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Mine is into everything. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

Talks a blue streak. A continuous running commentary half in english and half in baby-ese. She knows the word for most things but clings to her own favorite made-up words for them. She calls a horse a horse but much prefers to call them "baba". Some toddler logic. Sometimes it comes out "Horsey-baba". Many short sentences. Calls herself I and Me. Has pet names for her favorite people.

Incredible self-determination and persistence. She will move mountains or heavy furniture to get what she wants. Can fidget her way into any drawer, cabinet or room. A bright future as a diamond thief.

Loves to talk on the phone. Demands that I dial her dad or grandma. "I hi dada. Now!" Carries on a complete conversations with them. "Where did you go?" "Come back here." "But why?" "Uh-huh." It's insane to see my little baby doing this. I can't get over it.

Very loving and cuddly and quite nice, esp to those younger or smaller than herself. Most of the time. Very, very good with the cat. Pets him gently. Loves to help feed him. Only shrieks at him a little here and there.

Can count to three. Knows part of the ABC song but prefers other songs. Quite a kicking little dancer. Likes to draw "bubbles" (sort of large loopy circles).

The Bad:

Gets into trouble in NO TIME. Climbs to great heights. No fear. No sense of danger. I have my hands full from dawn to dusk. RUNS AWAY IF GIVEN HALF THE CHANCE.

Very early riser.


Fickle sleeper.

The Ugly:

Tantrums. Oh try and count how many on some bad days. Rage if she does not get what she wants. She has hurt me badly a few times broken nose, one black eye). She has taken me to the very edge of reason at least twice. Holds her breath sometimes. Makes me hold mine. Hell on rails because she's smoother than wheels but I adore her.

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Hey Denny, it sounds like you have an amazing little girl!!! I can just see her on the phone, 'Get back here, NOW!' That seems incredible that she's talking so much, knows ABC's and numbers. My DS is amazing, too, but in a different way.

The Good:
He understands EVERYTHING. He isn't talking a whole lot, but he can follow all kinds of requests and answer yes or no to any question and mean it.

He eats EVERYTHING. Broccoli, carrots, asparagus, edamame. And he doesn't like juice.

He has only had two tantrums, both because he had missed his nap and was overstimulated. He is very laid back (for a toddler). He will protest briefly if he doesn't get his way, but willingly accepts substitutes.

He's a neat FREAK. He picks up flower pots and puts them back upright, and almost always puts his toys away when he's finished. He pushes the chairs back under the table when we are finished with dinner. He likes to help me clean.

He's so co-ordinated. He will go outside to the barn with me, open up the feed bin, scoop out food and take it to the chicken and put it in her bowl. Then take the scoop and put it back and close the bin door. He's really good at puzzles.

He's almost completely potty-trained. We did EC with him and he hasn't pooped in his pants since he was 1. He even wakes up to pee in the potty at night (see The Bad...) He loves to go potty and takes all his animals and his baby potty, too.

The Bad:

He can't sleep for more than 3 hours straight at night. Mostly because he wakes up to pee, then nurses back to sleep, then has to pee again in 3 hours or so. Teething doesn't help.

He does all the normal testing stuff, trying to find out what I don't want him to do, so he can do it 20 or 30 times. Runs away from me while I'm trying to put clothes on him. Refuse to take a bath unless we put the dog in there with him. Did it once, learned a valuble lesson!

I feel like he's behind, especially when I read about some of the toddlers on this board, because he doesn't really know numbers, letters or shapes well enough yet, and he isn't talking as much as I wish. I don't think there's anything wrong with him, I just wonder if I'm not doing this right, maybe I should be teaching him more?

That's really it for the bad.

So far, we don't have an ugly. Should I have even put that in writing?
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What a schweety you have! Oh ugly exists. Just at different levels for each kid. I would not concern yourself about the talking thing as boys seems to collectively go a bit slower in that area but are much faster in the coordination dept. It sounds like he's very, very adept physically.

