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Hi there! Need some advice from you mums out there.

My kiddo is 28 months and doesn't want milk all of a sudden. In fact, if anything, he seems to hate milk of all kind as long as he has to drink it himself. I have tried everything - change formula brands (I went off B/f at 15 months), give fresh milk, give soy milk, give different cups, re-introduce the bottle, use a straw, but he simply refuses. I have to resort to adding cheerios or corn squares/bananas/raisins just to spoonfeed him his milk.

Crazy but true, and it is getting too time consuming.

He however is eating quite all right in his solids.

Is it ok for kids to go off milk entirely?

Awaiting your response.

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From what I understand, your kids don't have to drink milk, as long as they are getting calcium from other sources. I am pretty sure that calcium is the reason people want your kids to drink milk.

Read this for some ideas on other calcium rich foods:

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If he is eating solid foods (not bfing) I don't see why he would have to drink milk of any sort at all (for the rest of his life). There are better sources of calcium and protein. Here is the link to the not milk site. He's got reasons why we don't need cow milk in our diet, plus other food suggestions.
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I hate milk!! Any kind, cow, goat, soy and my mother used to said it suddenly happened at his age. I however was occasionally forced to drink it, and it was awful. Please dont do that to your son, it would *still* be traumatic for me to have to drink a glass of milk! But the other posters are right, he does need calcium.

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I agree. I think the whole concept of giving children milk to drink was just a great marketing ploy. As long as he has adequate calcium and a balanced diet, I'd forget about the milk unless he asks for it. It's just so engrained in our culture to think that children need it. I was made to drink milk at school as a child, and consequently can't stand the stuff!
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Originally posted by Gr8flmom
Please dont do that to your son, it would *still* be traumatic for me to have to drink a glass of milk!
Me too! DH likes milk and will occassionally pressure me to have some (because it is expiring, just for the hell of it, whatever) and of all the weird things, it brings out all this frustration about being forced and conjoled as a school-aged child and well, I just want to smack DH one.

Anyway, like everyone else said, there is nothing magical about milk. In fact, it is now up for debate whether there is anything beneficial about milk at all. Doctors only really recommend milk so universally because it is a really easy way for them to feel good about your kids getting enough fat and calcium. The only decent things about milk are that it is high-fat (something that is absolutely essential in the toddler years) and it has calcium, and often vitamin D, as well.

My kids absolutely adore milk right now, so I'm not pushing the issue; if they like it, they can drink it. But I am not entirely convinced that there is anything all that wonderful about milk, what with all the antibiotics and hormones going into the cows that produce it. It may just be a zero-sum kind of thing, where the benefits (insured fat consumption, calcium and vitamin D) are exactly balanced out by the potential troubles (odd additives and unintended 'extras' in the milk).

Besides, my kids LOVE some other great sources of calcium (they adore many different types of vegetables). And we live in Hawaii for cryin' out loud, they make PLENTY of their own vitamin D. I would take away the milk entirely except that my daughter drinks like 36 ounces of the stuff a day and is super-thin and I am certain needs the fat (otherwise, she eats all carbs and veggies).

So, take care of fat and calcium and you can just go right ahead and LET him not drink any more milk :-). I am absolutely certain it is only recommended anymore because it is an easy way for your doctor to tell your child is getting enough fat and calcium.

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I agree with everyone here...don't push milk, in fact they have proved that milk has contributed to so many illnesses and such that our DD won't be getting milk (except from me ) ever if I have any say over it. All of our family knows that milk is a no-no for her and have obstained from giving any to her.

You can also give cheese and yogurt for calcium (although those are milk products) I personally have less issue with those....they even have "baby yogurt" made by yoplait I think and it is made from whole milk so it has all the good fat....some other organic brands also make whole milk yogurt....
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ITA...I LOVE my cow milk, but I would never force it on my DS. He's only 5 months now, but DH doesn't like it, and I plan to give him drinks of EBM for a long long time rather than juice or cow milk (or other milks).

Your child maybe old enough for the new Flintstones Calcium Chews. I am not sure about them. I only know that I have tried other kinds of chews and they are YUMMY! Of course, they are probably LOADED with sugar.

That's just one thought. I don't know how other mommies feel about that kind of stuff for getting calcium.

Also, you may think that your child needs to drink milk for Vitamin D. I will spare you the disgusting details of how that vitamin is put into milk, but 10 mins a day outside (not even in direct sunlight) is FAR FAR better than drinking milk for Vit. D.


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Cow milk is biologically intended for baby cows, after all, and most animals stop drinking milk when they're ready. I LOVED milk when I was a kid myself, but it's perfectly natural not to. Our bodies stop producing the enzymes we need to digest milk as we are weaned, and consequently many people have lactose allergies--lots and lots of them don't even know it. When I stopped drinking milk as an adolescent, my migrane headaches *magically* disappeared, so I'm convinced that I'm allergic to it and I don't drink it. But I do drink soy milk, just because I still love milk. As long as your ds has a healthy diet, I wouldn't worry about it. My brother has three healthy kids who have never had any milk other than from their mom, and they're almost never sick.

Maybe milk just doesn't sit well with your ds.
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American kids don't get nearly enough calcium (can provide stats if asked, but the stats are startling) so I understand why milk is flogged. But there's a lot of other ways to get calcium -- yogurt is especially good.

I get cow's milk from a locally owned dairy, in glass bottles, no additives, fresh -- great stuff. I HATED milk for a long time and would only drink it as part of something else -- hot chocolate, or cereal, or whatever. Started getting this for dd's sake, and now am occasionally drinking it "straight." Tastes SO much better than the regular kind!
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In answer to your question: YES! He can NOT drink milk and be A-OKAY!

DS isn't a milk drinker either. I was rather uptight about it at first but honestly, I don't even think about it now... he is still nursing but either way, I don't plan to push it. He likes yogurt, cheese and many other sources of calcium and protein. He gains just fine and is growing within the 50 percentile so I'm not at all concerned... you needn't be either as long as he's eating well, happy and healthy!

No worries!

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My DS has never drank milk, except for Br/milk. We tried all flavors, kinds, etc...he hates dairy and eschews it all except for some yogurt once in a great while.
I give him calcium-fortified orange juice every day and those chewy chocolate flavored calcium supplements. He's fine.
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Eww I detest the idea of drinking a glass of milk !

Probably having to do with having it forced upon me in the school cafeteria (only beverage available for years )

I say forget the milk if the child doesn't like it. It is not necessary !
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My DD1 LOVES milk, but DD2 will only take it w/cereal and never has had any (other than BF until 13 months). We've always just done calcium supplemented OJ as their primary drink (other than water).

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