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Sprucen's Avatar Sprucen 04:51 PM 08-17-2006
I tried searching for a thread on this and am positive it's out there, but I didn't come across it. So bear with me if this is repetetive ad infinitum...

When did your dc stop napping entirely during the day?

Ds1 is 20 months old and went from two to one naps about 3 months ago. That transition went relatively well. We just moved his morning nap to after lunch and didn't really have any issues. Until about 3 days ago. He seems tired after lunch, rubbing eyes, sometimes red eyes, sometimes puffy - when I look for these things... He does get that tone going where I know he's not just shrieking with happiness, but is close to delirium. So I think, ok, naptime. Boy howdy! He gets into total meltdown mode once he's in his bed (which is the only place he sleeps well) and I leave the room. He's fine to receive the blankets and waves bye bye, but once I do leave, the hollering begins. So I don't know what to do with him. Does it mean he's done napping during the day for good? When I come back in there for him he really just wants out of his crib. Hm. I'm not really ready for him to give up napping, but if he needs to, I guess I can deal with that

What was your experience?

Starlitlexy's Avatar Starlitlexy 05:34 PM 08-17-2006
My son still takes naps. One a day and it is anywhere for 2-3 hours. If you're son is past meltdown phase then you might want to try eating lunch after his nap. Try putting him down sooner with a warning. I always let my son know naptime is around the corner so the meltdowns are few and far between. We lay in bed together and read books and sing a song and then he knows it's time to sleep. Easy transistion for us all.
Shelsi's Avatar Shelsi 05:38 PM 08-17-2006
Yeah it sounds like you're missing the sleepy window. Once they get wired it's near impossible to get them to sleep. My ds is 2 and he still naps once a day for about 1-3 hrs (it's usually 3 hrs but sometimes I have to wake him after an hour so I can go to work).

There are times when I know he's not going to nap but *I* need my free time. So I tell him we're going to have quiet time and I just put him in his crib with tons of toys. That will usually give me 45 mins to recharge my mommy batteries and gives him some down time as well which I think everyone needs.
ChristusG's Avatar ChristusG 05:45 PM 08-17-2006
My DD (who is 2 years and 4 months) has always been an off and on napper. Sometimes she will nap, sometimes not. Actually, she has gotten to the point where I would rather her NOT take a nap. She sleeps more soundly at night when she doesnt nap. The only way she will fall asleep is if we are in the car around 2-5 PM. Then she will nap. If we are at home or on the go, she will not.
Imogen's Avatar Imogen 06:10 PM 08-17-2006
My son is also 2 yrs 4 months and he still naps for an hour in the afternoon. I'm pleased that this thread started because it has been something which I have been pondering recently (when do the naps stop). I know that he isn't ready yet, because if he goes all day without sleeping and misses his afternoon nap after lunch, then by time dinner comes between 4pm-5pm, I can be sure that he will almost fall asleep face down in his dinner, bless him. I'll probably miss those naps of his when they end though, I usually take the opportunity to join him for a nap myself, or read a book
Bensma's Avatar Bensma 06:39 PM 08-17-2006
I agree with PP that your DS is "too" tired when you hear the delirium cry. My DS is 19 months and has recently been much more sensitive to this issue. If I work on the nap at 1:00 or 1:30, he'll usually go down nice and calm for 2-3 hours. If I wait or we're busy and I try for a nap at 2:00 or 2:30, FORGET IT. He screams and begs to come out of the crib and will often not sleep at all until a 5:00 crash. It's a weird thing that I didn't believe until my own kid started doing it, but they really can be too tired to sleep...and the whole "sleep begets sleep" idea is also true for us. He sleeps better at night if his naps are peaceful and on the longer side. I don't get it.
homebirthmamaof3's Avatar homebirthmamaof3 06:55 PM 08-17-2006
I My 2yo and my 4yo are still taking a 2hr nap together every day (thank the Lord) and my 5mo sleeps at least half that time. My 2yo sleeps 12hrs at night and my 4yo sleeps 10. I hope it stays this way for a long time.:
mommy68's Avatar mommy68 06:57 PM 08-17-2006
My oldest stopped around 2.5 years old. My youngest is now almost 5 and still naps 1-2 hours in the early afternoon, although not every single day.
bartleby's Avatar bartleby 07:54 PM 08-17-2006
My daughter is 21 mos., and has lately been having more no-nap days than usual. She actually has pretty impressive staying power on the no-nap days, but starts to really get loopy by 6:00 or 7:00, then crashes early. I wonder sometimes if we've made a mistake in always getting her to nap by giving her "num-num" (for her, that's a bottle of milk). Sometimes it just doesn't work, which is really frustrating for me, since she has almost never fallen asleep any other way, unless she's past exhausted. I guess it depends on the child; I have a hunch my daughter is going to be a relatively early nap-dropper. I am frightened at the prospect. :
Sprucen's Avatar Sprucen 07:58 PM 08-17-2006
Thanks for all the replies so far!

And... I don't know why I didn't make the connection that I missed his "sleep window"... We had something similar arise with his bedtime routine and bed time not too long ago. I was convinced that the reason he had such a hard time going to sleep at night was because it was too late for him (we ran late for a while - about 10pm), and since we adjusted his bedtime to an earlier slot, around 9, he's been doing much better.

I'll try harder to have lunch organized earlier so he can go down earlier. Or, I suppose, I could always do lunch when he gets back up. But usually I need lunch as much as he does, and I can deal with a 11:30am lunch.

But I do wonder when he'll decide to drop the nap altogether. I'm still curious to find out what your kiddos did in that regard! :
wifty's Avatar wifty 09:49 PM 08-17-2006
Well, my DD is 32 months and still naps basically everyday. Every month she might have a day or two that she doesn't, but other then that......its a 2-3 hour nap a day! Plus she goes down at 8pm, wakes at 6:30 - 7am.

She has always been a good sleeper though and even on the days she doesn't nap, she will still lie in her bed and read.....giving me some down time. Yeah!

I hope she never gives up the need to have some slow time for herself....I think its a good thing to foster, even if they don't sleep during the alone, slow time.

With smiles,
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 01:34 AM 08-19-2006
My son started skipping his nap some of the time around 2. By 3 he was napping maybe 1/3 of the time, and now, at 3.5, he naps maybe once a week. I imagine I'd nap at least once a week if I did as much running, jumping, climbing, swimming, and bike riding during the day as he does! I don't see him going to a "no nap ever" routine anytime soon.
LoveMyLil'B's Avatar LoveMyLil'B 10:11 AM 08-19-2006
My DS stopped napping right around 24 months. He got to where he would have trouble going down, then would sleep less than an hour, wake up in a foul mood, and then would cry for 30 minutes or so. It wasn't worth all that. He will still nap in the stroller or car now, but mostly he just sleeps longer at night. Usually 12-14 hours. He is much more plesant to be around.