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fraya's Avatar fraya 03:55 AM 12-04-2002
I'm looking for a good potty training book for my son to read (well, listen to us read while he looks at the pictures). He shows most signs of readiness except he seems to have a deep philosophical objection to the idea! I'm in NO rush to potty train, but while he's in a phase of being interested in books, I thought we should get a book so that he starts understanding the concept.

I don't want a book that refers to his penis as a weewee or whatever, if I can help it. A penis is a penis. I'd like something that's just candid, straightforward, etc.


Elismama's Avatar Elismama 02:31 PM 12-04-2002
We like Max's Potty here- its a lift the flap book. No mention of penis' at all- just pooping and peeing. We also have a cute one called Toilet Tails about how animals can't use the potty but kids can- doesn't sound like what you are looking for though. The Mr. Rogers potty book (don't know the exact title) is very straightforward with photographs and all. But it is kind of dull and doesn't hold our attention here.