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marchmom19's Avatar marchmom19 08:12 AM 12-13-2002
I would like to start a thread to get ideas from the other creative moms on this board. I tried to find games on various games site for toddlers for christmas and winter themes but found most of them were for preschool and up.

These are a few games I came up with the other day and would like it if everyone could add a few games they know or can think of that are age appropriate for our little ones and their buddies.


Winter Theme:
Its Snowing, Its SNowing!
Have the children form a circle around a blanket and grab ahold of blanket edge. Throw cotton balls onto the blanket and have the kids make waves with the blanket, causing the cotton balls to fly in the air thus creating 'snowflakes image'.

Pin the Nose on the Snowman or Dressing the Snowman:
Draw a Snowman on large poster paper, have the kids pin the nose on the snowman (for this age blindfolding them may not be a good idea but it will still be fun for them to try to put the nose on the snowman or even have other object for each dress the snowman... hat, scarf, eyes, mouth, buttons broom, boots etc).

Christmas Theme:
Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell
Have children in circle and one person in the middle. Put an Adult Sized Santa Hat on the child (so it covers the eye) and have one child around the circle ring the bell. The child in middle has to point in direction where it heard the bell. Rotate so all kids has a chance (by using the hat, it alleviate the child fear of being blindfolded as there is still light but they are not aware they are being blindfolded).

Puppet Show
Have the children put on a puppet show for each other. Can even use as a craft activity prior to puppet show. Make puppets to winter or christmas theme and then hoist up a cloth on an overturned table and have the kids perform a puppet show.

Ok...those are my ideas (what I did yesterday at a mom and tot christmas party. It went well).

Curious to hear of others ideas


BensMom's Avatar BensMom 11:01 PM 12-13-2002
This is more of a craft, but DS and I made a Christmas place mat. I took a piece of clear contact paper and taped it down on the table, sticky side up. I bought some Christmas confetti (on sale at Michaels!) and put it in some small bowls and let him put the confetti on the "sticky". He had fun picking up the little trees, and snowflakes and such. Only once did he dump an entire bowl of confetti.

Then when he was done, mom made a total mess of his placemat by trying to put the other piece of contact paper on top. It is kind of a lopsided placemat, but quite cute. I am thinking of maybe cutting it into shapes, stringing ribbon through and making ornaments instead. It also makes a great light-catcher to hang in a window.

Plus is it a great fine motor activity!