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Kiddoson's Avatar Kiddoson 11:08 PM 12-31-2002
DD is 29 months, the last 2 days she has been so MEAN! Biting, hitting, even biting herself. She is usually frustrated with something, but not always. We will be doing something and she will just walk up an bite me, laugh and run away Is this a phase? I figure she is testing her boundaries and we respond by trying to talk with her and if she continues (which she has), she goes in her high chair. I am not sure how to handle this better, she has hit or bit on occasion but not like this.... she even pulled DH's hair tonight repeatedly. Is this normal?? How do we get through this phase fast??

LoveBeads's Avatar LoveBeads 11:26 PM 12-31-2002
Oy! That sounds awful! I wish I had some sage advice but all I can offer is sympathy. I hope someone else can help!

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