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Public school 25 16.03%
Private school 26 16.67%
Homeschooling/ Unschooling 73 46.79%
Other *or* I have no idea and am having an anxiety attack just thinking about it! 32 20.51%
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#31 of 45 Old 10-25-2002, 11:49 PM
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I humbly apologize for my ignorance, but can someone explain unschooling? It sounds like something I'm already doing but would love a formal description.
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#32 of 45 Old 10-26-2002, 04:35 PM
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Homeschool. Love to elaborate but there is a kiddie storm brewing here!
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#33 of 45 Old 10-28-2002, 11:33 PM
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I don't know yet. Depends upon where we live & it depends upon the child.

My oldest (17, a month away from being a legal 18 year old "adult"!) has done pretty well in public school. I teach at the same school she attends. She is in honors classes, hooked into lots of extra and co-curricular stuff (band, choir, art, etc) and has had a pretty good education. But this is one of the best school districts in the US. It has it's problems, though. One of which is the lack of funding from the state legislature. I'm sure elementary class sizes will be forced to increase to a level that will be detrimental to learning.

My little one will probably go to a Montessori preschool after she turns 4.
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#34 of 45 Old 10-29-2002, 07:00 PM
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My understanding of unschooling comes from being unschooled my whole life, and unschooling ds (13 months.)
The way we do it is to let the child have his/her own interests, and focus his energy in what he is interested in, not pushing things on him before he is ready.

Every person has their own learning style, and unschooling enables them to learn at their own rate.

My experience was this:
I was given a lot of time to be creative and imaginative. I had a lot of edicational experiences, such as visits to the zoo, hiking, the orchestra (the Cleveland Orchestra, as well as the one my father played in,) and the art museum!
These are all still my favorite things to do! I had an extreamly large vocabualary at an early age. However, I was 11 before I could truely read. I just had other interests and reading was work for me.
I wrote (or dictated) entire books at a young age, though I couldn't even read them! I eventually decided that I was ready and learned quickly and was reading the classic novels within months.
I think my mother worried that I might never read, but has now seen that I love to read because it was enjoyable for me. Had she pushed, I think I would hate it.

In my "high school" years, I pursued my interests at a college level. I was intersted in things that I would be unable to learn without this way of life. Sometimes I would stay up for hours studying, and the next day just be outside taking in nature.
With unschooling you are always learning!

In unschooling you may have a syllabus (what you expect to learn) but not a curriculum (a planed method of learning.) We used real books, as opposed to text books, but most of all we learned from life!

I think it is also a good way to inpart your interests and appreciations to your children!

I think that this is the only effective way to "teach" A.D.D., or A.D.H.D. children (as well as everyone else.) But that's just my oppinion! I think Dr. Sears agrees with me

I hope that answered your question, but it was probably far more than you needed!
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#35 of 45 Old 10-31-2002, 10:36 AM
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I voted private, but really it is a Charter Montessori school . My 6 yo goes there, so my 2 year old is automatically in ( )

Our Montessori is preschool to 8th grade. After that,....homeschool.....
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#36 of 45 Old 10-31-2002, 02:17 PM
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UNSCHOOLING!!! YAY!!! Our son is only 18 months, but I suppose we are already doing it... We are so excited about it, dh and I can't imagine doing it any other way!

Originally posted by MarsupialMama
dh and I are unschooling our one year old son. (Even though we hate the term - it sounds so negative.)
just my 2 cents... imo the negative sounding part of the term is the "schooling"!:LOL I suppose when I was in the younger grades in school I thought it was okay, but as I got older I came to despise school.. The kids were mean, and I was bored.. I did very well academically until I just stopped doing the busy work.. I dropped out in 10th grade with my parents support and got my GED..

anyway, I am just so excited about home/unschooling.. and I feel so lucky that dh feels the same as I do about it.. Yay!!
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#37 of 45 Old 12-23-2002, 01:27 AM
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we unschool our 3.5 yo and the 2yo old now, its great and they learn alot !!!!!!!!!! whatever they want to learn we look up and learn
I do have some workbooks too, my 3.5 loves her school !!
we plan on unschooling hs for at least the first 6 years then see
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#38 of 45 Old 12-23-2002, 03:40 AM
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Hopefully some kind of alternative school that encourages individual growth and provides an appealing learning environment with small class sizes. We have a couple of places in mind and will happily relocate half-way across the country in a couple of years to live in our dream community that actually has such schools.

If something happens and we still live here when ds is ready for school we will be home/unschooling.
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#39 of 45 Old 12-23-2002, 05:20 AM
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I want to home/unschool - need to do more research before I can say which one for sure - but dh isn't convinced. there are a few logistics issues - like, he wants to go back to school and change careers, too. he obviously isn't getting the big picture that doing the primary caregiver thing is full time, i'm not getting a vacation, here. he wanted to go this route, but doesn't seem to comprehend the extent of the work to be done. To me, it includes homeschooling. And I'm willing to do what it takes to homeschool - he's not sure that he could do it. but i'm sure i could. he's not sure I could, gar.

we had different experiences of public school - I hated it, I don't think he loved it, but he seems to think that the system can be made to work. (??) I don't intend to use my kid to prove a point that doesn't need to be made... For me on the other hand, it sucked, I hated it, it was socially crippling, disempowering and stunted my intellectual growth. Although the school district would have said that was my fault, and my mom's. They just weren't interested in my needs. So, they don't get a chance to meddle with my kids mind.

