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How much breastmilk vs solid food?

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Just curious. How much breastmilk vs solid food would you guess your dc eats? I am guessing my 14 mo gets about 75% breastmilk. People are starting to trip on me about that a little bit. I don't care too much, thanks to MDC I know all the benefits of EBFing and I trust him to develop on his own schedule. Plus, he is with the sitter 20 hours/week (and one day a couple weeks ago I unexpectedly had to leave him w/ the sitter for 10 hours! ) and he eats lots of food and is perfectly happy. So I know he can eat solids, he just doesn't want to when I'm around, which is perfectly reasonable.

Anyway... you?

And for mamas of older toddlers, was there any point where you saw a dramatic change? When? Or was it just gradual and unnoticeable?
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When my ds was 14 mos, I was lucky if he would eat a handful of pretzles! Not what I wanted him to be eating but I was desperate for a break from nursing him. I feel like, at 3.5, he is just starting to eat real amounts of food rather than nibbling on small portions.
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DD ate virtually "nothing" until around 15 months. Her bmilk intake was appx 95+% before then. The "goal" was under 75% by 2 years and she really increased after that because I was pg.

DS ate more, earlier but didn't ramp down as young (I wasn't pg). At 3.5 there are still days I have to assume he is getting in the 50% range of his calories from bmilk, but generally he is mostly a solids eater.
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For a while DS was getting about 50/50- and then the eye teeth and top molars started coming in.....

Now we are at 95% BM on a good day. He has been this was for a couple of weeks now. People are "concerned" about it, but he is still in the 95percentile for height and 75% for weight so I don't worry about it. They can all go to hell for all I care

Sorry- didn't mean to get snarky- I'm just so sick of people asking me when he is going to eat "Real food"
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My 15 month old is probably 80% breast milk... I offer a variety of foods on a regular schedule (meals/snacks) and she just doesn't eat that much. She could eat more, & I assume that when developmentally she is ready to she will b/c she doesn't have an oral issues... I think it's just a matter of motivation.
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Maya is 16 months old, today! She was eating about 20% solids until she got a stomach bug, then it went back to 100% milk for a week or so. Just in the past few days she has started to eat a bit of solid food again. I am sort of aiming for solids to take over breastmilk by age 2 or so. I got some flack for not starting her on solids until she was 10 months, and then it was really only to taste/expriment. She didn`t really start eating a noticable amount until she was over a year.
She has multiple food allergies but is in the 100% range for weight. So I figure things are OK.
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my ds (two in a few days) hates food. Always has. he loves to nurse. always has. I MAKE him eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Sometimes I give up and he eats only a bite of each thing offered. He still nurses a ton during the night (which is slowly killing me) and about4-6 times during the day. :
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DD is 12.5 mos and still gets probably about 90% of her nutrition from breastmilk.
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DD is almost 18 months and gets about 95% of her nutrition from breastfeeding. She just isnt bothered about solids, I'm pretty sure that if I didnt offer her any she wouldnt miss them! Apart from corn crackers which she loves! I make sure I offer her 3 meals and 2 snacks a day then if she wants to eat she can.

She is growing fine and is happy and full of energy so I am not worried. Other people, mainly DD's grandparents, worry more about when she is going to eat 'proper food'.
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Originally Posted by EllasMummy
Apart from corn crackers which she loves! I make sure I offer her 3 meals and 2 snacks a day then if she wants to eat she can.
So what do you consider a "meal" and what do you consider a "snack"?

Is a couple slices of an orange a meal or a snack? How about 40 dry cherios?
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Dd is now 19 months and eats regular meals with us - some days I swear she eats more than me ! :LOL

But at that age she would eat a ton of solids at daycare (3x a week) and than mostly bm the other 4 days a week. I think its mostly because her daycare has a little baby sized table the toddlers sit around to eat and she loves it! Even the dcps have comments about what a big eater she is :LOL
(For an 8 hour day I send seven 1/2 cup size containers: a protein, yogurt, 2 fruits, 2 vegatables (one green) and one whole grain )