You must be proud.

I too am intimidated by the 2 year olds I have been reading about here.

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DS is 21 months, but I thought I'd play anyway.

The Good: He is developing a great imagination and loves pretending. He will pretend to feed his animals and then put them down for a nap. It is very sweet! He makes up silly games, like one with a hanger that I am involved in but I am not quite sure what he's doing. But it cracks him up.

He has a sense of humor now. We make faces or I do silly things like put a diaper on my head and make him laugh. And he tries to make me laugh as well.

He loves to dance. I love to see him respond to music so dramtically and now he is getting into fancier moves - his newest is a karate-kid-like one legged balancing move. I think he is imitating a bad-rockettes imitation I did once.

He is sweet and loving. He just started blowing kisses and today he was digging in the hall closet, came running to me in the living room, blew me a kiss and then ran off. Awww... He lights up when his dad or I come home from somewhere.

He is a pretty good eater. Last night he was begging for green beans off my plate. Can't argue with that!

He is becoming a better napper (he now naps 1.5-2 hrs as opposed to 20-30 minutes max up to around age 15 mos).

He might be becoming a better sleeper. In the past 7 days, he slept from 8p-5a straight through for 5 of those days. Not enough to call a trend yet, but we'll see.

The bad: He thinks 5am is a great time to wake up now. Ugh. I nurse him and try to eek out until 7ish, but we have had some early mornings here.

He doesn't talk yet.

He is not very good in social sitiuations/play groups, he is sometimes rough with kids. He is wonderfully social with adults, just bad with kids. I have to watch him like a hawk.

He is anal rententive about certain things - like if any food gets on his hands, he freaks out. If we forget to turn on the Xmas tree, he gets upset. He is definitely a creature of habit. If it supposed to be done, it *must* be done. Or things need to be in their place - the remote, the phone, etc.

He is becoming independant to where he wants to do everything himself, but he just can't yet. So he won't let me (for example) put the socks on him, but he gets very frustrated when he can't do it.

The ugly: He is fearless and we take bets on how early he will break his first bone! He will climb on anything - the more dangerous the better. On vacation this summer, he ran right into the ocean and tried to walk right into the pool. He climbs into his highchair, pushes stuff around to climb on to help him reach higher shelves, and can climb in and out of his crib (with the bar lowered so far) He will give his mom a heart attack before he turns 10, I am sure! It is normal to see him balancing precariously on a half tipped toy drinking his juice!

Jenn & Ben the daredevil! (3/1/2001)

Jenn, perpetually tired mom to DS(9): DD(4.5): DD(2) :
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What little darlings we all have!

Dentente - sounds like my ds has some things in common with your dd! OMG, the phone! Phineas can't get enough of the telephone.. He is getting better at actually talking to people on it, but mostly he just listens still.. But if it is time to hang it up (or take it back), oh the tantrums! (See "The Ugly") :LOL

The Good:
He is the cutest, sweetest, smartest little boy I have ever seen in my life! (okay, so I'm a little biased)

When I get home from work at night, if he is still awake, he gets all excited and says "Mommy!" and "Hi Darlin! How are you?" (he picked that up from me a dh, it is so cute to hear him say it - it ALMOST makes being at work worth it!) He is very affectionate, gives us lots of kisses, hugs, and "I love you"'s..

Talks like crazy, and is learning new words constantly it seems..

Counts to 11 (loves to do this on stairs, counting steps), knows his colors, and is starting to learn some letters.

Is very silly, love his sense of humor.. He will say things on purpose to make us laugh.

He likes to color, and have us draw things for him, and he wants us to read to him a lot.

(I could go on, but I'd be sitting here all night typing all the things I love about him )

The Bad:
He is becoming quite sneaky about things he knows he is not supposed to to. Some examples... The other day I found him laying on the floor next to the computer desk pushing the buttons on the printer (something he KNOWS he is not allowed to do) and as soon as he noticed I was standing there he stopped and said "hiding!", like he was just waiting for me to find him! Or tonight when I was at work, dh said he caught him pushing the buttons on the stereo (can you tell he is button-obsessed?) and when Phineas saw dh he immediately stopped and said "hi!" and started dancing.. as if he had been dancing the whole time... It is just too funny..

