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Well, I am waiting to be a parent, but I want to reflect on my life as going into adulthood.

I grew up watching a lot of TV. Probably not as a toddler, and indeed I think I was a smart child because we didn't watch TV as toddlers. But towards later years, I really grew a habit with the tv. Partly as not being a son of a single mom, my after school activities were pretty much revolved around the TV.

I developed a bad habit, and reruns or not, I would watch it all, and I knew the schedule backwards and forwards. And growing up into adulthood, I really did lack my own imagination, and knew hardly anything about spirit.

For me, TV became a single world, and everything outside really didn't matter.

It made a difference, however, that my mother was often a topic in the news, as a Chicana activist, but otherwise I think I would have been lost.

Finishing my undergraduate years, I developed schizophrenia !

Well, this was partially fortunate, and partially unfortunate, but overtime, I learned to see more clearly. Within my fortune, I learned meditation from a Native American friend. And it opened a gateway in my brain. Meditation makes ordinary life like a movie. Because indeed it triggers the same brain waves. Movies trigger alpha waves, as does meditation. Well, using the imagination to extremes also triggers these waves, I believe.

So, entering these waves, gives people a means to communication. Within meditation (and probably childhood imagination), we create our own realm (a body centric phenomenon) that helps form our patterns around us. However, with TV, the centricity is around an entity that is not near our selves, it is very distanced, and it removes our focuses from self/local importance.

See, in this world, we really need to focus on what we can do individually, and see how each person can contribute. Unfortunately TV, becomes peoples modes of understanding one another, which really devastates intercommunication at a local level.

Currently, I live on a small island in the Caribbean, and it has been very fortunate for me to see how a small community can live with very little fear. Every day, many people hitch hike to work, and usually people are very friendly, and giving. However, we see in the US, that people will never give another person a ride, unless, they are truckers or someone that others have some fear from. See, people are so self focussed, or even focussed on these TV events that are so far from our real lives. It is also unfortunate, that kids in this small island also watch US tv, because we see how it is changing the way people think, on a fast life. Videos are very harmful. We can see just by a few generation changes, how TV is changing life in a bad way.

Getting back to alpha waves, well, I find that the TV is like a magnet of these waves. Once you get in the zone of these electromagnetic waves, it also rearranges who you are. Even when a TV is plugged in near me, I can sense the changes in me. And then there are so many subliminal messages, that one has to be careful about the ideas it gives to children.

Anyway, I've been without medicine for schizophrenia for over 3 years now, and I can honestly say that not watching TV is part of my health track.

Like a previous person said, nowadays when I see a tv on, I don't understand the draw, there is no real humour, and so much is really just meant to draw people to patriotic, sexual, violent material, that it really is not healthy.

I do however, enjoy seeing a movie that is a documentary that details a real persons life, or shows me part of the world that I do not know, because it is mind opening.

But be very careful that one's mind is not limited to the small expanse of tV. There is much more to life that TV and the beliefs that can be found within it, and within even the whole realm of generations that has grown up with it as their past time.

Refugio Rochin, Papa in waiting.

PS. and another side of TV, one also needs to be aware when it replaces the love and companionship of family and friends. Best to seek the families that work there hardest to always be in activity with each other learning to create, and knowing how to trust their own creative abilities. And then when one sees these families, one can see the difference.
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DD will be 22 months soon. Especially since she is under the age of 2, we do not allow her to watch any TV, movies, or anything. IMO, at this age I feel she needs to be active in her environment---seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, etc. Personally, I think it helps her focus and concentrate better. It's just what works for OUR family right now. I'm not making a judgement on whether TV is good OR bad, in general.
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Just going to add my $0.02.

We let dd 30m, watch t.v. , exclusively PBS or Noggin, or DVD. No commercials. She watches, Dragon Tales, Dora and Zoobomafo. She used to watch Baby Einstien and Elmo, but she has kind of grown out of them. Although occasionally she will ask specifically for them. I like these shows, she gets up and dances and sings with Dragon Tales, she answers Dora and Zoobomafa, is just fun and informative. As far as the whole commercailism thing. I have gone to great lengths to avoid any books or toys whith t.v. characters on them. In otherwords no Dora books or toys or clothes. I don't mind her enjoyinbg these characters, but I don't want her becoming obsessed with them. Just my way of trying to balence things out.

As far as how much no more than 1 hour a day, and not everyday.
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Yes, I let my daughter watch TV.... as I usually have it on in the background, I guess just for noise. I'm usually on network tv or music channels (satelite music, NOT mtv) they only time she ever pays attention to it is if Baby Einstein is on. If BE isn't on... she could care less.

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