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My daughter is almost 2 1/2 years old and on her way to potty training.
I have two questions. One is about the poop issue. She rarely wants to use the potty to poop in and instead prefers to poop in a diaper in a quiet place away from everyone. She'll usually pee no problem in the potty if she is naked or has underwear on. She won't go to the potty if she has a diaper (cloth) on. She would be quite content to sit in a wet diaper and not tell me she peed. Q: Is this normal? How can I get her to poop in the potty?

The second is about nursing and potty training. If I still nurse my dd to sleep for nap time and night time, how will she ever stay dry during these times? Will this diminish with weaning only or is it a question of holding the pee while sleeping? Any answers?

thanks for the help,

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Hi mamachan! Welcome to MDC!

First, my daughter nurses to sleep, too, and often takes "naked naps". She always seems to stay dry, though I don't know how or why that works. We started doing it a long time ago; the first time I put a towel under her or something and expected an accident, but it didn't happen. Never had an accident (yet!), after many many naked naps. Just putting that out there in terms of nursing to sleep.

Second, my dd has been pretty much ready for potty training for a while -- has been reliably peeing and pooping in the potty if naked for several months now -- but I have been focusing on night weaning first. One thing I noticed just recently is that while she used to be fine about pooping on the potty while naked (yes, this gal is naked fairly often ) she recently told me she was "scared". I asked her why, and it came out that the potty seat is cold and uncomfortable in this cold weather. When possible, I try to warm it up, (washing with a warm washcloth, then drying), but of course there isn't always time. So I've just upped the praise a notch (I always praise her, but since it had become such an everyday occurrence, it was more like "yay!" rather than "WOW you amazing little girl look at that! I'm so proud of you!!" et al. )
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Your dd not wanting to poop in the potty sounds normal to me. My 3 boys each did this. One of them for 2 days and one of them for a couple of months. For ds #1 and 3 I dumped the poo in the potty from the diaper and they would flush it. Ds #2 would get upset by this so I didn't do it. He eventually got over it . I didn't treat it like a big deal. I would just say ok lets get you cleaned up. NOT a diclipline issue (plz I've been around a lot of weird parents lately I feel I have to say that).

If she's going to stay dry during a nap I don't think it makes much of a differance if she nurses or not. I weaned ds #1 and 2 before they potty trained. One of them was dry at nap and night time from a very early age, one still wets the bed ( even when fluids are withheld). DS #3 is 27 months, he still nurses a lot and often all during a nap and many times at night. He's always dry for a nap and has been since about 12 months. He also usually doesn't pee in his sleep and stays dry at night. If I were awake enough at night to get up I doubt he would ever be wet.

I think the sleep and being dry thing is some kind of developmental thing. Some babies can do it and some can't. There probably isn't anything wrong if she still wets.
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I personally haven't started to do any "real" potty training but I have definitely noticed the poop issue with my friends kids. It is in my opinion normal and I even expect it when I come to the issue with my son. I don't know why but since it seems to happen to alot of children I am sure it is normal.
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mamachan, welcome to the boards!
DS is 22 months old, and he still nurses to sleep for naps and nighttime and stays dry. He used to wake up 2 or 3 times a night to pee, but now he only wakes up once (to pee, he still wakes up one or two more times just to nurse). I think once your dd becomes familiar with the sensation of needing to pee, and is comfortable with the potty, she might naturally start waking up at night and asking to go to the bathroom.
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