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Do little boys sit or stand to pee?

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I am just wondering if all little boys learn to pee sitting down. I know that it would hard for them to aim standing up and also they probably learn to pee from their mommies, who sit down to pee, but I was just wondering how or when they learn to stand up?? Do they get confused about Daddy standing up? This is so perplexing me...
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good question

no answers here, just :
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I have three little boys and when they were toilet training they all sat to pee. No one was confused about daddy standing to pee. They all sat. THey were too short to pee in the toilet standing up anyway.
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My older son learned sitting down, I can't remember when he started standing.
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Ds always sits. There is no confustion because DH always sits at home too.
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My son has never sat to pee. He loves "shooting' the cheerios or froot loops I throw in the potty. Made potty training a lot easier. I just got a stool and put it next to the potty and he stood on it at first.
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My ds also stands. We have a potty that also is a step stool. He tried sitting and peeing and actually did it once, but he kept complaining about sticking to the seat.

So, potty is used as a step stool and he pees standing up in the big toilet JUSt LIKE DAD! I don't think I had a choice
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My DS (2.5 yrs.) usually sits to pee, b/c that has generally been easier for him as he learns. But now that he's in preschool and sees some of the other boys standing to pee, he's becoming interested in that. DH is teaching him right now. We have a low stool for him to stand on next to the toilet.
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My son learned by sitting down. Then he learned to pee standing up at school, peed standing up at home exactly once, and decided he prefers to sit down.
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My 2 1/2 yr old pees sitting down. The only time I've seen him stand up and pee was when he was running around outside naked. I am not in any rush for him to pee standing up, I don't want to clean up any messes I guess whenever he shows interest in it, DH can teach him.
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my sons sat down in the beginning... older son for much longer.... i too didnt want to clran the mess but i didnt force them
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Our ds sits to pee as well. I think most little boys do until they are older. Then they stand. Less room for error when sitting I think. At the toddler stage, their aim might not be to great whilst standing
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My son sat at first, but has been standing for a long time now- since maybe 27-28 mos. He can barely reach but I find it's better to not have him too high or it goes everywhere, so we don't use a stool. In public restrooms if the toilet is too tall, I have him stand on my feet to reach.
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My DS learned to pee sitting, but within a month of learning that the potty was for peeing, he learned to stand.

Honestly, it's not been nearly as messy as I thought it would be either.
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my boys pee sitting down.. My older son has tried peeing many time otuside standing up and i always have to change his clothes afterwards so sitting is good for now
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Originally Posted by hottmama
In public restrooms if the toilet is too tall, I have him stand on my feet to reach.
that brings back fond memories! i had forgotten that stage...oh well, ill get to do it again now with boy #3!!!
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Well, as to the men in my house....

ds1 learned to pee standing up. Still pees standing up.

ds2 currently pees (when he pees on the potty) sitting down even though he watches his brother pee standing up all the time.

DH (who, I realize, is not a little boy ) sometimes stands and sometimes sits. So I'm sure he is confusing them.

And FIL - I don't want to know!!
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my ds learned sitting, but once he got the hang of it he started standing. When little boys start peeing on the potty, sometimes its hard for htem to relax their bladder standing up..... another note, my friend trained her son sitting backwards on the big potty..... i guess its kind of easier for htem to relax their bowels in this position, however when i recently trained dd, she wouldnt have anything to do with that!!!

My ds was standing to pee as soon as he started going on his own, it made life so much easier when i trained him bc i trained him naked, so he could just run in and pee without any help!! i would run in after him and he would be all set..... also so much better for public restrooms....

the interesting part?? he is a messier peer now at 4 1/2 than he was at 2 1/2
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My ds learned sitting down and is just recently into standing (he's 3yo).

My sister had trouble with her son: they taught him to stand up to pee too early, before he was really reliable with using the potty, so then he never wanted to sit on the potty to poop. He would pee standing up using the potty, but would request a pull-up diaper when he needed to poop. He was finally forced to change that when they were at a park one day and they didn't have a pull-up with them. It was never an issue after that.

In light of her experience, I went with peeing sitting down until he was comfortable and reliable with using the potty. And he just recently expressed interest in peeing while standing . . . I'm sure from watching daddy do it.
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