avatar majazama 02:10 PM 01-31-2005
I'm used to facial hairwww.picturetrail.com/mamajaza
DecemberSun's Avatar DecemberSun 06:02 PM 01-31-2005
So sorry to hear about your niece, Sarita...

Carrie, you asked when my anniversary is- April 22 (Earth Day).

We're kind of waiting to find out if Julianna will be going home or not. If she does we will definitely have another baby. If she stays we might not have any more naturally- we might do foster care or adoption or whatever comes along. Not sure yet, just kind of waiting and hoping... I am feeling like if I wait too much longer I will not want to have another baby of my own, since the kids are getting older and I'm getting more freedom lately!!! And if I can have a foster baby to cuddle and hold and love, and hand it over to Daddy with the bottle so I can leave the house that would be nice! I never had that freedom with Zachary, even though the bonding and feelings of love were *incredible* because he is a piece of me and nursing is so much more intimate (for me) than bottle feeding... I don't know... If I have my own I might have to deal with the preterm labor again and all that crap, and if I get a foster baby I might have to deal with letting it go home, so who knows... There's pors and cons to each side. Whatever will be will be...

Potty training has gone completely out the window around here. Zachary had been using the potty fairly well since he was 8 months old. Before he could communicate I'd just catch him in time and put him on and he'd go, then after he could communicate he'd ask to go to the potty. But now that he's 2 he's Mr. Independent-I-Make-My-Own-Decisions-Man and he has NO interest in using the potty. It seems like he LIKES to poop his pants now, and he hates me to change them. I have to CHASE him down. I know that's not really the case, I know he's just trying to be in control of his own life and all that, but it's just so GROSS. I already have to deal with Julianna not having any interest in the potty- she still has no concept of it- so to have Zachary regress like this and be using his diapers as a toilet when he knows the difference... UGH! But I know all I can do is encourage him to use the potty, and clean up his nasty bottom when he decides not to. I am so frustrated.

I'm going to Reno/Tahoe at the end of February with my parents, and I'll be away from Zachary for two nights. I've never been away from him for even one night, so this is a stretch. Recently I have stayed out all night with my mom at the casino, but we usually make it back by 2 or 3am and DH has done fine, so I think he'll be fine while I'm in Tahoe. At this point I know Zachary CAN go all night without the boob, he just doesn't want to. When he was younger I think he really did need that comfort tool to help him sleep, but now that he can communicate with us DH can just tell him that "Mama's not here right now, so you have to cuddle with Daddy and go to sleep". He's done fine with it so far when I'm gone, so we'll try it for two nights instead of one. It's my first overnight trip away from Zachary, so I am excited! I know I'll miss him, but at least now that he's older I won't feel guilty for leaving him, because I know he and Daddy can handle it.

I looked at Jasanna and Rynna's pictures and they're all very nice!
abranger's Avatar abranger 12:11 PM 02-01-2005
: :

Happy Birthday Kerc
Bethkm's Avatar Bethkm 03:43 PM 02-01-2005
Well, Tyson had his first pee in the potty last night and did another one this morning. These were times when I was changing him and he got the idea to go sit on the potty. He's sat on it before but never actually peed. I think he just now has control over the sphincter, you know, making it come out when he wants to... ANyway, I'm excited. I know it will be months until we are pottying full time, but at least he is starting!
MamaFern's Avatar MamaFern 08:21 PM 02-01-2005
YAY tyson! its sooo exciting when they learn to do these simple things.. especially for momma because its one less diaper to change and wash.

elwynn's been pooping on the potty since last week without fail. he is treally great about it. last night he needed to poop and we are at my moms, so no little potty ( we got one for him today) but he doesnt like going on the big toilet so i gave him a little bucket and he went in there.. it was funny and cute.
tea olive's Avatar tea olive 04:18 AM 02-02-2005
just saying hey. i was asleep on the couch all day.
*solsticemama*'s Avatar *solsticemama* 07:46 PM 02-02-2005
: : : :boy:
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