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cam's mama's Avatar cam's mama 03:30 PM 12-03-2002

My budding 13 month old chef is making us nervous by constantly trying to turn the stove knobs (we have a gas stove) and tugging on the oven door. We have put a lock on the oven but haven't bought any stove knob covers. I have heard people say that these are really hard to cook with. My sense is that you have to take them off when you are cooking anyway and that is when Cameron is really interesting in playing with the stove -- when we are cooking. Any suggestions from other people. What has worked?

thanks, Deb

darlindeliasmom's Avatar darlindeliasmom 03:38 PM 12-03-2002
We have a galley kitchen, so i just put a gate up to keep her away for a while; it also kept her from falling down the basement steps, because we had to leave the door open so the cat could access his litter box.

But when the gate was no longer necessary, and she STILL was tempted by the stove, we just took the knobs off. They come off to clean, anyway. Then we would only put them on when we were actually cooking.

For a few months the big word around here was "HOT". It ended up being one of her first words!

She never had any interest in opening the oven door; we were spared that. But man, they do love to twiddle knobs. My nephew broke his family's dishwasher that way...
nuggetsmom's Avatar nuggetsmom 10:26 PM 12-03-2002
We have stove knob covers and they are on all the time. You open them up to change the setting. Although soemwhat annoying, they work well and give me lots of peace of mind that my dinner won't burn becaues DD decided to turn the flame up.
I think they were from safety first and I got them at Target.
oceanbaby's Avatar oceanbaby 11:44 PM 12-03-2002
We took the knobs off. The stove knob covers were too small for our knobs. We just keep the knobs on the counter, put it on to turn on the flame, and then take it off again.