Broaching the subject slowly w/dh because of the various issues. we were discussing it today. we talked about my experience w/school. He hadn't heard the whole story and was a little stunned that it sucked so much and was a little worried our kid would have trouble socializing. Dunno what to say, but if the kid is anything like me, public school isn't the place to develop it.

sorry to rant a bit. I'm not freaking, as I've made my decision, just have to entice dh to my viewpoint. i think he's on the fence, now. Thanks for the reading references. I've spent a ton of money on books since I started my membership w/MDC - ah, well. Better than browsing at Boarders w/o a recommendation

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#40 of 45 Old 12-23-2002, 11:28 AM
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What I would really like to do is have dd go to a cooperative nursery school (maybe even the one I went to as a child in San Francisco) where the parents are very involved and the teacher is fabulous (same teacher since I was a child).

Then I would like to homeschool or unschool (don't know enough about the differences yet to decide) but I would like dh to be the one at home...he is a special ed teacher now and I just think he would do a better job...he is fun, creative and tends to look at things through the eyes of a child. He is a big kid really and I think he would really inspire dd to try so many different things like finding bugs and chasing lizards and things that I am not sure I would be interested in LOL!!!!!!

But we'll have to see when the time comes as dd is only 19 months old!

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#41 of 45 Old 12-24-2002, 01:24 AM
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I am hoping to join a preschool coop at the local college in Feb when Taylor is almost 3 yrs old. When I go back to work we'll enroll him in a private preschool until he is old enough for public school. We are going to assume "the system" will work and we will work with "it" until proven otherwise. If he has trouble or problems we will consider private school and other alternatives.

Sandie, Mommy to Taylor 4/15/00
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#42 of 45 Old 12-27-2002, 08:31 PM
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Where we live, our public schools suck. Even the ones that are considered the "best" in our area (which are the ones that my DS would be going to) are sucky. My kids will be going to private school, it is Montessori thru 2nd grade and goes pre-K thru 12th grade, so they'll never have to change schools. It's small and excellent.
I'm still nervous about sending them to school, but it's more my issue, as I was molested as a child and am fearful for my children (tho it was a family friend that molested me-I actually loved school as a kid).
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#43 of 45 Old 12-29-2002, 06:27 PM
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I'm not sure what I'm going to do, and I'm starting to freak out. DS is 3.5, and I 've been thinking about it a lot for the last year. I am leaning more towards homeschool/unschooling, but my dh is very pro public school.

I went to public school K-12. I was lucky, because I was always in advanced classes, and I got a decent education. The social aspect was horrible. The things I saw, and my experiences are not things anyone needs to go through, ever, child or adult. My two brothers did miserably in public school, socially and academically.

My dh was in private school most of his life so he feels he missed out on a lot by not being in public school. Despite what I tell him about what I experienced, he thinks ds and dd will do fine.

So, we're at an impasse. Both my ds and my dd (just turned 2) are incredibly intelligent, quick, and alert. The grade school by us gets mixed reviews. Some say it's great, others don't like it. We do have a lot of kids that don't speak english as a first language moving into the area, and I have heard bad things about the kindergarten teacher. I have been working with both kids on whatever they want since they were each around a year, like letters, numbers, colors, and they've both picked up things very quickly. And it has been all them, so I feel like I've already started with the unschooling.

My ds needs to be doing something constantly, and my fear is in a large public school he will get bored and lose interest, and start down a path to nowhere. I don't want that. There's no way we can afford private schools by us, either, so it's either home or public.

I'm going to keep researching home schooling and present my dh with facts. The other thing is, because of dd's b-day, she won't be able to start school till she's almost six if we send her to public school. She seems to learn exactly like I do, and I could read by the time I was four, so why should she have to wait two extra years just because of a birthday? I am not interested in the preschools around here either. They are all just glorified day care centers. Anything they teach the kids there, I could do much easier at home.

Here I am, babbling away. I do know I'm only going to do what feels right for the kids. I know that's what dh wants too, ultimately. Maybe he can go take a class at the community college to curb his desire for public education.
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#44 of 45 Old 01-03-2003, 03:44 PM
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I guess I have my doubts about me being able to homeschool and my first thing would be to check out the public schools and see how I like them. Right now we are in a town w/ a great public system but there is no garantee we will live here when the boys are school age.
Dh wants to do private school, yeah with what money??
Who knows? I Have a few years to think on it...and being home all day with my son, I already read him books and have taught him the alphabet and counting and singing songs, animals, etc,...

Mommy to Kieran 3 1/3, Donovan 21 mos and Liam 6 weeks
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#45 of 45 Old 01-06-2003, 08:08 PM
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I'm so undecided about this issue right now! So far it looks like I'll be homepreschooling if there is such a thing, lol. I will have to check out the public schools here and see what I think. I really enjoyed my public school experience and the friends I made there and would hate to deprive my kids of the socialization aspect. If I do decide to homeschool I will have to find a network of other homeschooling moms in my area so that the kids can socialize with them. Part of my problem with that though is that most of the people I know who homeschool are Christian and we are not, so I don't know how well we would fit into those groups:
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