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I had to jump in here as I am getting really frustrated. My ds is 27m and eats:
whole wheat pasta with yogurt spread
toast- sometimes
frozed peas and/or corn

that about covers it. He is very low in iron. He still nurses, but I am pg and I don't think there is much there as his interest has really dropped. He won't even try any type of meat/protein source. No meat, eggs, tofu, beans. He looks at it and says "yucky" or "gross". He watches his 2 older brothers eat what we serve and just asks for yogurt or "roni" (macaroni). I have tried Total cereal as a snack as it has iron in it....nothing doing. If he didn't have iron issues I probably wouldn't be bothered so much. Ds#2 was also a late eater, but by this age he had turned into the "hoover". HELP! I really am concerned. He is healthy, happy, and growing, but still.......the boy needs to eat. I told my dh last night that I didn't know how ds3 even had solid poops as all he eats is yogurt!

momma to 4!
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I have a 31mo old dd.... she eats...

meat - most kinds, loves chicken, fish, roast, boca burgers
Pasta - most kinds, though not veggie pasta, won't touch it
Fruit - you name it, she likes it ... she's a great fruit eater
Yogurt - prefers the drinkable kind, but she'll eat both kinds
Veggies - well, that's the tough one. Sometimes she'll eat things, like frozen peas, she loves corn on the cob, loves tomatoes (I know, they are really a fruit), she'll eat other stuff, but only rarely....

But, of course, there are soooooo many times a day when I put out great food and she says.... I not hungry mama after two bites. Then ... half an hour later. She's hungry, I put out the same food and she cries... says no, no, no... not that stuff again... What do I do?
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hi i came to this thread to get some ideas. i wrote them down so i can take them to the grocery store.

my son eats five times a day and it gets tough to think of healthy things to serve and to make sure there is fiber and protein at every meal.

for breakfast today we had hashbrowns. i just cut up some potatoes i had around here and fried them with olive oil and salt and pepper. and i let him have a little cheese with it. we usually have eggs, oatmeal, or pancakes at breakfast. or yogurt. he loves plain yogurt with bananas or almond butter.

then there is lunch at around 11 and the snack we have after nap. usually it is leftovers which there weren't any today. on days like today when there is no leftovers we have a sandwhich, a hotdog, or i dont know what else? some soup? canned mixed veggies-which i would like to stop but i do get unsalted at least. actually i am so against hotdogs i don't eat them but just let ds have one! ha! he loves them with ketchup/

for dinner i make some meat and lots of veggies, mexican, italian, or eat out. he eats pretty much what we eat for dinner.

then there is a bed time snack. i make him a smoothie everyday with ground up seeds, yogurt, fruit, and milk or juice. trying to phase out the milk though. am occasional cookie.

he is not nursing anymore so i feel responsible to provide all his food groups, especially fat, protein and iron. i feel like we can make up the veggies the next day but i don't want him to be hungry at 4am. i just feel bad b/c we have been eating more hotdogs, canned veggies, and boxed snacks these days than i would like. : maybe i will get to the health food store for veggie hotdogs and organic crackers. then batch freeze my real veggies so that i won't feel so bad. what do you guys think? i felt relieved to see someone gave their child all beef hotdogs on the protein link!
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My favorite piece of advice about feeding children is this:
It is OUR job to offer our children a variety of nutritous foods.
It is their job to choose what to eat and how much.

To be honest, sometimes I dont really know what my kids do and dont eat because I try very hard not to make food an issue at all.
I put them in their high chair and offer them their meal and either have mine at the same time (then it would be teh same thing) or maybe do the dishes or something.
Sometimes they would eat only one thing. Maybe they never ate a pea the first 50 times I offered them. But I didnt count them, and I didnt check to see how many were left on the floor.
My children also were still nursing and so whatever they missed out in solids they got back in their specially tailored nutrition shake from mom!

I try to offer at least one thing that I know my kids like. But even then I am often mistaken because kids tastes change on a dime and I am left saying "but I thought you loved broccoli"

At 13 months my children's diet (meaning what I offered, not what they actually ate) was exactly what we were eating. The only foods that we ate on a regular basis that my 13 months old didnt eat was salad or any raw veggies (need molars for that)

some days my kids might eat the equivalient of 2 tablespoons of food, and other days like they have a hollow leg. Their bodies know what their needs are far better than me.

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DS only started any solids just before 12 months old. We tried to gibe him "baby foods" and he really wasn't interested -- down right refused!
His first foods were black beans and O's.

Now he only wants to eat what we're eating (he is 13 months) and also wants a big boy plate. And he is all about texture. No slimey or mushy -- loves a crunch! He hates almost all fruits.

So he eats:
salmon, chicken, beef
black beans -- any beans
dried corn
dried apple
veggie burgers
thai food
indian food
turkish food
raw whole mushrooms
(he just grabbed one in the grocery store and started chomping on it!!)

Mama to Zach 6-18-04 & Naia 10-13-10 Partner to the sweetest DH. Loving our life afloat. TV Free!
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