What irks me is on the weekends after marathon nursing sessions dh comments "she hasn't eaten much today"
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ds is 25 mo and gets at least 75% calories from bm. today is a typical day. for solids he has eaten maybe one whole bite of pancake this morning, a couple of raisins, a hazel nut, a bite of apple and maybe 3 bites of banana, and 2 bites of a veggie burger sandwich (very very small bites). that will probably be it for the day. I offer food every time i eat, which is all day, and he mostly just wants to nurse. that is fine...he is healthy and growing well. he will eat in his time. incedentally, he was a HUGE baby going from 50th% at birth to over 99th% in a few weeks and staying there until he crawled. then with movement he slimmed down to ~30th%, so he is not huge and has dropped percentiles, but that's good because we are smallish people and he is just coming in line with his adult genetic potential. he was 100% bm until 10 mos by his choice too. I've never worried, but glad to hear there are other bm preferring toddlers out there...even the nursing toddlers of my friends eat tons of solid foods. funny thing is that they seem to nurse as frequently as ds too, but probably not really!
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We're at about 80% breastmilk 20% table food. We have been avoiding dairy and wheat for a while so that 20% comes from avacados, rice, apples, quinoa, grapes and bananas. Not real exciting food but at least he's eating something!
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Paige is 15 months old, and I'd say on a "regular" day she gets 80% of her nutrition from breastmilk. She loves to nurse and likes her "solids" pureed...she HATES chunky food, but will eat crackers and pureed veggies (lentils are her favorate)

She is currently battling a nasty stomach bug, so she is 99% momma's milk and she has eaten a few crackers in the past few days.

Paige has no interest in most foods. We always offer her table food, often she just plays with it, or feeds it back to us. Hopefully she will eventually get curious enough to venture into that arena. For now, I seem to be making enough milk, and she is developmentally keeping pace (95% for height and 90% for weight)
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Thanks for this thread! I've been wondering if dd was getting enough solids. She is almost 14 months old & has shown a lesser interest in foods that she used to love. I think 2 things contribute--1)teething & 2)she has switched from being spoon fed to feeding herself. It's good to know that your experiences are similar.
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Well mine has always loved food but we have two good buddys who just were NOT interested in solids for the longest time. One was only eating a few bites a day, on a good day, until 20 months. Then mom got pregnant so things changed. I'm sure if mom's milk hadn't dried up she would have been happy to keep getting most of her nutrients from BM. She is a teeny tiny child. She is 3 and weighs 22 pounds soaking wet.

Our other friend is the same way and she is gigantic. She is almost 2 and off the charts in both height and weight. In an entire day she might eat a handful of cheerios, a few slices of avocado and a couple pieces of cucumber. Her mom and dad offer her whatever they are eating but she mainly just plays with it.

Both are healthy and developmentally on track.
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I give DD breakfast, snack mid-morning, lunch, snack mid-afternoon and tea.

I would call a couple of slices of orange a snack.

For DD's main meals she will have a small portion of whatever I am having and for a snack a cracker or some fruit.

Example day;
Breakfast - Pancakes
Snack - 2 small slices of mango
Lunch - Chicken casserole with rice
Snack - Corn cracker with hoomus
Tea - Scrambled egg on toast

We have struggled with solids for so long, she was just not interested at all till she was 15 months. I have found that she eats more solids during the day if she has small amounts more often that dont overwhelm her. Its similar to how she nurses.

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My son turned 2 a few days ago. In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a real change in his interest in solid food. Previously, the balance was about 75% breastmilk, 25% solids. Now it's about 50/50. He still has around 7 milk feeds a day (actually mainly evening and night). Even though (or maybe because!) his diet has been mostly milk, he's thrived on it. He was an average weight at birth and is now about 2 stone 10 lbs and 3 feet tall.
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DD is 13 months and it really varies as to how much she eats. I don't know if anything she eats qualifies as a "meal," but she snacks all day long. She loves solids, but she doesn't have much of an attention span to eat much at once. She'll eat a handful of cheerios and some yogurt. A few bites of whole wheat bagel or toast, 1/2 a banana. She loves cheese. A few bites of whatever I am having for dinner. She munches on wheat puffs all the time. She really only bfs at night and at naptime, but some days she'll bf a lot more than others.
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