He is quite the mama's boy, and while I can't say I mind, it does make dh feel bad when ds wants only me. So that makes me feel sad too..

He seems to whine a lot for my benefit.. dh says he doesn't do it (as much) when I'm not there..

The Ugly:
This doesn't happen all that often, but he has been known to throw a tantrum or two.. Thank goodness it doesn't happen much or last very long.. Also, he has been hitting us sometimes..
We don't care for that too much.. it has been a couple days though, maybe he's getting over it... (wishful thinking?)
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Ds is almost 19 months.

The Good:

He is so sweet, cute, and loving that it makes me ache. He loves to give kisses, he pats me on the back when he hugs me, he laughs and gets all excited when dh or I come home. If dh and I are hugging, he grabs our legs to be picked up, and puts one arm around each of us, and pulls us in for group hugs and kisses.

He has a great sense of humor. He is always playing peekaboo, laughing when dh or I say something funny, or is shrieking and laughing while running around the house.

He is incredibly coordinated. He can throw balls with dead on accuracy, can catch pretty well, and is very balanced.

Whenever he bonks his head, he lets out a little yelp and then continues on with what he's doing. He rarely cries, unless it was really bad or scary.

He loves to help - just tonight he was crumpling up the newspaper to hand to dh to put in the fire. I measure the oatmeal and he pours it into the pot. He helps me wipe up the floor.

He is very reasonable (most of the time - see The Ugly). If I ask him for something that he has that I need, he almost always gives it to me. He hardly ever yanks stuff out of our hands, but puts his hand out to ask for it.

He understands very complex sentences and directions.

He is amazingly gentle with his 4 months old neice.

He dances whenever there is music playing.

He is incredibly photogenic!

He is very bright - he picks up on things I didn't even know he saw. You show him how to do something once and he's got it down.

The Bad:

Well, it's not necessarily bad, but he's not talking at all yet. He has just started saying Mama, and said Kitty once while petting a cat. But that is it. So obviously no ABC's or counting.

He is not even close to potty training. When he runs around without diapers, and I can tell he's about to pee or poop, I've tried to put him on the toilet but it scares him, so I stopped doing that.

He wakes a lot at night, needs to nurse to sleep, and seems to nurse a lot out of boredom during the day. If I lay on the bed, he must nurse. He wakes up every 30-60 minutes until I come to bed.

He is incredibly stubborn and persistent. (This could go under all 3 categories.)

He climbs on everything, and we are wondering when our first trip to the ER will be.

He is often too busy or distracted to eat, so then when we're in the car he is hungry and all I have is rice cakes or something. So I'm always afraid he's not getting the appropriate nutrition.

He's learned how to take his clothes off.

He's often got his hands down his diaper. At night he will pull his penis up and then his diaper leaks everywhere.

He won't stay in his stroller or highchair or sling for very long. He must always be moving, so shopping or eating out is quite the challenge.

The Ugly:

The obstinate tantrums have begun. Diaper changes, and getting him dressed can sometimes turn into full blown meltdowns. I often just give up because other than physically restraining him, I just can't get that shirt over his head.

He is so strong, and can hurt me a lot while playing. He has also bitten dh hard enough lately to draw blood.

He will not brush his teeth.
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Ooo! Hey. I gotta solution for the teeth brushing thingy. I sit my dd up on the bathroom counter and brush my teeth with her. I do mine and she does hers. She's such a little monkey-see that she wanted to do what mama was doing. She also brushes her doll's teeth (Miss Biz) and has tried to brush the kitty's teeth. I let her brush mine for me once and from then on we would take turns.

A game, see?

Hope that helps. Oh and don't let him run around with the brush. Chokng hazard.

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