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mclisa's Avatar mclisa 03:44 PM 09-01-2006
Originally Posted by bamamom
wake up people!
Was I really the last post of the day yesterday????? Terrible! :

I didn't get to post anymore last night because I had a work meeting and was too tired to go to the computer last night after tucking the girls into bed. This morning there wasn't anytime either. Ellysia got up at 5:45 and asked if it was morning because she was hungry. I told her No, but the only way to get her to go back to sleep is to lay down in bed with her (habit from DH). So I didn't hear my alarm go off this morning. DH didn't hear it either. So noone got up until after 7. Talk about a rushed morning.

Ahh well, it's Friday. And the Americans have Monday as a holiday.

mcs: hope you and hilger have fun breaking in the new place. Aren't you suppose to try out every room????

anabellee's Avatar anabellee 03:59 PM 09-01-2006
mcs-have fun!

where is everyone?

and since it's not august any more...
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