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Our ds, who is 14 months, drinks about 8-12 oz of H20 a day. It's the only beverage he'll drink from a cup (he doesn't like juice), and he drinks it with his meals and I generally let him have it with him throughout the day.

Since starting solids he had some trouble with constipation, so I'm thankful that he enjoys water as much as he does, but how much is too much?

This evening when I was getting him ready for his bath, he peed on the bathroom floor and his urine was colorless. It was only when I mopped it up with toilet paper that a faint yellow color was evident. He has lots of heavy wet diapers throughout the day too.

I know excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes, but he has none of the other symptoms and seems to be in perfect health all the way around.

Sooooo, anyway, does anyone think he's getting too much water, or is there such a thing?


~lisa~mama to 3 boys (1/02, 5/04, 12/06)
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no expert here, but my ds drinks a ton of water. he doesn't drink juice and doesn't really like milk. But, we have water bottles set out for him and he drinks frequently all day/night. He's also very phys. active so I've never given it a 2nd thought.
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My daughter is being 'taught' to drink water. She is SO big into juice. So slowly, day by day, I've added more water and less juice. It used to be 50/50 in her sippy. Then, we moved to 75/25 and we are almost all clear. But if she doesn't see me pour that juice in - she isn't going to take it unless she's been outside and running around.

However, if I have my OWN bottle with me - she is very interested.

Her urine goes back and forth between too dark and very light. We can't keep it consistent.

I have to remind my 6 year old to drink - she is the one I fear will get dehydrated.
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dd is not a big fluid drinker either-my supply has gone down a bit since she started solids-and I worry whether she's getting enough hydration.

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Darker urine can be a sign that you need more fluids or sometimes vitamin supplements, beets can change color.
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I realize he is getting water in breastmilk too, but 1/2 ounce per pound is the about the usually reccomended amount. So if he weighs between 16 and 24 lbs that seems about right.

I don't think he'll overdose on it
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I'd say dd drinks around 12-20 oz of water a day...I usually fill her cup 3 times....but she doesn't always drink all of the last fill up. Her cups are 9 oz....

Her pee is very clear too...always has been though....She started drinking water from her sippy cup around 11-13 months...right around when she really started eating solids.

I started giving her diluted juice in the morning when she stopped nursing....more for my peace of mind that she was getting vitamins etc (we make sure to buy pure juice)....but I diluted it probably 80-20 (water/juice).

She's definately a water girl.....although if we go out to eat, she'll drink all my ice tea if I dont order one for she gets that when we go out.:

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DS has a new word - Jooooooooo

He was always a "milkies" and water guy and I loved it. Every now and then he would get juice - eating out, or at a party etc. When he has a stomach bug, I'll give him gatorade to supplement the nursing, but that was about it. (Much to my MIL's dismay who thinks I am abusing him by not serving koolaid!)

But all of a sudden, DS is constantly asking for juice - jooooooo. It is so cute, and seeing as he has a speech delay and only has a handful of words, it is hard to ignore the pleas. So I'll give him water in the am, juice after he is dressed for the day (about 60/40 in favor of water), more diluted juice in the afternoon and then water only after dinner. He also drinks off of my water all day. So all in all, I'd guess he gets about 8-12 oz of non BM liquid per day.


Jenn, perpetually tired mom to DS(9): DD(4.5): DD(2) :
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Our ped and other docs I have talked to say that urine should be almost colorless, with just a tinge of yellow. I think your ds sounds like he is drinking just the right amount!
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I wish my dd would drink that much water!!! I'd say she drinks less than 3 ounces a day--I really worry about it, although she nurses a lot and just seems to prefer to get her liquid from the breast. She'll only sip water if I hold it to her mouth, and often she'll even push that away. She never actually asks for water--only booby. Which is fine, but with summer coming and her getting very active, I'd really like her to be sure to stay hydrated. Water is important.

I never give her juice. She's never even tasted it. Lots of fruit, but no juice.
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My just turned 2yo drinks about 3 7-9oz. sippy cups of water a day, minimum. My 3yo drinks even more, she loves "fresh cold water with one ice cube, please." They will even choose water over milk and juice. I carry a big 52-oz. cup filled with ice water around with me, so maybe that's where they get it from, LOL.
It doesn't sound like he is drinking too much, you're doing fine!
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MY 18 MOS DD drinks tons of water. She downed a sports bottle of water once. I was concerned and asked my LLL leader whether or not it's ok and shouldnt' she be nursing instead and she said it's fine, she's just thirsty. LOL You get more wet diapers.
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I believe that babies have less concentrated urine than older kids, and that is why they need to pee more frequently, or can't hold it for long periods of time. (So I would expect it is naturally lighter in color.) I think I read about this somewhere, but can't find it on the internet now with a quick search. But if you have any trouble with constipation at all, I would assume as much water as your child enjoys is fine and can be encouraged.

Not a doctor,
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