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late-night nan's Avatar late-night nan 03:53 AM 01-02-2006
This may sound like a stupid question since obviously adults need to drink plenty of H20, but I'm wondering what to do for ds. He only nurses 1x day, and his dr told us to encourage him to drink milk over water since he's on the skinny side. But i'm finding this dr to be unreliable about other advice, so I'm second-guessing his judgment on the water thing, too.

How much water does a toddler need?

FWIW, the dr in question is not his regular ped, but a specialist to whom we were referred because he has had weight and eating issues. But now ds is eating regularly and filling out, so we will not need to return to that doc anymore. When ds does drink milk, it's the non-homogenized organic stuff, which ds calls "very very yummy milk."

TIA for any advice

peaceful_mama's Avatar peaceful_mama 04:11 AM 01-02-2006
I agree, LOL the non homogenized organic whole milk is what I buy for me!! (DS gets goat's milk, it is also hormone free. He likes it, it works as he's not allergic to it, I think it tastes nasty, but after months of Nutramigen, it's probably great!)

I get a 10 oz cup full of water out for DS a couple times a day and I share with him--a 10 oz straw sippy, he probably drinks a total of 4-6 oz a day. (I share because the cup is SO COOL if MOMMY has it ) I don't know if maybe I should be doing more, but if an adult needs 64 oz and he's maybe a 6th my size..maybe 6 oz isn't so bad.
CrazyCatLady's Avatar CrazyCatLady 04:37 AM 01-02-2006
My daughter only drank cows and breast milk until she was 15 months (she was skinny too so we encouraged it, but she didn't care much for water anyway). At 15 months she started drinking water and now drinks much more of that than milk. I think they'll let you know what they need and when. Now that she drinks water, I notice that she gets thirsty for water after she has a bottle of milk. I think the milk was making her thirsty for more milk, which isn't good when you think about it because she wasn't eating much (she was always full on the milk). So I'd try the water at least and see what happens. Good luck
Jennisee's Avatar Jennisee 05:39 AM 01-02-2006
Hmmm, I've never done any research on how much water a toddler needs, but my 20 month old DD gets as much water and mama milk as she wants. And trust me, she is very adamant about which one she wants when. She probably drinks around 8-10 ounces of water per day, but she also nurses frequently. You might find someone who has done research in the Nutrition forum.
geekmediainc's Avatar geekmediainc 05:45 AM 01-02-2006
I would say it depends on the child and their diet.

We live at about 6000 feet above sea level in Colorado and for my toddler (21 months) it is imperative she drinks a lot of water or she would get quickly dehydrated.

late-night nan's Avatar late-night nan 10:41 PM 01-04-2006
Thank you for the replies, mamas! ds does ask for water occasionally, usually when he sees me drinking it I knew this doc was unreliable--I would be thirsty for water, too, if I had to drink milk all the time. The dr even prescribed that I give milk with a sweetened supplement, but recently our nutritionist friend advised against doing that, too, because she said it would do more harm than good. So now we're in the process of weaning him off of that. :