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Should I be teaching 27 month-old dd to clean up her toys? or is this unrealistic at this age?
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My 29 mth old ds cleans up after him self most of the time with a little help. In fact, he is much better at it then my 6 yr old and my 4 yr old. LOL.
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But she does wipe the table, put dirty dishes in the sink, put things in the trash for me, sweep (not to well but we are rewarding her desire).

We try to let her "help" with things as much as we can. She loves to help cook by pouring, chopping mushrooms with a butter knife, etc.

I'm not sure about how to get her to help with toys and books, though. Maybe she will imitate me and DH in time? She seems to think that toys "belong" on the floor.
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I don't think a 2 yr old can be expected to take the initiative to clean up, or to clean up a whole slew of toys. However, I think with direction, a 2 yr old can pick up one toy (or group of related toys) at a time and put it in a specific place.
You can't say "pick up all of these toys", but you can say "put Elmo on the red shelf. Put the puzzle in that drawer. Put the blocks in the block box.", etc... Then it's almost as fun as throwing them all out on the floor again.
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We have been working with dd on cleaning up since she could walk. She's pretty good, but only with prodding. We have a dog that chews, so we tell her "put it up or the dog will chew!" or "You get started on the markers and mommy/daddy will help with the books."

It is TOTALLY realistic to have them at least clean up somewhat. Dd also clears her plate from the table "sweeps," and cleans out her own potty (she prefers it; I'd rather she didn't).


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Since DS could pull his toys out of the toybox we've shown him how to put them back in. We aren't strick about it but if the floor starts to get too crowded and he's tripping over things we suggest he puts some away, which he will. It's always been a 'if you want to do something else or play with a different toy you have to clean up the first'.

He's now 18 mos & when he's finished playing inside and wants to go do something else he will pick up all his toys and throw them into his toybox which tells us he's ready for something different. This isn't to say our floor is spotless but in general the books are on the shelf or at least right just infront & the toys are in the box or at least infront, just not everywhere being tripped over.

I don't think 2 years is too young for this.
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I agree with the posts above. My 22 month old helps put away his toys before he goes to bed or before we go out somewhere. Of course, he can't be expected to initiate or even do much, but I start picking up the toys and direct him to specific toys, like "Could you pick up that truck and bring it into the room with me?" He does very well with that. I think it's important for him to learn to pick up his toys this early on. Habits are created earlyl
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I agree with the others. Its never too late. We always do a helping thing ~ ie Dh and/or myself help put the toys away and always talk about how much more quickly things get done when we all help out. We usually have to ask first also, but he has been good with it and loves to show us if one of us wasn't around when he helps mom or dad pick up the whole toy room!!!

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i agree they can learn how to help.
we make it a game ie how can do it fastest, can one child do all the blue blocks ect.
before we move to big things to big things they have to clean up. I dont mean the regular stuff but today..
we picked up all the legos before doing playdoh
put all the playdoh away before got out crayons ect.
the rg toys we pick up at night all they both help too
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At about a year, Dd started imitating me wiping the table, cleaning food drops off the floor, wiping her spills off my pants. She understands "clean up," and that I clear the table and wipe when she is done eating (or more playing with food than eating). She holds the bottle of vinegar spray and makes "spritz" sounds.

She occasionally puts a toy back but I think it's random. She does, however, pick up our picnic blanket off the kitchen floor, when she's done with her snack.
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Hey, my 2 year old's favorite activity is cleaning up; he was taught by his child care provider at about age 18 months. He is totally obsessive about it (which he doesn't get from me-I do way too little cleaning around here!!) and has to put his things away in "rows" and "piles" as he calls them. He has also decided, on his own, that certain toy bins are for specific toys, while other toys should belong on the shelf or in a basket. He even cleans up at other people's houses! So, 2 isn't necessarily too young; it all depends on your kid. Also, I'll add that probably I wouldn't have taught him this skill at such a young age, but I am glad someone else did.
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My DD has been picking up toys since she could walk. She started it on her own, and I just encouraged it. We make a fun game of it and sing "Pick up, Clean up" You know, that horrible purple least he has some good ideas. Sometimes I do have to ask her, "pick up that bear" or whatever. She is a very good helper.
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I guess it kind of depends on what you mean by cleaning up her toys. If it is throwing a dozen toys into the toybox, sure, they can do that. Or putting her blocks into their bucket. Things like that are plenty easy enough for a 2 year old.

We started asking my daughter to pick up some of her things when she was about 18 months old. At first it was just "help me put these blocks in the bag" and then she started being able to do some of that kind of thing on her own. She almost never picks up without being asked, though! And now, she is getting close to 3 years old and is starting to refuse to pick up every now and then, so definately, get the most out of these usually-compliant times!


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We have always figured that every member of the household should contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of the house. Ds has always been encouraged to help with the clean up. From the time he could pick up toys we would help him put them away (which of course lead to them being brought out again LOL). He also helps with the regular house hold chores. He is now 20 months and his favorite activity is dishes. Dh and ds do dishes together twice a day. Ds also helps with the cooking (he stirs) sweeps, mops, vacuums (he actually vacuumed the entire living room himself yesterday and would not let me help LOL), washes counters, etc. His obsession with cleaning is so out of control that when we go out to a cafe we bring a set of our picnic dishes and a cloth and he pretends to wash dishes almost the entire time we are their
I figure you might as well get them in the habit while cleaning is still fun.


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My DD is 26 mos and has been picking up some things for months. For example, after bath, she pulls the plug and places her bath toys in a basket. She enjoys it and it's just become a way of life for her...or you could say her little ritual in finshing up her bathtime. She has been in Kindermusik for a few months and I use their little song, "Toys away, toys away...please put the toys away". Singing and making it fun goes a long way. Sure it could be faster doing it yourself, but remember we're trying to teach them to care for themselves and their belongings. Think age appropriate and long term and don't expect them to keep everything tidy.
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My dd is 27 mths and if I suggest, or start to pick up her toys in front of her she gets upset, demanding that I don't touch them. It is a stage she is going thru (she put them there and she doesn't like for me to move what she has done, and she also doesn't want to put them in the toy box herself).
I am not sweating it. If I ever catch her putting toys in the toy box (usually it is just incidentally), I praise her, but I do not insist or even suggest she helps, in fact, I wait until she is asleep or out of the room to pick up most of her toys!
However, I do insist on her throwing away her trash or food she is done eating. She is pretty good at this, and she also knows to stay in the kitchen with open-top cups and not to dump food and drinks.
I think 2 or before is a good age to start instilling things like keeping their toys picked up and them taking responsibility for their things (toys, drinks, etc.), but don't stress if your kid is not going for it. I think that gentle encouragement is ok on the picking the toys up, but no forcing the issue on a 2 yr old.
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